Atmospheric pollution provokes devastating hurricanes

Most often caused by tropical cyclones and hurricanes they are born in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Slightly less destructive typhoons are originating in the northern part of the Indian Ocean.

Twins were born with a difference of two years

In a British family, the twins were born unique, the difference in age was two years old.

People are attracted by the smell malaria

U.S. and European scientists have concluded in a study that malarial mosquitoes able to choose their prey, guided by the smell of her skin microflora.

In Italy, the collapsed part of the wall Coliseum

On Christmas monument of ancient Rome lost another part of the wall, and this is the second piece of a collapsed over the past three days.

The intricate paintings that hide the double images

Often in the art of it is that looks more closely, one can find in a work of art more than he can see, throwing a glance.

Scientists have found the general manager for the memory

Scientists have discovered a major protein that is responsible for the formation of human memory. Npas4 protein in response to a stimulus that requires memorization, activates other proteins that connect neurons and create new neural "memory."

The sense of touch is connected to hair follicles on the skin

Scientists have recently reported that human sense of touch inherent closely associated with hair follicles, disposed on the skin.

In Venezuela, kidnapped by the Belarusian Embassy Consul

Last week, on the night of 15 to 16 December in Caracas kidnapped Alexander Shkatulova Consul of the Embassy of Belarus in Venezuela. For information about the abduction of two sources have confirmed.

Tsunami in the sky over the state of Alabama

The other day in the skies over the state of Alabama was amazing atmospheric phenomenon.

Powys fossils shed new light on the evolution of ocean life

Scientists recently reported that made the remarkable discovery resources, which are more than 450 million years, in an abandoned stone quarry, located in Powys, Wales unitary administrative unit.

NASA found a living icon

NASA found the icon, which depicts the image of the Mother of God.

7 things that make you happy

Are you happy? If yes, what is the secret of your happiness? Researchers have discovered a number of factors - the genetic predisposition to the personal characteristics of an individual that affect the happiness and well-being.

Of E. coli have created a biological display

U.S.biotechnologists have managed to create a unique device from the colonies of coliform bacteria.

Scientists have invented a sweet battery

Japanese researchers demonstrated their new "sweet" invention. From Sony battery capable of generating electricity through a chemical reaction of specific cellulose enzymes.

Hadron Collider on the verge of a major clue secrets of the universe

Recent studies on the Hadron Collider showed that perhaps he still managed to find the elusive Higgs boson.

Kim Jong Il, North Korean leader died on the seventieth year of life

Kim Jong Il, North Korea’s leader died at sixty-nine years, Reuters reported on Monday, citing North Korean state television.

Unusual nuclear waste may be biological in nature

Scientists working in the area of the Savannah River, discovered strange growths on the front of the spent nuclear fuel, arriving from abroad.

Indian Thumbelina got into the Guinness Book of Records

Indian girl Jyoti Eymdzh (Jyoti Amge) was registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the woman of the smallest in the world.

Last secret door of Great Pyramid will be opened in 2012

Secret Gate, located in the heart of the Great Pyramid will be opened for the first time in 2012 and will open at last, the mystery that is haunted by archaeologists in 1872, as announced by the British corporation Scoutek.

In Turkey, will equip the mosque for women

In the whole gender revolution threatens to turn into a new program of special arrangement of mosques for women. The program provides for the modernization of 3,100 Muslim houses of worship in Turkey.

New cloth cleans herself, you only put it into the light

Would you like to have jeans, sweat suit or socks that are themselves clean and deodorize if they just hang out in the sun? Scientists have reported the development of a new cotton fabric that cleans itself of stains and bacteria exposed to normal sunlight.

The smallest babies in the world who have survived

Two children born in the U.S.with a record-low birth weight have survived, evolved and have become adults, as reported by researchers at Loyola University Medical Center in Maryland.

Cambridge University laid out the network of Newton manuscripts

More than four thousand pages of original manuscripts of Isaac Newton put on the network for all to see representatives of the University of Cambridge, thanks to a huge gift (? 1,5 million), which was made Polonsky Foundation (supporter of education and the arts) and the Committee of the Information Service of the UK Joint (JISC).

Oxytocin makes people more sociable and open

The first date, job interview, or a cocktail party about Christmas, some people can be stressful.

Conducted a unique survey of 1% of the richest people

About the wealthiest people know little, and yet, this stratum of the population had time to form stable stereotypes. A survey conducted by Northwestern University sheds light on the behavior and outlook on life is so-called one percent.

Where is the secret recipe for the drink Coca-Cola?

Recipe of the world famous soft drink Coca-Cola for many years has been a great mystery, and, until recently, kept under lock and key in a bank vault in Atlanta since 1925.

Experts puzzled by ancient markings, found in Jerusalem

Traces of a stone carving mysterious shapes that were made thousands of years ago and recently discovered during excavations near Jerusalem archaeologists have put in a deadlock.

What were the most ancient mattresses?

The world’s oldest beds (mattresses) - litter, made of evergreens insecticides, which is almost 77,000 years old were found by archaeologists in a South African cave.

CIA secret prison found journalists in Romania

Secret CIA jail journalists found the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung and the American news agency Associated Press in Bucharest, Romania, when conducting its own independent investigation.

Russia wants to return to the Arctic area, given to mankind

Back in the beginning of zero Russia under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea in 1982 gave to mankind in the Arctic land area of 330,000 square kilometers.

Life on Earth may have arisen due to nuclear reactor

As it turned out, the natural nuclear reactors may freely do occur in nature under the condition where in one place accumulate a large amount of decaying isotopes.

The smell of the body determines the character of a person

Until now it was thought that if the make small talk with a stranger, it will help you learn it better and to determine the type of his personality.

As in the head signal appears on muscle fatigue?

Length of the interval of time during which we are able to voluntarily activate their muscles work depends on the motivation and the will power or the physical condition, as well as on the degree of muscle fatigue.

Most big lips went to the Russian woman

The biggest mouth in the world went to 22-year-old Christina peterburzhenke Ray.

The crisis has not affected the emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere

The global economic crisis has not prevented the establishment of a new record for the release of polluting vapors into the atmosphere.

Scientists gave the name to two elements of the periodic system

Through many years after their discovery, the superheavy elements 114 and 116 have finally got their name from the Russian and American discoverers. Meet: Flerovium and Livermorium, also known as Fl and Lv.

Mysterious metal object was found in Massachusetts

A strange metallic object weighing approximately 500 grams was found on the floor of stock of one of the furniture companies in Massachusetts on Thursday, December 1.

Facebook will better protect the privacy of users

CEO of a major social networking site Facebook acknowledged that the company is not well protected the safety of users of the international network. In his blog, he also published the promise of a more attentive privacy of user data Facebook.

What are the expected effects of global warming planet

Fierce storms in the U.S., a catastrophic drought in Australia, too hot summers with abnormal temperatures in Europe, the strongest rains and floods in Albion - this list could go on and on.

The best city in the world

Vienna was named the best city on the planet Earth. Ranking of the best places made famous consulting company Mercer.

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