Warming shifted the geographic poles

Geologists from the University of Texas found that observed during the year of the geographical poles drift caused a rapid melting of the glaciers.

Deep underground, discovered an ancient water tank

A group of scientists from the UK and Canada have found underground at a depth of about 3 kilometers isolated reservoirs of water, which was there for a few billion years and contained a huge amount needed to sustain life components.

Disclosed is an authentic recipe for Coca-Cola

A resident of the State of Georgia claims to have found an authentic recipe of the famous fizzy drink Coca-Cola in an old box with papers, which he bought at an auction.

Mankind is becoming dumber with each generation

With every century people have become less savvy, devoid of creativity. This is the conclusion drawn by researchers from the UK, analyzing the response speed of modern humans and those who lived in the Victorian era.

15% of all Google searches are unique and have never met

The Google search engine is powerful, but not all-knowing.Every month, Google handles 100 billion queries, returning the results in a matter of microseconds.

Center of the Earth desync

A new study by the Australian National University has shown that the Earth’s center of sync with the rest of the planet, often accelerating and decelerating.

British "Atlantis" has appeared on the map

Scientists from the UK have created a detailed map of the ruins of the town of Dunwich, which was flooded by the sea centuries ago.

The earliest traces of human hunting are found in Kenya

Archeologists from the USA were found traces of human hunting, left about two million years BC. e. The information presented by researchers from Baylor University in a paper published in the journal PLOS ONE.

Pollution of the atmosphere of the Earth broke all records

Scientists report that the Earth’s atmosphere has accumulated a huge amount of carbon dioxide.

The theory of the formation of lightning by cosmic rays proved experimentally

Russian physicists Alex Gurevich and Anatoly Karashtin found evidence that lightning occur under the influence of cosmic rays, as they report in an article published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

Mysterious spheres discovered in the ancient Mexican temple

Several hundred mysterious spheres have been discovered by researchers at the ancient Temple of the Feathered Serpent, which is a shestiyarusnuyu pyramid, located 50 km south of Mexico City.

The Vatican fresco found on the first image of Indians

Fresco of the first image of Indians, painted by Pinturicchio was discovered by restorers in the apartment of the Borgia family, in the Vatican, reports foreign publishing The Daily Telegraph.

Women prefer men with stubble

Recent scientific research conducted by experts from the University of New South Wales, showed that the fair sex is usually opt for men with a 10-day stubble, throws the spotlight on clean-shaven.

The next cold snap will last 250 years

The decline in solar activity, experts say, happens once in 200 years, and expect the next "freeze" should be by 2040.

The first settlers in America have practiced cannibalism

U.S.researchers have presented scientific evidence that the severe winter 1609-1610’s first English settlers arrived in America, practiced cannibalism.

The secret of happiness lies in wildlife

Wanting to enjoy life, feel good and experience the satisfaction of all, a person has to live next to the gardens, parks and forests and other vegetation.

Women feel "hot men" by smell

Women are at the peak of their fertility prefer the smell of men with high testosterone levels in the body, according to a new study.

The ancient Mayan buildings discovered in Guatemala

The famous pyramids and stone buildings of the Maya were older than previously believed. This conclusion came after U.S. researchers conducting excavations in Guatemala, according to the publication The New Scientist.

The main secret of the origin of life on Earth is in the "icicles of death"

The mysterious phenomenon of nature, found off the coast of Antarctica, which has been called "icicle of death" may have marked the beginning of life on Earth.

75-year Harvard study revealed the secrets of happiness

This study is one of the most long-term human development.

"Black Lightning" is potentially dangerous for flights

In 1991, scientists discovered the so-called "dark lightning." It was found that when at the height of 5000 meters, the plane is covered by a zipper, all passengers and crew members can get a dose of gamma radiation, equates to 10 years of natural background..

Center of the Earth at 1000 degrees hotter than previously thought

Scientists have determined that the temperature at the center of the Earth is 6000 degrees Celsius, which is 1000 degrees hotter than it has been determined in the previous experiment, which took place 20 years ago.

World hunger occurs because of the death of bees

The mass death of bees observed throughout the world, can be a real disaster for mankind, scientists say.

The robot opened the underground tunnels near the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico

Robot small size made a significant archaeological discovery deep under the legendary Temple of Quetzalcoatl, which is located near the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico.

Scientists: Robin Hood may have been gay

Scientists from the UK with the help of numerous legends and ballads tried to restore the historical image of Robin Hood.

A key element of the mass extinction of species doubling yields

Hydrogen sulfide - an unpleasant smell for gas inhalation is lethal.

The level of radiation at Fukushima is much lower than expected

A new study of radiation levels in Japan, found that the level of cesium in people affected is much lower than expected.

Scientists have explained the cause of human error

Until now it was assumed that people make mistakes or referring own narrow-mindedness, or because of certain failures of the brain.

Life in the Universe originated long before the appearance of the Earth

A new study by geneticist Alexei Sharov, together with the theoretical biologist Richard Gordon of the National Institutes of Health, USA, indicates that the origin of life occurred about 9.8 billion years ago, in another place in the universe.

Australian scientists have discovered more than a woman can be conquered

Every third woman draws attention to the odor that emanates from a representative of the stronger sex. Moreover, it is one of the dominant factors influencing the decision of the fairer sex to continue the relationship.

The Dutch are preparing to relocate to Mars

Dutch Organization Mars One reported that it will launch in the near future, the selection of volunteers to create a colony of settlers on the Red Planet.

An elderly resident of Indonesia immediately with the monitor lizard

In Indonesia, the 83-year-old woman survived a terrible attack of two meter Komodo dragon. Currently, she is in the hospital, and her health is not in danger.

In China, the tomb of Emperor VII century

Chinese archaeologists in the east China city of Yangzhou was discovered the tomb of Emperor Yan Di, who was the second ruler of the Sui Dynasty. About striking finding reported the Central Chinese Television.

The oldest fossils found in China

Paleontologists have discovered in China’s earliest collection of fossilized dinosaur embryos in history.

The teeth of Australopithecus sediba have confirmed their relationship with a man

A detailed analysis of the remains of ancient primates - Australopithecus sediba, found in South African cave Malapa in 2008, and the structure of their teeth has allowed paleontologists to conclude that they were probably the direct ancestors of modern humans.

The mysterious stone structure found at the bottom of the Sea of ??Galilee

Gigantic sculpture was discovered in Israel in the bottom of the Sea of Galilee, which is better known as the Sea of Galilee.

Penis size does matter - study

Women may stubbornly argue that their man is most interested in the character, intelligence, appearance, or financial situation.

U.S. scientists have proved the authenticity of the "Gospel of Judas"

New research manuscript of "The Gospel of Judas" with the description of a previously unknown version of biblical events was the confirmation of the authenticity of the ancient text.

Meteorite fragments weighing more than 10 kg found 15 km from the Chebarkul

The scientists from the Czech Republic claim that approximately 15 kilometers from the lake Chebarkul, in which on February 15 of this year dropped a big piece of the meteorite, there is at least one more big piece of the car.

Scientists: men are more satisfied with their lives than women

Researchers from the UK have found that in many aspects of modern life the stronger sex experience greater satisfaction than women, reports the publication "Daily Telegraph".

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