Baby box in Russia took the first baby

The first child adopted in Sochi on Monday evening baby-box.

U.S. scientists have deduced from E. coli bioreactor

In the United States, biologists managed to get a few friendly forms of coliform bacteria that are able to immediately carry out the entire process of the production of biofuels.

Found another mention of the Maya 2012

Archaeologists from the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico, have found another reference to this date, carved on a fragment.

Archaeological Find in Jerusalem reveals new facts of history

Ancient coins that were found by Israeli archaeologists near the Western Wall of the Temple Mount complex in Jerusalem, denied speculation earlier scholars that all the walls of the Second Temple were built by King Herod.

Sex after 60: recipe for happiness

Married couples who remain sexually active in old age feel more happy and satisfied with their relationships than those who are less active or no longer active in their sexual lives, according to a new study.

In Australia, found an unusual sunken island

Two sunken islands, located near the island of Tasmania, were found in the western part of the Indian Ocean near the Australian city of Perth.

What happens in a capitalist economy

In the United States in New York in a small, narrow street of Wall Street in the financial district in the "financial heart", in the center of the outer and inner world of monetary policy two months ago on September 17 began a protest of U.S.

9 proven ways to save the family budget

Recently, experts have found that is the most pragmatic and rational people are not residents of Germany, and the Americans.

In Kabul detained a Russian Antonov An-72

At the airport in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, was detained by order of the authorities of the Russian An-72, a company serving the Supreme Food, Holland, as well as airliners company Rolkan Investments Ltd., Which were seized in Tajikistan by the court at sentencing Estonian and Russian pilots reported Ozodi radio on Wednesday.

Stone, found a farmer of Missouri - a rare type of meteorite

In 2006, a farmer from Missouri meteorite found on the slope of a hill, near the town of Conception Junction (population 202 people). But now scientists have been able to determine how valuable this discovery.

Found the original cloud of gas

U.S. scientists have found two interstellar clouds, which consist of the original gas. They consist of elements that have emerged in a few minutes after the birth of the universe.

Naked man kind that actually causes a woman?

Both men and women who appear in front of each other without clothing, become more sensual, but less effective, as shown by the results of the new analysis conducted by a psychologist at the University of Maryland, Kurt Gray (Kurt Gray) and her colleagues at Yale University..

After a fault ZNPP connected the second unit

Zaporizhia nuclear power plant (Enerhodar, Zaporizhia region) on Saturday at 09:10 (Kyiv time) crashes suspended second unit due to faults in the circuits of automation and launched it again on Sunday at 12:58.

Russia is trying to save Phobos-Grunt

The Russian space station, which was to go to the satellite of Mars stuck in Earth’s orbit, after the emergency situation has occurred and scientists are forced to try and restart the software until it struck the Earth.

What is special date 11/11/11?

In the Middle Ages, numerologists - people involved in the search for mystical meanings of numbers - believed all numbers had both positive and negative aspects with the exception of numbers 11.

Liberians vote despite protests Tubman-Waihi

Liberians vote in the final round of the presidential election, despite appearing in at least a single case of death occurring during opposition protests and boycott of the requirements for termination of fraud.

Eye color can now be changed forever with laser

Many probably remember the name of an old song, performed by American country singer Crystal Gayle (Crystal Gayle), Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue, which translates as "does not that make my brown eyes blue with sadness." Now the color of people’s eyes will be possible to change without the use of cosmetic contact lenses and without sadness, but with the help of laser technology, as recently reported by the researchers.

Depression: a combination of psychological and genetic factors

The occurrence of such problems as anxiety, depression and anxiety, usually associated with psychological factors, the influence of the environment and, as you know, with the influence of genetic predisposition.

Sedentary lifestyle - the cause of 173,000 annual cases of cancer

Our culture is a little mobile lifestyle may be the cause 173,000 cases of cancer diagnosed each year, according to a new study.

