The "Human Genome"

Every cell of the human body comprises about 90 000 pairs of genes (genetic information units) located in chromosome 46 (the structures of DNA) this set of genetic information is called a gene.

Female agent finally found!

U.S.media reported on the plans of state commissions on the preparations for Reproductive Health and the Food and Drug Administration in June of this year to consider the resolution in the country of German drug Flibanserin designed to enhance female libido.

Choosing office furniture

Before buying office furniture, it is necessary to determine the amount you are willing to spend on this purchase.

The basic requirements for delivery and filling of gas cylinders

Gas Cylinders - a reservoir for the storage and transportation of industrial gases such as propane, butane, oxygen, carbon dioxide, helium, acetylene, ammonia, nitrogen, argon, compressed air, etc.

"Covers" for a loved one at home

Comfort in the house begins with a roof - whether wood houses or flats, that roofing materials are the foundation of a comfortable stay in the house all year round.

Factors affecting the level of IQ

Factors affecting the level of IQ

Touch display

Touch screen - this is one of the major trusts in the design of compact devices.

What to give the beloved?

How to choose a gift for the beloved? Um, ..this question is not easy, especially if the nature of your men do not differ too much complaisance, and he’s right, we note a very fussy.


So, after all the friends you want to live well, and most importantly rich.

Cleaning the chimney fire

St.Ekzyupri said: "We are responsible for those who have tamed," referring to living things that depend on us to partially or completely.

Decorate the space around them

Interior design - a very popular service. It is held in several stages.

Be successful building!

Adopted at the beginning of the century the program "Affordable and Comfortable Housing - to Russian citizens" was not so successful and easy to implement as planned.

Choose a bed with orthopedic mattress

Where to place the detainees in your party friends? Inflatable bed - the goods on different occasions.

Photo for portrait

In any torso must see to it that on the back in the lower back was sagging, it is a natural posture it is not satisfactory and also compositionally beneficial.

Wooden boards

Laminate flooring - one of the most popular floor coverings in our time.

If you decide to renovate an old house

Many people think that to buy an old house and chopped wood to overhaul it easier and cheaper than building a new.

Dental hygiene - proper care of your teeth and gums

Dental hygiene (oral hygiene) - is primarily a regular care of teeth and gums, to prevent and inadmissibility of tooth decay and gum disease.

How to choose the right tour to Egypt?

First of all, you should pay attention to the choice of hotel.

The advantages of wood flooring

Flooring makes the home more attractive and environmentally and aesthetically, and in terms of quality.

Smart House

The concept of intelligent building or structure developed in the middle of the last century, and thinking about how to make the house more "intelligent educated" were marked much earlier.

Property in Italy

Despite the fact that the real estate markets in many countries are still in crisis, Italy, escaped with slight shock a year ago, again confidently taken strong positions.

Advertising items on the Internet

Many Internet users are often trying to prove that you can make money online! I agree with them: you can earn really need! However, the advice and suggestions given by people who earn on the Internet, often at odds with common sense!

What to consider betting on the biathlon?

What to consider betting on the biathlon?

The use in advertising of plasma panels

Even during the construction of a new office building for any enterprise should consider all the possibilities for advertising.

As a "wholesale" to make a retail purchase

Acquisition of interior doors for a country house or apartment in the city - a very serious and responsible action.

Benefits of Internet advertising and website optimization

Online Advertising - your way!

Copper pipes will help keep warm

In order to optimally heat the living space and any maintain its health, it is necessary, primarily, to provide heat flow from below the thermal rise upward flows, and then is blocked by the circular teplotsirkulyatsiya entire living area.

Gift to the bride

When a couple gets married, the bride decided to make nice, beautiful and expensive gifts.

How to see the music?

Ritual dances to the beat of tom-toms in the red-yellow fire outbursts.

Which is better, exchange rates or the bookmaker?

The market today is full of "institutions", where you can bet.

The method does not spend a vacation for nothing

If you plan to leave, then you need to decide where you will spend it.

The use of wood in the interior

Every person wants to have him in the house was a unique atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

Business management courses pr-

In modern life, great importance is the fact that something or someone is presented to society.

Bath from a bar at the key - cost-effective solution

For thousands of years in Russia were built wooden buildings, and there is now a return to the undeservedly forgotten traditions of wooden architecture.

STROYTEKHSERVIS - Urgent renovation office

Planning the repair does not begin with the purchase of materials and from the preliminary stage - a sketch of the painting repair even in the form of general theses.

Holidays should be active

In Russia, a sufficiently large number of tourist regions, which offer a variety of recreational activities.

Break - not to build, difficult to break

So often developers are assigned space for the construction of the new facility, which is located any building or structure.

Not expensive Finnish manufacturer of doors - a blow to the global crisis

The global economic crisis has forced many of us to save money.

Acrylic Bathtubs and their benefits

Bathroom - a place of relaxation and harmony of man with his body.

Promising direction

Copywriting - is a relatively new trend in today’s job market. Real experts in this field today is not so much, but most of all comprehend the intricacies of the case. What are the basic principles of a specialist in this area?

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