Vatican and Oxford University will put on the Internet ancient texts

Representatives of the world famous book stores, the library Bodleyn Oxford University and the Vatican Apostolic Library, reported that they are going to place on the internet about 1.5 million pages of various ancient texts, providing free access to all network users..

Scientists predict the future of the planet without polluting energy sources

The impact of technology of production of alternative energy sources on the economic situation in developing countries is a long-standing topic of debate scientists.

Haven for millionaires in the event of a doomsday

Luxury apartments equipped with all sorts of amenities, including a swimming pool, a cinema and a library, ensure survival in case of end of the world if that day ever comes.

Holidaymakers on the beaches in Nicaragua were the mass of jellyfish attack

The victims of the attack of unusual marine jellyfish were tourists who vacation on the Pacific beaches of Nicaragua. According to local authorities, with the assistance of medical professionals only in the past two days has asked about 670 people.

An unusual exhibition of animals without skin opened in London

The external structure of many animals do not cause people to little interest, but looking under the skin of our four-legged friends, you can do for yourself the incredible discovery.

Google launches virtual tour of the White House

Google is launching a new project, allowing access to all the ordinary citizens to the residence of U.S.

Scientists have developed a prototype programmable matter

New algorithms make it possible to create a "smart sand", collecting in any form. This will instantly create any objects or to create copies of broken parts.

Unknown species of proto discovered in Ethiopia

Scientists have discovered the bones in Ethiopia proto unknown species that lived in the trees 3400000 years ago. Details are presented in an article published in the scientific journal Nature.

The mechanism of formation of free neutrons from lightning has puzzled scientists

In 1985, Soviet scientists noticed that when on their neutron detector storm passed, there was an increase in the neutron flux.

Huge UFO fragment found in Siberia

The metal object the size of a car brand Volkswagen Beetle was discovered near a remote Siberian village.

30 Indonesian women were the first settlers of Madagascar random

The island of Madagascar, the land of whimsical animals and amazing biodiversity, is also one of the last places inhabited by people. And, as shown by a new study, it was an accident about 1200 years ago.

Map of ancient settlements helped to make the new archaeological discoveries

Thousands of people of ancient settlements have been found by archaeologists using computer scanning satellite images.

Police forget the marks of a criminal prosecution in the course of its

In the prosecution of the criminal police is experiencing severe stress as a result of the impact, he can forget his description.

In the U.S., a unique corpse flower bloomed

Unique flower called Amorphophallus titanium (Amorphophallus Titanium), whose mass is 100 pounds, and the diameter of the cup 3 meters, has blossomed in the greenhouse at Cornell University in New York, designed for experimental cultivation of plants.

Austrian farmer discovered the burial of UFOs

Austrian publisher Austrian Times reported the other day that a local farmer discovered a mysterious, very deep hole round, which appeared in his field during the day. And, of course, a version of the incident was the work of alien residents.

The remains of an Anglo-Saxon princess were found under Cambridge

A group of archaeologists from the University of Cambridge discovered during excavations of fossils Anglo-Saxon princess, who lived in the VII century AD. The information was published on March 16 edition of The Independent.

Fossils of a new species of people found in China

The fossilized remains of previously unknown species of the Stone Age found in two caves in south-western China open up completely new information in the evolution of man and the paleolithic history of Asia, which scientists know very little.

Statue, chapels and animal mummies have been found in Egypt

A wooden statue of the king, a chapel, a monumental structure and the remains of over 80 animal mummies discovered a group of archaeologists led by researchers from the University of Toronto in the ancient city of Abydos Egypt reveal intriguing facts about the ritual activity associated with the great deity..

What men are able to make a woman happy?

Women can be very difficult to understand, according to some men, but the new psychological research has shown to make women happy, partners should at least try to understand their feelings, but do not have to guess them with 100% accuracy.

Seismologists have made earthquake in music

Scientists have transformed the seismic waves of a strong earthquake that occurred last year in Japan in the sound waves.

Scientists create a forest oasis in the Sahara desert

Scientists inspired nostrils camel intend to achieve the impossible and grow forest in the middle of the desert.

Cannon suppress speech and cures for stuttering

Japanese researchers have created a gun that could stop talking in mid-sentence.

America was discovered people of the Stone Age

Archaeologists and historians have long known that in fact America was discovered by Christopher Columbus did not.

Genetic analysis of the remains Ettsi reveals new details about his life

The researchers performed a detailed analysis of DNA, "ice man" Ettsi, human mummies, discovered in 1991 in the Alpine glacier.

Scientists have discovered two new blood

Researchers from the University of Vermont in Burlington (University of Vermont) was identified two proteins on the surface of red blood cells, which are responsible for two brand new blood, called Lanzhereys (Langereis) and Junior (Junior), as reported by the scientific journal Nature Genetics..

First obtained an image of the electron charge of the molecule

Researchers have demonstrated for the first time the image "charge distribution" in a single molecule, which is formed during the original "dance" of electrons.

Archaeologists have discovered a layer of ash wood age 300 million years

U.S.researchers have discovered a layer of volcanic ash that covered the land in the northern part of China’s 300 million years ago, a well-preserved forest.

Scientists have found the typical time of site assessment

The first performance of the Internet user to the site is formed by a fraction of a second.

Ultrafast machine transactions on the stock exchange lead to economic collapse?

The study found a link superfast machine trading with the risk of a market crash

A new class of potential drugs inhibits inflammation in the brain

Scientists at the Emory University School of Medicine have identified a new group of components that can protect brain cells from inflammation associated with seizures and neurodegenerative diseases.

The unique coin XI century was discovered near Gloucester

Medieval coin of the reign of William the Conqueror, was found in a field near Gloucester.

Kissing can be dangerous for allergy sufferers

For some people with allergies, love becomes a real risk.

Scientists have discovered a dangerous lead in the 400 varieties of lipstick

Around 400 varieties of various brands of lipstick were dangerous to human health. According to the Federal Office of the United States to monitor the quality of food and medicines in cosmetic products were identified unleaded.

10 interesting facts about the production of chocolate

In life, what often happens is that when it comes to something familiar and known for a long time, it appears that no one, in fact, does not know where it came from and how is made.

Scientists have explained what happens to the brain of a man in love

Love - is a powerful stream of emotions, exciting the mind and heart of man that makes him feel that insanely happy, anxious and then desperate.

At the North Pole will be a new supercontinent

American geologists have presented a new model of the supercontinent, which, according to scientists, should be formed in the region of the North Pole in about half a billion years.

The left-hander to make more informed decisions

A new study by psychologists at the University of Abertay in Dundee, was proof that the people who use preferably the left hand, tend to take a more constructive and better decisions than most people who use the right hand.

Fasting cures cancer in mice better than chemotherapy

A recent study, chemotherapy, in combination with shorter periods of complete starvation is more effective.

Physical methods of punishment causes aggression in children

Arranging a spanking or slapping their child permanently, you put his mind to the adverse effects that would soon be reflected in his behavior.

Scientists doburili to Lake Vostok

30 years after the start of drilling, scientists were able to break through the 4-kilometer layer of ice and get to a unique subglacial lake.

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