Digital currency bitcoin overtaken by a cost of 20 national currencies

More than 1 billion in dollar terms: it is estimated as many total value of bitcoin currency circulating on the Internet. It’s more than worth the national currencies of small countries such as Liberia, Bhutan and 18 others.

Mysterious red arcs appeared in the skies over Europe

Blazing red arcs that can not be seen with the naked eye, astronomers have been seen in the sky over Europe.

Scientists: after 5 million years on Earth will be men

Experts predict the complete disappearance of the men on the ground through five million years ... and has already begun the process of extinction.

The virus disguised as a page Facebook, appeared on the Internet

Experts of the Silicon Valley in California on Wednesday appealed to the users with a warning about the appearance of the virus that pretends to be a popular social network pages Facebook.

Hitler planned to destroy the enemies of the city with the space gun

Revealed the secret Nazi army to destroy enemy cities by focusing sunlight.

Archaeologists have discovered a portal to the underworld

A portal to the realm of the dead, or the gates of Pluto, which in Roman mythology was considered a master of the underworld, managed to find an Italian archaeologists, reports Discovery.

Green meteorite landed on Earth with Mercury

Fragments of the meteorite, which was discovered in 2011 in Morocco, could be the first studied samples from the planet Mercury.

British designers sewed record long dress

Many residents of the city of Leeds in Yorkshire (UK) witnessed a grand show organized on the occasion of the opening of Europe’s largest shopping center

Brain scans allowed the scientists to look into the human imagination

American researchers managed by redevelopment of the brain to know what a person thinks and see what he imagines. The scanning procedure has allowed neuroscientists to decipher brain patterns that are formed in the minds of people.

Happy events that cause stress

There are a number of happy life events, which, oddly enough, have the opposite effect.

German police fined car out of the snow

Snowy weather, the well-established in Germany, happy kids and youth.

Japanese Misao Okawa became the champion of female centenarians

In the book of Guinness World Records first place in the category "The oldest woman in the world", took the Japanese Misao Okawa, which marks the end of winter in 115 years.

Scientists: Early bye associated with alcoholism and exclusion from school

High school students who are paired already in high school, twice as likely to abuse alcohol and drugs, and are generally less from education.

Fireball over New York scare Americans

On Friday in New York, Washington and several other cities around the U.S. East Coast 04.00 Moscow time, many people watched the emergence of a huge ball of light in the sky.

At the bottom of the Red Sea found huge canyon

Canyon deeper than 200 meters was discovered at the bottom of the Red Sea research vessel HMS Enterprise using sonar, which is able to produce 3D-images to inspect the area and geological sites.

The researchers found a peak age of female and male attraction

The peak of female attractiveness occurs at age 30, men are also the most attractive at 34. This is the conclusion of researchers from the United States, a survey of about two thousand people.

Found hundreds of fossils of dinosaur eggs

In the north-eastern Spain scientists have discovered hundreds of dinosaur egg fossils, including the four species, which were first discovered in the region. These eggs were left here sauropods millions of years ago.

On account of a man without a penis hundreds of intimate relationships with women

A resident of the town Stelibridzh (UK) Andrew Wardle was born without a penis and became the first man in the world who has got this body is not from nature, but from the hands of doctors.

Earthquakes lead to the formation of gold veins

Australian seismologists found that the gold veins are caused by earthquakes. Review of the research work, which has been used to study the evaporation of liquids during seismic activity, results in the journal Nature.

At the bottom of the Mariana Trench found "self-contained" a colony of bacteria

Scientists were able to find with the help of deep-sea robot that can carry out experiments under water at a depth of tens of kilometers, the colony of "autonomous" bacteria that live at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

Biologists have discovered beneath the seafloor parallel world

Scientists have discovered the anaerobic bacteria that live in the depths of the oceanic crust. Since the area of the oceanic crust is almost 60% of the earth’s surface, it can be considered as the largest ecosystem of the planet Earth.

