54 useful components found in pure maple syrup

A researcher from the University of Rhode Island (URI) Navindra Sirem found in pure maple syrup 34 new useful components and confirmed that the 20 components disclosed in the last year in the preliminary study, play a key role in human health.

A good mood is associated with memory impairment

Most people are often faced with such a problem: they can not remember the information they have heard recently.

How well do you know your friends?

As your best friend is or what he feels to people in need? And what he says about unscrupulous people? How does it work in awkward situations in the society? According to a recent analysis published in the Journal of the Association for Psychological Science, "Psychological Science" if you do not know so well my friend - your relationship can cost you dearly..

Recent natural disasters portend the end of the world?

According to more than half of Americans, God controls everything that happens on Earth.

Quick step to avoid falling on slippery surfaces

You should not slow down the pace on slippery surfaces. According to new research, if you’re going fast on a slippery surface covered with ice or butter, then you are more likely not to slip than if you’re careful to touch his feet.

How does the human brain, which 2500 years?

The human skull age of 2500 years, found recently in England, was not so surprising find, as what was in it: the brain.

The parameters of beauty through the ages

Historians claim that the creation and use of tooth whitening and anti-wrinkle cosmetic products have appeared in the Renaissance (Renaissance XIV-XVI century), which has replaced the Middle Ages and continued to exist to this day.

Wind power cheaper than nuclear

Power generation from wind turbines at sea cheaper than building new nuclear power stations. This conclusion was the European Commissioner, having made a critical assessment of the crisis got in the nuclear industry.

Weapons that are worth more than the GDP of Russia

Weapons, the price is 35 times more than the annual defense spending of Russia, will be the most expensive in the world.

Tokyo is located in the risk of strong aftershocks

Tokyo may be in serious risk of large aftershocks, typically following a major earthquake and powerful tsunami, as a result of the devastating earthquake that struck on March 11 near Sendai in Japan.

As the name of a person affects his life choices?

What lurks in the name of the person? Letters.And psychologists have found that the letter - especially capital letters of our names - can influence the decisions we make in life, including as to whom to marry, and which way to go.

Women who are obsessed with their looks

Women, self-esteem depends on their appearance, use the Internet to improve your view of yourself. Such women usually spread more photos online and maintain larger number of contacts in social networks.

Japanese earthquake: questions and answers

On Friday in coastal Japan earthquake measuring 8.9 in magnitude on the Richter scale, which was the largest in the history of this country.

The earthquake in Japan caused the shutdown of nuclear reactors

Japanese Prime Minister declared a "nuclear emergency" after a lot of reactors turned off by a powerful earthquake that hit the country.

The strength of the Japanese earthquake surprised seismologists

An earthquake measuring 8.9 magnitude on the Richter scale was included in the top ten of the largest on record, and appeared on the site of the geological relief, which had expected a smaller aftershocks.

Giant jellyfish attack the Sea of ??Japan

China, which is now the producer of some of the largest in the world constructions, dams, ports and casinos are also likely to produce, and the world’s largest jellyfish.

How to know if you are cheating on your partner?

The next time you talk to your partner, listen, and maybe you will hear the deception of his heart. Researchers have found that people can expose the fraud of the opposite sex, just listening to his voice.

Scientists: no such thing as a dormant volcano

Until now it was thought that once the magma chamber of a volcano cools, it becomes dormant for several centuries before again able to be powered by fresh magma.

What is good for us - it is bad for infectious bacteria

Plants are able to protect themselves from most bacteria, but some bacteria can break all the protective barriers.

Clouds increase the degree of ecological light pollution

The brightness of the heavenly glow, which is observed every night over the major cities, as it turned out strongly depends on the degree of coverage of the sky with clouds.

Magnetic north is shifting in the direction of Russia faster

Magnetic north, the point on the Earth, which attracts the north pole of a compass needle, moves at a speed exceeding 64 kilometers per year. In geological terms - it is very fast. He moved from Canada to Russia.

