In Israel, discovered the tomb of Zehariaha

The excavations by Israeli archaeologists on Wednesday found the remains of the church of the Byzantine era, which, as scientists suspect, hiding the famous tomb of the biblical prophet Zehariaha (Zechariah).

Riots in Egypt - King Tut artifacts damaged

Since the protests in the streets of Cairo reportedly continued, the Egyptian Museum was building his own use for robbers and looters, according to information Zahi Hawass (Zahi Hawass), Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

Lack of omega-3 in the body explains depressive behavior

As the lack of maternal essential fatty acids affect the offspring is not yet fully understood by scientists.

Scientists have learned how to determine the future success of a person already in childhood

Will our child is successful, healthy, financially stable and free of bad habits? It turned out that all depends on self-control.

The Great Pyramid of Giza conceals two secret rooms

French architect, who organized an expedition to a new study of the Great Pyramid of Giza age of 4,500 years, said Thursday the media that the structure can hold two secret rooms, furnished with funeral furniture.

Creating simplicity: the music draws our ears

What makes beautiful music in our understanding? After all, has long been known that the best compositions are able to win time and beat all the cultural expectations, but what’s the secret charm of our hearing music?

Scientists find a new definition of the kilogram

Scientists from France closer to finding no physical definition of the kilogram. Metallic measure, which is considered the international standard, eventually losing weight.

Mindfulness meditation changes brain structure in 8 weeks

Participation in the 8-week program of mindfulness meditation, as it turned out, contributed to substantial changes in brain regions associated with memory, self-awareness, empathy and stress.

For the first time captured on video the moment of penetration into the cell malaria

In the video below, captured the moment of penetration of the malaria parasite in human red blood cell - the first time such a high resolution.

Persons Neanderthals were not adapted to cold

New studies Neanderthal skulls have shown that the facial features of the ancient people who were considered more than a century, formed in the area of adaptation to extreme cold, most likely did not belong to the terms of the Ice Age.

Thunderstorms over antimatter found

This week, scientists announced discovery of antimatter beams above thunderstorms. This phenomenon was first observed by them.

Room light before bedtime may impact on the quality

According to a recent analysis, decision to publish in the Journal of The Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM), exposure to electrical light between dusk and the time to go to bed strongly suppresses melatonin levels and may affect the physiological processes controlled by melatonin, such as drowsiness, thermotaxis, blood pressure and glucose homeostasis..

About the freshness of the product packaging will tell

Recently, researchers at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow are developing a packaging, warning consumers that the food begins to spoil.

Emotional stress can change brain function

Results of a new study conducted by a graduate student Yaroslav Savchuk (Iaroslav Savtchouk) and professor of cell biology and anatomy Juno Liu (S.

Gestures during a conversation can change our thoughts

Sometimes it is almost impossible to talk or talk about something without using body language that reflects the image of our thoughts.

Climate change will affect the taste of Indian tea

People engaged in the cultivation of tea in north-east India, argue that climate change is having an adverse impact on the country’s tea crop, which led not only to reduce production, but also slightly changed the taste of brewed tea.

Hair Color wanted criminals now no longer a secret

Hair color to conceal the identity that has committed a crime, will soon no longer be a secret for forensic investigators.

The secret miracle of prayer action?

Those who pray, find solace and peace of mind in the difficult moments of his life, according to sociologists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Bad and useless gifts soon thing of the past

What does a bad gift? For some, this is a red sweater with Christmas reindeer.

In Germany, discovered 2600-year-old Celtic tomb, adorned with jewels of gold and amber

Archaeologists have discovered the tomb of a Celtic in Germany, the age of 2600 years, which is richly decorated with jewels.

Ancient cave paintings appeared "live"

The researchers found that a particular type of ancient rock art in Western Australia maintains the brightness and vividness of colors due to the fact that they are alive.

New data on Neanderthals

On Monday, in a study conducted in the U.S.found that Neanderthals, prehistoric relatives of modern humans that lived 30-24 thousand years ago were eating plant foods (grains and vegetables), as well as the meat in the cooked form.

In Siberia, discovered fossils of extinct species of human

The scientists said that in Siberia were discovered species of human bones, which once coexisted, and hybridized with our views.

Finger bone was found, indicating the existence of a new branch of humanity

Finger bone found in Siberia, was the discovery of an unknown group of ancient humans existed there, who were not like us, but did not have anything to do with Neanderthals.

First discovered by a man who has no fear

A woman aged 44 years, who does not feel fear, help figure out which part of the brain responsible for this emotion.

This Tuesday will be the darkest day in the last 456 years

This year, the solstice, which happens this Tuesday to coincide with a full lunar eclipse. This coincidence is not seen on Earth for 456 years.

Top 10 archaeological discoveries of 2010

Was made public a list of the Top 10 archaeological discoveries of the year, and in it, among other things, includes two royal tombs.

Scientists have unraveled the biological mystery 200 years ago

University of Manchester scientists have played an important role in the international study focused on the study of the issue prescription 200 years: why do different species of animals the same stage of development of the fetus?

In sub-Saharan Africa organized the fight against meningitis

Big company to vaccinate residents in order to protect against meningitis turned 6 December 2010 in Burkina Faso (Burkina Faso) and should continue its activities in Mali and Nigeria in those days.

Marriage transforms men

Scientists have long shown that men usually married, stop behaving unacceptably and aggressive.

Toxic lead found in consumer products

In the new paper, the researchers showed that the problem of toxic lead in consumer products - is extremely common. It is present in amounts much greater than the safe level.

Scientists: the disappearance of large and small species of living organisms - a threat to humanity

The disappearance of wildlife biodiversity - from beneficial bacteria to charismatic mammals - threatens the health of mankind.

What is the most disgusting spectacle in the world?

Seeing handkerchief stranger to flow from his yellow discharge, your face, perhaps, immediately distorted in disgust, but even such a nasty picture is not ranked in the top most disgusting things.

Scientists: absolute purity - is not always a guarantee of health

Young people who too often use an antibacterial soap containing triclosan at risk of becoming allergic, and frequent contact with foods containing high levels of BPA (Bisphenol A) in adults may have a negative effect on the immune system - according to a new study by the University of Michigan School of Public Health..

Insufficient sleep can develop inflammation in the body

Researchers have recently found that people with poor or insufficient sleep have higher levels of inflammation in the body, the rate of risk for heart disease and heart attacks.

Energy drinks - a direct path to alcohol dependence

Energy drinks are commonly used by teenagers and university students.

Uncorked the oldest champagne in the world

Wine experts uncorked two bottles of champagne raised from the bottom of the Baltic Sea, where they have lain on the ship’s sinking nearly 200 years.

Less salt in his youth - stronger health in adulthood

Reducing salt intake in the diet helps to reduce teenage high blood pressure, heart disease and heart attacks in adulthood - these are the results of a study presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2010.

Passive smokers are at risk of hearing loss

Passive smokers, people who usually involuntarily inhale tobacco smoke are at increased risk of hearing disorders and, as shown by a study published online in the publication of the draft Tobacco Control, even a partial loss of hearing.

Modern humanity is aging more slowly than Neanderthals

A recent comparative analysis of human teeth fossils 11 Neanderthals and ancient humans shows that the development and the achievement of full maturity in modern humans is slower than that of our ancestors.

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