The twin towers collapsed as a result of chemical explosions?

On the application of an expert in the field of material, a mixture of water (from the sprinkler system), and molten aluminum from the airframe, apparently, was the cause of the explosions that brought down the twin towers of September 11, 2001.

Next week will be the awarding of the Ig Nobel Prize

Most bizarre researchers in the world will be marked in the course of this enjoying unprecedented success with the public ceremony to be held at Harvard University next week.

X-rays help detect hidden picture Goya

Before the great unknown painting by the Spanish artist Francisco de Goya has been found hidden underneath one of his masterpieces, as stated by the representatives of the State Museum of Amsterdam Rijksmuseum.

Detected particles have exceeded the speed limit of light

An international team of scientists said that she was able to register a sub-atomic particles traveling faster than the speed of light. This discovery may refute one of the generally accepted fundamental laws of the universe, formulated by Einstein.

Yawning - not only a sign of sleepiness, but also a way of cooling the brain

Until now it was assumed that people yawn of boredom, sleepiness and fatigue, but now scientists have suggested that yawning may be a sign of more and boil the brain, literally.

A new method for breeding soybean as a way to improve livestock feed

Inoculation of soybean seeds to increase the phosphorus content can improve animal nutrition, as well as to reduce material costs and the feeding of livestock waste pollution.

Previously unknown oceanic bacteria have led scientists to a new theory

The most successful terrestrial bacteria were found in the oceans and belong to the group SAR11.

The saying of those who get up early confirmed by scientists

The study found that people who get up early are slimmer, happier and healthier than couch potatoes.

Pictish beast intrigues archaeologists Highlands

A stone with Pictish symbols inherent in the construction of the Highland Agricultural wall was discovered recently by archaeologists.

Were discovered the ruins of the Roman gladiatorial school

Archaeologists from Austria recently reported that they found the well-preserved ruins of a large building designed for the education and training of the Roman gladiators.

Boys growing up without fathers, before becoming young fathers

Boys who grow up in a family without a father, and later reach sexual maturity, but much earlier than give birth to their own children, according to a new analysis.

Asteroids - the main source of precious metals in the world

Precious metals that we see on Earth today may have descended to us from the sky billions of years ago, as now scientists have found.

Facial expressions in infants has formed in the womb

Long before his birth the fetus begins to move the muscles of his face - lip-sync, stretch them to smile, wrinkle your nose or frown, which together form the future is that we demonstrate to each other every day and call the expression on his face.

The secret of self-protection of plants against insect pests

Scientists at the U.S.Department of Agriculture (USDA) in Peoria recently began exploring the potential of anthocyanins (natural plant pigments from the group of flavonoids) in the fight against pests.

Rare Hercules statue was discovered in Israel

Rare statue of the mythical hero Hercules, dated second century, was discovered in Israel, as reported recently by archeologists. Beige marble masterpiece likely decorated a niche in a Roman bath house.

Satellites was seen erupting volcano in Alaska

On the remote island of Alaska began erupting volcano, but it’s how officials said on Tuesday, does not represent any particular risk to people or aircraft.

The secret to a long marriage to incompatibility of the spouses of persons

In the relations between men and women similarity of personalities is not the main condition for creating a successful and long marriage, as shown by the new analysis.

The Japanese tsunami was the cause of the huge icebergs in the ocean

Earthquake that occurred in Japan on March 11 and the tsunami were so powerful that they broke away and took a huge icebergs thousands of miles away from the Antarctic, according to the information of the new analysis.

In Sudan, found the remains of an ancient palace

Recently, in the area where now is the central Sudan, archaeologists have discovered the oldest building in the city of Meroe, which had been hidden under the old castle, and apparently belonged to the royal authorities.

In the nursery, plant-killer ate a big bird

Recently, from the nursery, "Somerset", it was reported that the plant has killed and "eaten" a great tit.

The most common misconceptions about memory

A new survey shows that many people in the United States, in some cases, even an absolute majority, believe that human memory is more powerful, objective and reliable than it actually is.

This year, the world population will exceed 7 billion

World population must exceed the mark of 7 billion this year, while the world population reached 6 billion in 1999.

Japanese researchers have developed an electric motor without rare earth metals

Scientists from the University of Tokyo reported the establishment of their motors for electric cars, which does not contain the so-called rare earth metals. This can reduce the price of this type of vehicles.

Is our brain reached the limit of its development?

Man has invented penicillin, spacecraft, computer, and even artificial hearts, among many other wonders.

Scientists are trying to stop the spread of West Nile virus

Since 1999, several outbreaks of West Nile virus, which causes fever or severe neurological symptoms and is transmitted from birds to humans by mosquitoes, is usually seen in the United States during the summer months.

A new theory of the Big Bang

Suppose that one day the universe will stop expanding and begin the process of compression (as described in the theory of the Big Crunch), eventually becoming a supermassive black hole.

Scientists: onion husks - do not waste product, and the source of useful components

More than 500,000 tons of onion waste are thrown in the European Union each year.

Soil microbes accelerate global warming

A large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere contributes to the fact that the soil starts to produce methane greenhouse gases nitric oxide, as shown by a new study published in this week’s edition of "Nature".

High-tech cinemas will make you feel damp, nausea, and ... pounding

Hollywood has turned his attention to the 4-D movie, because of the high cost of technology 3-D.

Mathematicians have launched a campaign to change the value of pi to tau

This number has long been considered the most important number in the world.

Medusa cut off the British nuclear power reactors "Torness"

Both reactor nuclear power plant "Torness" were switched off immediately after a large number of jellyfish found in sea water entering the plant through the filters.

A quarter of all car accidents in the United States related to drug use

Everyone knows about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol, but alcohol is not the only product of intoxication, which causes a danger on the roads.

12 facts about the DNA of which you were unaware

1.Phosphorus - a key component of DNA, but in the past year, a team of scientists from NASA published a controversial study that describes the bacteria used as the main component of the DNA myshyak.2.

Archaeologists have raised an ancient Egyptian ship

Egyptian and Japanese archaeologists on Thursday began an operation to extract the old boat that belonged to King Khufu (King Khufu), which was buried in the countryside near the Giza pyramids for more than 4,500 years.

Scientists have identified the most effective way to learn movements

The study, which was led by Maurice Smith from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences, has demonstrated that the mere repetition of the job may not be the most effective way to learn a new movement.

Scientists have found traces of the Ice Age art

Researchers from the Smithsonian Institute and the University of Florida announced the discovery of a bone fragment in Florida, age about 13,000 years, with the carved image of a mammoth or mastadona (an extinct animal of enormous size, which is close to the elephant).

People probably inherent in the 6th "magnetic" sense of

People may have a sixth sense, according to the information of the new study, during which found that a protein in the human retina can detect the magnetic field.

Japan will soon prepare a steak from human feces

The idea of creating food from human feces seems unbelievable and shocking.

Humans have evolved much more slowly than expected

People may have evolved much more slowly than scientists could imagine, but there are huge variations between people, it was announced details of a new analysis of the genome of two families.

8 new substances added to the list of carcinogens

Recently it was announced that eight new substances have been added to the list of carcinogens Department of Health and Human Resources in SSHA.V report submitted to Congress, reported the identification of substances that are reasonably considered to be human carcinogens.

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