Psychologists have found out what causes a white lie

Even if the food was disgusting, many of us will make a smile and tell the waitress, "I liked it." But a new study, we must stand firm and honestly report that "the food is terrible." People who say "white lie", then ordered more food and the waitress gave more tips..

There was the most peaceful time in history?

It seems that violence is everywhere, but in reality we are living in the most peaceful time in history.

DARPA plans to conduct propaganda in social networks

Sometimes it is not clear whether to laugh, cry or seriously alarmed when you hear about how they plan to take some of the organizations under the guise of fighting terrorism and in the interest of national security.

The wreckage of the ancient Mongol ship discovered on the shores of Japan

The remains of the Mongol invading vessel dating from the 13th century, which has fallen victim to a famous typhoon in Japan called "kamikaze" or "divine wind", were discovered on the south coast of the country.

Carbonated drinks cause aggression in adolescents

Excessive consumption of carbonated drinks can cause violent behavior among adolescents, as shown by the results of the new analysis.

The overpopulation of the Earth: expert opinion

According to experts, only a revolution in the use of the earth’s resources can prevent the environmental crisis, because every year the number of people are increasing.

Scientists: satellite fell somewhere in Asia

The failed German research satellite fell to Earth somewhere in Southeast Asia on Monday. But no one yet knows where.

IQ changes in adolescence

IQ, the standard measure of intelligence, can greatly increase or decrease during adolescence, according to a new study funded by the "Wellcome Trust", and these changes are associated with changes in the structure of the human brain.

Super-entity of 147 companies control 40% of multinational corporations

Protests against the financiers swept the world, and this study confirms the worst suspicions of the protesters.

Overconfidence can hide low self-esteem

Narcissists tend to give the impression of narcissistic people, but a new analysis found that samovelichie narcissists can harbor deep feelings of worthlessness.

Mexico is taken to the epidemic of childhood obesity

Angel Torres only 4 years old, but she already weighs 30 pounds, which is two times the weight that it should have.

A taxi driver in the UK will be the first modern mummy

Spectators fourth British television channel will soon be able to watch for a few months to see how scientists will turn Alan Billis (Alan Billis) into a mummy using the methods of preserving the body, which the ancient Egyptians used for the mummy of Tutankhamun..

Can excessive amount of hot peppers to kill a man?

In competitions where people compete to use the most amount of hot peppers in the world, as we know, no one wins.

Why does a society with social stratification developed faster equal?

One of the worst features of the society with a class structure - the disproportionate suffering of the poor, it may be the driving force that is behind the rapid development and spread of this kind of social organization around the world, and the suppression of more egalitarian (equal and opposite of elitism) social structures.

Unknown legacy of Steve Jobs

Despite the fact that he was aware of the impending death of Steve Jobs in the last year he worked on the production of those products, which could ensure the successful development of his company in the future.

Premature birth may increase the risk of epilepsy in the future

Premature birth can have serious consequences for human health, as well as increase the risk of developing epilepsy in adulthood, according to the information of a new analysis published in the October issue of the journal "Neurology", the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology..

The mystery of chronic fatigue syndrome

For the past more than 100 years, medical literature describes the details of a strange disease that is characterized by a feeling of constant fatigue, memory loss, headaches, problems with mental activity, digestion and sleep.

The winners of the Ig Nobel Prize

Annual Ig Nobel Prize, has existed for 21 years was held at Harvard University in the presence of 1,200 invited guests. The prizes were awarded Nobel Prize winners.

Shy people are more credible

Made a mistake in a public speech or confusing complete with a pregnant woman, you instantly blush? Do not worry.

All you need to know about the neutrino

The most mysterious of these particles have a neutral charge and almost zero mass, rarely interacting with ordinary matter. Trillions of neutrinos per second easily pass through our bodies, buildings and land.

Found the remains of mutilated witches 800 years ago

Dug up the remains of a man who more than 800 years, archaeologists have determined that they belong to the witch from the Middle Ages after seven nails found in the bones of her jaw.

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