Teens get sick from SMS messages

According to American scientists, over-active exchange of SMS messaging is fraught teen various disease states.

Luxury Real Estate. The main aspects of

Luxury Real Estate is a small fraction in the total supply of housing facilities.

Enjoy Egypt

Egypt - one of the most popular and favorite tourist destinations among residents of Russia and CIS countries.


This type of housing was once a rarity for us.Today have become accustomed to it, and many similar form even like it.

Exploring the forest with a height

One day, a scientist from the United States of America took hold biological experiments with trees, which reach heights of over 50 meters.

Apartments for sale - how to avoid trouble

Each apartment owner who wishes to sell it, is concerned that everything went smoothly. This is entirely in your power, and how to make the sale did not become a torture for you, we will explain further.

Exterior finish of buildings

What can you say about the look of your home?

With underfloor heating your feet will always be warm

Warm floors are of two types: industrial and domestic.The first category includes floors, resembling a conventional highway.

Why do you need a website?

The Internet has become a unique environment where everyone can express themselves and show the way he sees himself. One of the ways of expression - is the creation of websites. Anyone can create a website on a paid or free hosting.

Rent a crane: a simple solution to a complex problem

Even in ancient times, mankind has faced with the need to transport bulk cargo, and they rise to a certain height.

Recommendations to users of contact lenses

Contact lenses when making a purchase should be selected carefully and try, as one kind of lenses can not be equally comfortable to approach different people.

Do we need interpreters?

Today, you no linguist can not give an exact figure of the number of languages in the world. Already in ancient times, there were a great multitude, which caused difficulties in understanding each other’s people of different nationalities.

How to protect your hair and restore their former beauty?

Summer heat and winter cold, regular chemical perms and questionable content on shampoos ruthlessly taken away from our hair vitality.

Hosting. Servers

Suppose you have decided to do the same, a website on the Internet.

Travelling in a mobile home

Caravanning has existed for 100 years. It began when Henry Ford began mass production of tin Lizzie - cars, put the world on wheels. When the car became available to most Americans began to go in search of exciting adventures and loved freedom.

Types of materials for the manufacture of furniture

Of course, each of us is faced with the choice of furniture, and there is more material from which it is made.

De Dietrich boilers

The French company De Dietrich produces a huge range of heating equipment. Even the most demanding customer will be able to pick up a pot of the series that best suits his needs.

The largest lifts in the world

In large apartment buildings there are usually two lifts - large (so-called "commercial") and small (the so-called "passenger").

What is the LAN?

In this age of virtual communication is impossible to imagine any organization, even a small business without creating a local network.

Chimneys in home saunas

How can I arrange a sauna in a city apartment? But if you want to have a sauna that require permits?

Precautions when working with concrete

Start of construction of most homes (especially in the private sector), begins in the late spring or early summer.

Saunas and St. Petersburg: private or public?

More than two thousand years known baths "black", when in a spacious room with an open fire heated rocks, and the smoke coming out through the open doors and windows wide open.

As sandwich panel is made?

Sandwich panel made of metal and special filler which contains inside.

Reliability GUP "Sahalinavtodorsnab"

Upon arrival, our acquaintance began like this:

Benzorezy: scope and characteristics

Inherently, Benzorezy - an autonomous circular saw which is equipped with a disk having a cutting edge. This is a very convenient and compact unit.

Drinking from the earliest times to the present day

Modern celebrations rarely go without drinking.Tradition accompany noisy feasts and celebrations of alcohol have been around for hundreds of years.

Techniques for building sewer

The sewer network of the city may have a different style, associated with the type of development, relief, size of quarters and finally the size of the city itself.

House warming

Proper insulation of the house will present not only in the days of winter, but also save the family budget, just like a mobile flatrate for mobile communication.

On the important "little things" in the tool selection

Speed Controllers and start-up clutch and reverse adapter.

From Russia with love

Recently, the United States off the coast of San Francisco for the first time since 1863 moored modern Russian warship with the proud name of "Varyag". And what was the first legendary cruiser of the same name?


If you, for example, have conceived repair, you should first of all be prepared project documentation with respect to the object.

Flow sheet of production of heat boiler system

Consider the circuit of district heating plant with boilers, in which the boilers are designed to operate on liquid and gaseous fuels.

How to clean carpet

Today, carpet cleaning is carried out with a vacuum cleaner that allows you to quickly remove dust from the surface of the carpet and dirt.

Sightseeing tours to Cyprus

Guided tour of the monuments of ancient Greek architecture - the best that the island of Cyprus offers.

In industrial refrigeration is advantageous to use the latest technology

Untitled Document

Modern construction technology of paving slabs

Walking through the streets of my beautiful city, you always pay attention to the road and sidewalk coverage.

How to order the dissertation. Tips

As someone said of the Great - "laziness - an engine of progress", and rightly so.

New eco car

Today in St. Petersburg, Gordon Murray has unveiled its latest revolutionary design a city car

The main features of modern cellular systems burglar alarms

In today’s market offers a wide variety of alarm systems.

Tutor in English

Tutor in English: what is it?

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