Scientists: the need to listen to music is biological

Our desire to listen to music is a biological trait and is related to neurobiological processes that affect the formation of social relationships - these are the results of a recent analysis conducted by Finnish researchers.

German scientists restore the statue of Buddha in Bamiyan

German scientists said on Friday the possibility of restoring one of the world-famous Buddha statues in Bamiyan. Ancient monuments were destroyed in the blast, which committed the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001, causing a global curse of the gods.

Climate change will make food dangerous and expensive

Experts estimate that global warming could make the products that we consume more dangerous and expensive, and the world feels it.

The Eighth Wonder of the World reopened

Scientists who used underwater sensor systems for exploring the lake Rotomohana in New Zealand have found remains of the Pink Terraces, which is called the eighth wonder of the natural world.

Beast of British Lakes: Truth or Hoax?

Recent photo of a strange, dark creature multihumped in the British Lake Windermere has been the subject of discussions on the possible existence of a monster living in the lake.

Revealed the secret of the ancient monument of Jericho

Since its opening, which took place about 60 years ago, one of the earliest stone monuments in the history of mankind, a guard tower on the western edge of the ancient village of Tel Jericho, has inspired scientists to develop many theories about why it was built..

Five incredible predictions about the future of TIME magazine

TIME makes a prediction, according to which our species could become obsolete by 2045, when the host takes place artificial intelligence.

Chinese rice contains heavy metals

Approximately 10% of the rice grown in China are infected harmful heavy metals, but little is being done to warn consumers about the potential health risk.

Yeti Otzi the anniversary of its opening will give a new face

Snowman Otzi, whose mummified body was found frozen in the Italian Alps in 1991, will receive a new face on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its opening.

Two new plants discovered in Spain

At that time it was thought that almost every plant species on the Peninsula Iberia, now the Iberian Peninsula, has been identified by Spanish explorers discovered Taraxacum decastroi and Taraxacum lacianense, two dandelion in the Pyrenees mountains and the Cordillera.

The Book of Secrets reveals the secrets

One of the most mysterious books in the world has opened one of its secrets: age. Researchers at the University of Arizona, finally dated the book in the early XV century.

Finish the search for an amazing discovery of extinct giant rats

Facial features of ancient people carved on the stone walls in the famous limestone cave located in the eastern part of the island of Timor, were discovered by a group of scientists involved in the search for fossils of extinct giant rats.

Scientists have stopped drilling when to East Lake had 30 yards

The Russian team, which studies the Antarctic lake isolated for 14 million years, could harm the lake.

Testosterone influences empathy for others

As a result, a new study from Cambridge University for the first time, it was found that excessive amounts of testosterone in the body affects the person’s ability to ’read or guess the thought of’ others, show empathy.

"The less we love a woman" - the scientists tested the words of Pushkin

As Pushkin wrote: "The less we love a woman, the easier those like us eyI her rather seductive gubimSred networks."

Everything you need to know about sleep

Are you very tired? And would instantly fall asleep right now, resting his head on the table? You went to bed late last night, could not sleep for a long time and woke up too early? And tonight, the same thing will happen? Do not Mess with a dream! Sleep problems have become a way of life for many Americans who think they are sleep deprived and possibly need pills or other treatment of insomnia, teeth grinding, leg cramps, snoring, sleepwalking, and so on.

9 ways to be happy and healthy at work

According to the Annual Conference of the Council for the Exploration of satisfaction from the work of more than half of Americans (52%) say that they do not get satisfaction from their work.

Rare insect fossil reveals the secrets of evolution

Researchers recently found an ancestor of a large, carnivorous, insect age of 100 million years, like cricket, which is still alive today live in areas of southern Asia, northern Indochina and Africa.

Russian scientists have left only 2 days to drill 50 meters to Lake Vostok

People have never seen Lake Vostok.For 15 million years it was in isolation, and therefore is absolutely unknown.

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