American schoolgirl discovered a new chemical compound

Fifth-grader from Kansas City, completing the job in the classroom, accidentally created a previously unknown molecular structure of science - a substance that can quite useful in the development of modern methods of energy storage.

Obesity may be contagious

Many of us have heard that obesity can "spread" among friends, individuals of one group or one group who adopt the habits and food preferences of each other.

Experts: quarrels strengthen marital relationships

Many psychologists say that the containment of emotions in most cases leads to stress and depression, attenuation of intimate relationships and reduce emotional intimacy partners.

Scientists first photographed the primitive tribes in Peru

An unexpected meeting of researchers from the Amazonian tribe completely isolated from civilization was the result of a series of close and detailed photographs.

Israeli scientists have deduced variety of black tomato

Israeli growers brought a new "gothic" hybrid tomato that is red inside, but black on the outside.

Scientists have discovered why men confess in love

A recent study published in the journal Journal Of Social Psychology, showed that in this age of the collapse of social stereotypes and traditions, one of which remains intact: women, although falling in love before the first three times less often than men do love confessions..

Rain jelly puzzled residents of England

Residents of the resort town of Bournemouth is located in the south-west of England have seen a mysterious natural phenomenon: instead of the usual rain falling from the sky blue jelly-like balls.

Yoga - the secret of boundless energy in old age

Yoga classes are every day to fill a man with energy and positive emotions even in old age.

Maternal love during childhood prevents the development of diseases in adulthood

A mother’s love can be an invaluable contribution to human health, protecting him from serious diseases, such as early childhood and into adulthood.

In the era of microparticle formation of the universe different from today

In the primary particles detected quantum gravity source. With the expansion of the universe is complicated by their composite structure. Strong, weak, electromagnetic interaction gives them stability.

The ancestral home of the American Indian was found in the heart of Russia

Altai in southern Siberia is located directly in the center of Russia.

People lie more in the written communications

In a written message people are more likely to lie than they do in any other form of communication, as shown by new research by David Xu (David Xu), a professor of business school Frank Barton Uichitskogo State University.

Social networks are more prevalent in the ancient world

The most primitive forms of interpersonal relations, reminiscent of modern social networks are present among contemporary Aboriginal, the level of which has remained unchanged since the late Stone Age, which suggests the possibility of the development of the modern types of altruism and more profitable relationships with the ancient people.

Archaeologists have discovered a mysterious building of Roman times

In England recently discovered the ruins of a strange "winged" building that has no parallel in the history of architecture.

In the Arctic fresh water was 10% more

In the Arctic Ocean the volume of fresh water has increased by 10% over the past 15 years such data have been published on the Web site of the European Space Agency (ESA), with reference to a recent study by British scientists from the National Oceanography Centre..

Cape made of spider silk, will be presented at the exhibition in Europe

Unique cape, woven of silk more than a million spiders will be presented for the first time at an exhibition in Europe.

The immune system can be controlled by thought

In television shows about psychics and healers often show how they can start talking various diseases.

Traveler from the UK crossed Antarctica on skis

British traveler, became the first woman in the world that one has crossed Antarctica on skis.

Manganese neutralize Shiga toxin

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have discovered that a natural element such as manganese could be the basis of the method of neutralizing the lethal effects of a substance known as Shiga toxin.

The ancient inhabitants of Peru regaled popcorn

The ancient people who lived along the coast of modern Peru, ate popcorn 1,000 years earlier than previously thought, archaeologists, based on fragments of ceramic pottery found in the area.

10 things that drive men mad

"That’s crazy man?" - This question is interesting almost every woman.

The planet itself will be saved from warming

British and American scientists were able to prove the presence in the upper atmospheric layers of interesting substances that are able to prevent global warming.

Award Kraforda in mathematics went to two scientists from the U.S.

International Award Kraforda in mathematics for 2012 was awarded to Jean Bourgain, of the Institute of Advanced Studies of the American University of Princeton and Terence Tao, a researcher of the University of California for their innovative work in functional analysis, number theory, combinatorics, and in theoretical computer science.

Tons of CO2 intoxicate fish in the ocean

Dissolves in the ocean carbon dioxide causes the state of the fish, similar to being drunk and accompanied by loss of self-preservation.

Found a lost collection of fossils of Charles Darwin

A valuable collection of fossil specimens, including those that have been collected by Charles Darwin, was found in one of the rooms of Staff of the British Geological Survey (British Geological Survey HQ).

Archeologists discovered the tomb of ancient Egyptian singer

A group of archaeologists at the University of Basel in Switzerland during the excavation of a huge complex of Karnak near Luxor in the south of Egypt, accidentally stumbled on the tomb of ancient Egyptian singer.

A mathematical model of the behavior of a serial killer

A simple mathematical model of the brain allows you to find patterns of behavior of a serial killer.

Top 20 predictions for the next century

In 1900, an American engineer John Watkins made a series of predictions for the next 100 years.

Processed meat causes cancer of the pancreas

Swedish researchers recently reported the existence of a strong link between the consumption of meat processing technology of the past, such as bacon, sausage or sausages, and pancreatic cancer.

How to distinguish the wife of the hat

We do not often think about their unique ability to recognize familiar faces of people, despite the fact that it is one of the key skills of human socialization.

On Earth, formed a new island

A new island in the Red Sea, which is a mound of lava and ash about 600 meters long formed by the eruption of an underwater volcano, which occurred in the middle of December.

Physicists have discovered two types of hadron

International physicists working on the Belle experiment at the famous electron-positron collider B-factory, which is located in the center of Japan’s nuclear research KEK, when suddenly discovered two new exotic hadron.

The longest marriage in the world was registered in India

The couple with the greatest period of living together in the world recently celebrated the 86th anniversary of marriage.

In the world was the first man on the batteries

To return to the normal life of a boy by British doctors had to implant in his brain the two electrodes, and insert the batteries into the body.

Depleted gas can be used for storage of greenhouse gases

The demonstration project in south-eastern Australia as far as possible to check depleted natural gas reservoirs can be useful for storing carbon in order to promote strategies to reduce the rate of climate change, which involves injecting carbon dioxide (CO2) underground for permanent storage..

The world faces a new ice age

Russian scientists have predicted the northern hemisphere "great salinity anomaly" that in the coming years will bring a frosty winter.

The cheapest tablet in the world bought 1.4 million before the release of

At the cheapest tablet computer has already received 1.4 million online orders, since as an opportunity to make pre-order two weeks ago in India.

Untouched by man subglacial Lake Vostok is ready to open its secrets

Russian scientists will soon have the opportunity to explore Lake Vostok in Antarctica, which is hidden from the outside world under the ice layer thickness of almost 3.5 kilometers.

Google fined for abusive conduct

Paris court fined the internet corporation Google for "abusive conduct" a search engine and ordered the company to pay the French insurance company, the plaintiff 50,000 euros.

The oldest pipe was discovered in Israel

During excavations in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem has been discovered by archaeologists clay tobacco pipe carved centuries ago with her phrase "heart - the language of love." And it is likely that this was a memorable gift made by a loved one, as reported by Sarah Puni (Shahar Puni), a representative of the antiquities in Israel..

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