Found lunar soil samples collected during the first landing on the moon

"Apollo 11" - world-famous space mission, during which humans have visited for the first time in the history of the surface of Earth’s natural satellite - the Moon, taking with him a few samples of the lunar soil.

In Chelyabinsk meteorite discovered nanocrystals olivine

Analysis of one of the fragments of space rock that has recently shocked the world with his powerful explosion of the Southern Urals, Russia has allowed scientists to detect nano-crystals of the mineral olivine.

Cosmologists: other universes exist

Researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus (USA) claim that for the first time found irrefutable proof of the existence of other universes. This was reported by foreign media.

Animals sent into space, did not survive the flight

As representatives of the Russian Space Agency on Sunday, most of the animals died during their stay in space.

An asteroid the size of 2.7 km is rushing to Earth

Specialists space agency NASA reported that on the night of June 1 of the current year will fly near Earth asteroid the size of about 2.7 km.

The first private Russian satellite to be launched in 2013

The first Russian satellite, designed and managed by a private company that will be launched in 2013 as the head of Dauria Aerospace, Michael Kokorich.

The unique space telescope "Kepler" has failed

NASA astronomy satellite system "Kepler", designed to search for extrasolar planets, which account for a lot of high-profile discoveries failed.


Drug-resistant tuberculosis win vitamin C


Scientists have found new in humans the immune system

Microbiologists are confident that contained in the mucus viruses, destroy dangerous bacteria.

Fans of beef and pork more than the others at risk of diabetes

Men often self-indulgent pork or beef, 1.4 times the risk of developing diabetes. These are the findings of Japanese researchers, who published their information on the official website of the National Center for Cancer Research.

Scientists have named the most effective vitamin against infections


Drinking alcohol leads to disturbed sleep

Many people know how bad sleep at night after the feast, accompanied by a great feast.

Scientists warn that the laughter and noise hazardous to health

Scientists have recently made a very disappointing announcement that the laugh in spite of a well-known fact is not always prolongs life, at times, it can be a potential threat to her.

7 minutes of fitness a day is enough to achieve the perfect figure

American experts from the College of Sports Medicine believe that fitness training only 7 minutes a day can help a person achieve the ideal forms. The experts identified 12 of the most effective exercises for this mode of training.


NASA began to develop food 3D-printer

The agency NASA sponsored a project to establish a printer that prints food.

Physicists have created a completely transparent flexible metal electrodes

A group of physicists from China and the United States created a special material "sponge" from which you can make a completely transparent metal electrodes of different lengths and thicknesses, suitable for use as the basis for the production of transparent and flexible electronics.

Starch replace cyanide in a new method of extracting pure gold

Scientists have accidentally discovered a new way to extract gold, which is much safer to the existing process using toxic cyanide.

Glowing plants will replace fluorescent lights

A team of scientists from California are developing a new generation of bioluminescent plants, making changes in their genetic code. Funds for the implementation of this research project were collected through voluntary donations users Kickstarter.

Solar plane flew across the U.S.

The aircraft, operating exclusively on solar batteries on board which there is not a single drop of aviation fuel, began his flight from the West - East Coast of the United States.

Physicists have for the first time directly measured the gravitational mass of antimatter

The research team from CERN, working with Antihydrogen Laser Physics Apparatus (ALPHA), reported on the first direct measurement of the effects of the gravitational effect on the anti-matter - namely, the antihydrogen in free fall.

Smartphones have overtaken feature phones in the number of sales

The research firm IDC reported that smartphone shipments surpassed for the first time in the history of the delivery of ordinary mobile phones in the first three months of this year.


Ladybugs Asians will win with the help of the whole world of biological weapons

Biologists have found that the Asian ladybug conquer Europe and North America managed with the help of parasitic fungi. Insect infect their competitors, while remaining intact.

Carnivorous plants have got rid of junk DNA in its genome

Biologists have decoded the genome of carnivorous plants and found it junk DNA, which, as previously thought, regulates the genes of multicellular organisms.

Warming may cause the disappearance of many species of animals

Global warming may lead to the fact that approximately one-third of land-based animals, and more than half of the different plant species may disappear or be at risk of a significant reduction in the number, according to new data.

Scientists have discovered the smallest furry insect

Tinkerbella nana - a new kind of small flying fairy flies with thin fringe fringed wings, named after the fairy Tinker Bell from "Peter Pan," the scientists struck their microscopic size.

Tyrannosaurs were able to swim

Paleontologists have found that predatory dinosaurs of the Cretaceous know how to swim. This is indicated by traces of their claws, preserved at the bottom of an ancient river.

Florida fisherman caught a shark with a two-headed embryo inside

The fisherman who caught in the waters of the Florida Keys in the south-eastern United States shark, found inside the embryo with two heads.

Ciliates, which has seven floors

Usually, in the nature of an individual are divided by gender into two floors, with the exception of hermaphrodites, and some of the features of some of reproduction in living beings.


Warming shifted the geographic poles

Geologists from the University of Texas found that observed during the year of the geographical poles drift caused a rapid melting of the glaciers.

Deep underground, discovered an ancient water tank

A group of scientists from the UK and Canada have found underground at a depth of about 3 kilometers isolated reservoirs of water, which was there for a few billion years and contained a huge amount needed to sustain life components.

Disclosed is an authentic recipe for Coca-Cola

A resident of the State of Georgia claims to have found an authentic recipe of the famous fizzy drink Coca-Cola in an old box with papers, which he bought at an auction.

Mankind is becoming dumber with each generation

With every century people have become less savvy, devoid of creativity. This is the conclusion drawn by researchers from the UK, analyzing the response speed of modern humans and those who lived in the Victorian era.

15% of all Google searches are unique and have never met

The Google search engine is powerful, but not all-knowing.

Center of the Earth desync

A new study by the Australian National University has shown that the Earth’s center of sync with the rest of the planet, often accelerating and decelerating.

British "Atlantis" has appeared on the map

Scientists from the UK have created a detailed map of the ruins of the town of Dunwich, which was flooded by the sea centuries ago.


Five states in the U.S. have suffered from a series of tornadoes

On Sunday evening, May 19 and the morning of Monday, May 20 series of tornadoes struck the five U.S.

A powerful earthquake in China: The death toll has reached 72

A strong earthquake occurred in China near the city of Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

At the finish line of the Boston Marathon bombings

In Boston, a series of explosions thundered in the international marathon finish time. According to recent reports, several people were killed, and the number of injured rose to 100. It is expected that the number of victims could rise further.

A strong earthquake occurred in Japan: the number of victims has reached 19

An earthquake measuring 6.0 points occurred in the southwest of the Japanese island of Honshu. Strong tremors were recorded geological service on Saturday, April 13, at about 5:30 am local time.

The Iranian authorities have declared three days of mourning for quake victims

Three days of mourning for those killed due to the earthquake in the south-west of the country has been declared by the Iranian authorities, local television reports.

Strange text message came from the pilot missing An-2

Relatives of the pilot of the aircraft AN-2, who disappeared in June of this year, reported the SMS they received recently from his phone. Ural investigators are now checking this information.

In Jakarta due to flooding were evacuated about a thousand inhabitants

Flooding in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, caused by heavy rains completely paralyzed traffic in some areas of the metropolis and forcing authorities to evacuate nearly a thousand people, reports the newspaper Jakarta Globe