Ancient sundial found in Egypt

Some of the most ancient sundials were discovered by researchers of the University of Basel in Egypt. The information was published on the website of the university on Thursday.

Scientists have determined the best period in the lives of women

The fiftieth anniversary of the scientists found the happiest time for women. Crossing this threshold, the woman, as the experts, is beginning to enjoy greater well-being, sex and relationships.

Scientists have discovered why men so attracted to large breasts

The ratio of men to the fair sex is closely linked to their relationship to the size of a woman’s breasts, according to experts at the University of Westminster.

Big eyes Neanderthals had caused their extinction

The extinction of Neanderthals anthropologists from the University of Oxford tied to the size of their eyes: large eyes of ancient people were adapted to night blindness.

Traces of extraterrestrial organic matter found in a meteorite from Sri Lanka

Analysis of the fragments of the meteorite, which fell 29 December 2012 in Sri Lanka, made Astrobiology at the University of Cardiff has helped to identify any presence of "biological structures," extraterrestrial origin.

Russian scientists deny the discovery of life in Lake Vostok

Russian researchers have abandoned their previous posts about finding a new type of bacteria in a mysterious ice lake in Antarctica.

The pursuit of happiness makes a person living alone

If a person really wants to be happy, he should be as small as possible focused on the thought. Experts point out that people are hungry for happiness, on the contrary, feel for almost all life miserable and lonely.

At the Lake Vostok in Antarctica discovered a new form of microscopic life

Russian scientists announced the discovery of a new type of bacterial life in the waters of the largest subglacial lake.

On the wreck discovered "sunstone" vikings

Archeologists have found that the crystal that divers found on board sank in 1592 an English ship could have been used for navigation by the sun.

In the state of Iowa researchers have found five-kilometer crater

Geophysicists from the U.S. discovered in the state of Iowa, in the north-east of the country five-kilometer crater that formed 470 million years ago. Message was received from the U.S. Geological Survey.

The first analysis of the fall of a meteor Chelyabinsk

Chelyabinsk, who had once been a secret military center of the USSR, has experienced the largest meteor burst for more than 100 years old, just a few minutes after dawn on February 15.

In the Antarctic, discovered a large meteorite

Belgian scientists working at the polar station called "Princess Elizabeth" in the framework of SAMBA, the purpose of which is to search for meteorites discovered celestial body weight of 18 kilograms in the Antarctic ice shell.

Scientists have determined the composition of the meteorite fragments Chelyabinsk

Two fragments of the meteorite exploded on February 15 of this year over Chelyabinsk, have been studied at the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) with a scanning microscope and gas chromatography-mass spectrometer..

The Netherlands is slowly disappearing under water

Researchers at Delft University of Technology (Technische Universiteit Delft) have expressed their concern over the fact that the Netherlands is gradually sinking under the water.

Scientists have discovered the secret of the unusual lightning over China

A group of Chinese researchers published information about the giant lightning that occurred in 2010 in the upper layers of the atmosphere in Shandong (province Binzhou).

The connection between TV viewing in childhood and antisocial behavior in adulthood

Children and teenagers who spend a lot of time watching television were more likely to exhibit antisocial behavior and commit criminal offenses as adults.

Traces of the lost continent discovered on the island of Mauritius

Traces of ancient volcanic rocks formed about 1.9 billion years ago and existed on the site of what is now the modern Indian Ocean, in the form of a small continent that has long disappeared from the planet, have been discovered by geologists in the sand on the island of Mauritius..

Shard meteorite weighing more than a kilogram of the Urals scientists found

During the expedition to the Chelyabinsk region over the weekend, scientists of the Ural Federal University (UFU), have found a fragment of the meteorite, which is considered the largest one found to date.

Women are talkative by nature

In 2001, scientists discovered a gene FOXP2, which is conventionally been called "genome of speech." Unlike his human version of the chimpanzee version, as it turned out, is two amino acid substitutions.

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