Five states in the U.S. have suffered from a series of tornadoes

On Sunday evening, May 19 and the morning of Monday, May 20 series of tornadoes struck the five U.S.

A powerful earthquake in China: The death toll has reached 72

A strong earthquake occurred in China near the city of Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

At the finish line of the Boston Marathon bombings

In Boston, a series of explosions thundered in the international marathon finish time. According to recent reports, several people were killed, and the number of injured rose to 100. It is expected that the number of victims could rise further.

A strong earthquake occurred in Japan: the number of victims has reached 19

An earthquake measuring 6.0 points occurred in the southwest of the Japanese island of Honshu. Strong tremors were recorded geological service on Saturday, April 13, at about 5:30 am local time.

The Iranian authorities have declared three days of mourning for quake victims

Three days of mourning for those killed due to the earthquake in the south-west of the country has been declared by the Iranian authorities, local television reports.

Strange text message came from the pilot missing An-2

Relatives of the pilot of the aircraft AN-2, who disappeared in June of this year, reported the SMS they received recently from his phone. Ural investigators are now checking this information.

In Jakarta due to flooding were evacuated about a thousand inhabitants

Flooding in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, caused by heavy rains completely paralyzed traffic in some areas of the metropolis and forcing authorities to evacuate nearly a thousand people, reports the newspaper Jakarta Globe

Because of the hurricane "Sandy" in the United States have canceled 15,000 flights

The total number of canceled flights to the United States because of the hurricane "Sandy" has already reached 15,000, according to news agency AFP.

Supersonic experimental aircraft crashed in the U.S.

An unmanned experimental apparatus failed in the attempt to fly at six times the speed of sound.

In China, heavy rains have killed 14 people

The death toll from the strongest thunderstorms and showers that hit the north and south-west China has reached 14 people, as reported by the agency "Xinhua".

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and solar storms - the researchers looked at the rhythm of disasters

Volcanoes and earthquakes can devastate entire regions. Modern infrastructure Solar storms threaten. How often the event of a major disaster? The researchers examined the time intervals that were shorter than what was expected.

Strong earthquake in Italy: 8 people died

Earthquake measuring 5.8 points caused the death of eight people, reports RIA "Novosti".

In India crashed steam: there are victims

In the state of Assam, which is located in eastern India sank a ferry that was carrying at least 250 people, as reported by Agence France-Presse.

The height of the tsunami off the coast of Indonesia can reach 4 meters

The height of the tsunami waves that can befall an estimated specialists on the east coast of Thailand as a consequence of the strong 8.7 earthquake capacity at the coast of Sumatra in Indonesia, will be about four meters, as reported by Xinhua news agency, referring to the Thai media..

On the French nuclear power plants were shut down due to a fire reactors

The nuclear power plant "Penley", located in the French department of Seine-Maritime, smoke was the cause of stopping the reactor, as the agency "Interfax".

Scientists predict a new devastating tsunami in Japan

Japanese seismic services reported a high probability of strong earthquake, which is expected in the fault Nankai, located on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean to the east of the main island of Honshu.

Elgin platform in the North Sea can not put out the flames

Strong flame until you can not put out on an oil platform in the North Sea, where three days ago there was a gas leak and were quickly evacuated all workers.

With an oil platform in the North Sea due to a gas leak urgently evacuated workers

More than 230 employees of the British oil platform Elgin, located in the North Sea were urgently evacuated due to gas leak in it. About the incident, which occurred on Monday, March 26, the agency reported Agence France-Presse.

In Poland, two trains collided: there are victims

The collision of two trains in Poland caused the deaths of 14 people, more than 60 passengers suffered multiple injuries.

Costa Allegra cruise ship in distress in the Indian Ocean

Liner Costa Allegra, which is owned by the same Italian shipping company, and that the victim recently wrecked Costa Concordia, came out last Saturday to the island of Madagascar and steered directly to the Seychelles, which he had to moor on Tuesday, February 28.

A large fire engulfed power Tilberi

A huge blaze broke out and engulfed Tilberi power plant, located to the east of London.

A strong earthquake in eastern Siberia

A strong earthquake in eastern Siberia was the cause of the state of emergency.

Japanese scientists have predicted a major earthquake in Tokyo

Japanese authorities will be engaged in the preparation of all necessary safety measures in Tokyo in connection with the threat repetition even more powerful aftershocks in the Tokyo area, which are predicted by scientists for the near future.

A strong earthquake has occurred in the Philippines: there are victims

A series of earthquakes ranging from 6.7 to 8 points on the island of Negros, which is located approximately 500 kilometers from the city of Manila, the capital of the Philippines, took place this morning.

Ferry with 350 passengers sank off the coast of Papua - New Guinea

The ferry, carrying a total of about 350 were passengers, including crew members, according to preliminary data, sank off the coast of north-eastern part of Papua - New Guinea in the Pacific, as the News reported Agence France-Press February 2, referring to the data obtained representatives from the shipping company .

In Peru, a strong earthquake occurred

The site, owned by the U.S. Geological Survey, published information about that on Monday, an earthquake of 6.3 magnitude occurred in Peru.

A second strong earthquake in Italy

On Friday, in the north-eastern and central regions of Italy was second in the last days of a major earthquake.

In Rio de Janeiro hit by two high-rise buildings

In the central region of Rio de Janeiro, according to updated data, collapsed at least two high-rise buildings, as reported by the agency Reuters, referring to the Brazilian media.

Big Tokyo earthquake expected in the coming years

The probability of a strong earthquake that occurs in the Japanese capital in the next few years, much more about this than official forecasts have warned, as the researchers note.

In the Mediterranean, the accident occurred cruise ship "Costa Concordia"

Eight people, at least, were killed in the incident with the cruise ship "Costa Concordia", run aground off the Italian coast in the Mediterranean Sea, as reported by CNN.

New earthquake in Fukushima

In one district of Fukushima Prefecture re earthquake measuring 5.7 points.

The minute hand on the Doomsday Clock has become closer to global catastrophe

In a sign of pessimism about the future that awaits humanity, University of Chicago scientists have moved the minute hand on the "Doomsday Clock" one minute closer to midnight, which was a symbolic step made towards a global catastrophe, as it became known according to the Associated Press.

The death toll in the collapse of the drill, "Kola" has risen to 16 people

Locked boat was found, local time on Monday afternoon in the Sea of Okhotsk in the place of death rig "Kola", said the representative of the Far Eastern regional center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry RIA Novosti reported.



A strong earthquake in Japan is a crack in the bottom of the ocean

Terrible disaster that struck in March 2011 on the shore of Japan, was responsible for the formation of deep crevices 3 meters wide at the bottom of the ocean, as shown by a new study by Japanese scientists.

In Ecuador, a powerful volcano awoke

In Ecuador, the volcano awoke Tungurua. Ejected from the crater of the volcano ash cloud to a height of up to 4 kilometers.

The ship sank with the team in the Irish Sea

On Sunday, the British coast in the Irish Sea sinking ship "Svonlend" with a team of 8 Russians.

Disasters that threaten Earth

More about 120 years ago, Earth’s civilization, most likely, there was a hair’s breadth from destruction.

A car accident in Norway

On Saturday, at about 04.00 am, near the city of Hammerfest, Norway, bus overturned in Murmansk trawler crew "Boris Zaitsev." The bus was 21 people, two of them - the drivers.

The fire occurred on board

November 13 at night, due to a fire ship "Sergei Abramov" hit 4 people, unknown is the fate of another member of the crew.

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