A new theory of the multiverse established a link between the physical phenomena of the macro and micro levels

Russian scientist has suggested that our universe is an element of the array, in which all the universes expand at the same rate.

The structuring of matter

Photons or Z-bosons emitted in the annihilation of preons with antipreonom and bosons W-, W + boson and quanta of electromagnetic fields generated by the annihilation of non-equilibrium, are essential elements of the composite structure of quarks, leptons, and their antiparticles.

The stability of atoms

The first three stages of the evolution of the physical stability of preons, probarionov and primary stars is provided by metabolic processes, adapt to stable environmental conditions.

Stability stars

Stars form from probarionov when they are compacted to a state of quark-gluon plasma begins to emit photons.

From preons to quarks

Shortly after the birth of preons of them formed the first composite structure.

The origin of universe

When the expansion of the universe leads to the merger, there are increasing within the docking intervals.

NARR8 announces non-fiction TV series

NARR8 - a new distribution channel for interactive content for tablet devices - announced the upcoming release of popular TV series "Paradigm" and "Hronografika." The first series will be available with the advent of applications for the iPad this fall on the new episodes will be released every two weeks..

The problem of controlled nuclear fusion

Work on the project of nuclear fusion is conducted around the world for nearly sixty years and is still not complete.

Pizza Delivery

The pizza turned out dishes of Italy’s most beloved food inhabitants of different continents.

Space solar power

In a possible future development of space solar power plants, which could provide the basis of a clean and fuel-free energy future.

Cosmic fuel from the "moon dust"

The main source of fuel for orbital cargo ships to serve crushed into a fine powder of the solid lunar soil.

Broken record at Cambridge University!

At the end of May has started and continues the most ambitious an online training course in the world.

Synergy and hybrids in science and art

Boss heads architectural firm LAVA, whose philosophy is reflected in the formula MORE WITH LESS: less materials, energy, time and money - better results.

Areas of use of the heat of the sun and the salt pond geothermal source

Of course, with heavy use of geothermal field in winter, not the design stage of buildings and structures should not forget about converting their winter solar radiation into heat (photothermal conversion).

The use of geothermal fields in winter

As can be seen from Figures 3 and 4 are only conditionally geothermal field can be considered a renewable source of energy due to the fact that when its full or partial recovery of the resource development of heat is very slow, longer lifetime of one generation, when the most expensive part of the work (bore holes) is almost have no realizable value..

The temperature distribution of mineral resources

In the operation of wells and production of geothermal heat temperature cycle is shifting and starts to pass through the points a0 - a2, 3 -, b1, 2 - c2 - a0.

Vertical migration of groundwater

Vertical migration groundwater geothermal gives a much smaller effect in the case is small distribution area.

The high temperature heat of the earth and groundwater

The high temperature heat of the earth and groundwater observed in the vast majority at great depths - 3,000 feet or more.

The use of solar energy

It should be emphasized that the data in Table 1 are only valid for a clean atmosphere.

Solar radiation and geothermal heat

Osadchiy GB, engineer

Kamstrup has announced the expansion of production

Company Kamstrup - the world leader in measurement solutions in the energy and water consumption - has announced the expansion of its plant production areas in Skandeborg, Denmark and the launch of a new highly automated production of ultrasonic water meters.

The hypothesis of the structure of matter


The dynamics of the universe

Will the Higgs boson been found? Or a source of gravity, and thus the original media is the particle mass with a different name - "preons"? Is our universe is part of a multiverse - of the universe, which consists of many universes? What caused its extension: a primary explosion, invisible dark matter, dark energy vacuum? Answers to these and other pressing questions of natural science, gives a new theoretical model of the world that identifies the reason for the emergence and expansion of the universe, the structure of its borders, the underlying mechanisms of gravity.

Sponsorship of the event "Space solutions for life and business"

Allowed the formation of sponsorship packages in accordance with the wishes and individual projects.

Grand Prix "Space solutions for Life and Business"

Member with the most interesting project will be able to 2-week vacation in the Caribbean on a yacht "Delta", sent in support of the space services to circumnavigate the globe, which will be the first to navigate using only the Russian GLONASS system.

Chairmen of the jury "Space solutions for Life and Business"

Vladimir Popovkin

The organizers of the competition "Space solutions for Life and Business"

1st Municipal Center for Space Services ANOO VPO "Odintsovsky Institute for the Humanities", formed with the official support ROSCOSMOS and JSC "SPC" REKOD. " Provides services in the field of navigation.

1st Federal Youth Competition of innovative projects

Space solutions for life and business

Hydroplaning - a real risk on the road

Unpleasant effect of aquaplaning is known to all drivers.It occurs when the surface of checkers between the tread and the road surface is water film, and from the school physics course knows that wet friction is much less dry, so the car grip the road surface is deteriorating, with all their negative implications.

Office computer addiction

And now the question: who, then, are the game? ...It turns out that for adolescents and very young people - that is, playing them is an age in which the formation of the personality - staging their rules of life, making a judgment about the world, world, there is a creation of thought, determination of interest in science, finding knowledge, training - yes the same study in school! So, all the countless myriads, a variety of computer entertainment created for them - for people living or just come into life.


It is known that the most effective method in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory organs is steam inhalation.

Their products wrought iron garden

There are many options to decorate your garden, make it a wonderful and unique.

Slovakia left the world without a champion

Continues to disappoint and surprise Mundial. Teams of the group D match was yet another confirmation nizkoprobnosti and dullness, at least group competitions South African World Cup.

Nice elements of your home

Create an interior often begins with the selection of the most basic things - wall color, texture, flooring, and furniture.

Tools used for plastering

The tools that are used during plastering, simple enough. They are sold in every specialty store.

Russian bath.

Own country house in the country - the dream of almost every person.

A real estate transaction where the pitfalls lurk?

Each property has a price, the higher it is, the higher the chance encounter with a scammer.

The main components of decor berth

In a beautiful bedroom all should be harmonious, and the interior, and textiles, and decor.


What, now, is a slot machine for the modern man? This is a unique and challenging technical equipment under the control of a computer.

Property abroad - are investing

World economic crisis, Cator only recently caused a general panic, gradually fades away and despite the fact that almost all the experts say about the victory over him, thawing markets will not even and gradual.

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