The global economy is concerned about water reserves

About 60% of the world’s leading companies have already set these targets are for water, which they intend to comply with its use.

Research has shown that we can see the future

Scientists have made one of the most unusual and extraordinary discovery: the events that have not yet occurred, may have an influence on our behavior in the present.

Kids find a way to solve arithmetic problems

According to a new study in Strathclyde for children with learning difficulties can benefit the permission of parents or teachers to find their own way to solve arithmetic problems.

Increased willingness to sacrifice anything related to the "altruism gene"

Whether you love to do good to people? If so, the whole thing is in your genes.

The secret to a pleasant voice?

Some people’s voices seem set to sound on the radio or television. And others simply cut our ears or act get on our nerves.

Centenarians reveal the secrets of longevity

Considered to be long-lived ordinary ordinary representative of the wildlife that is different, as a rule, long-lived compared with the average duration of human life.

4 amazing tricks to fool our brains

The human brain is always deceives his owner.In fact, what you see - it is processed and modified version of reality, and we can not smell or hear the world for what it really is.

Found the best way to solve complex problems

Scientists have found that the best way to solve a complex problem - aside for a few minutes for something else or to defer the decision until the morning.

New methods of getting rid of bad smell in the house

Scientists have recently reported the development of a new method to combat unpleasant odors arising from domestic and other activities.

Identified the cause of the absurd views

Need not look far for examples of how people are frantically clinging to their beliefs, even under the pressure of iron evidence to the contrary.

Flamingo applied natural "make-up" on the feathers in the mating season

Flamingos use natural makeup for their feathers to stand out from the pack and attract partners, these are the results of a new study Amata Juan (Juan Amat) and his colleagues from the University of Biology in Spain.

Love explained from a scientific point of view

A meta-analysis of a new study conducted by Syracuse University Professor Stephanie Siracusa (Stephanie Ortigue) gained worldwide attention.

Married couples who have lived for many years, know less about each other

The new analysis found, surprisingly, that couples who marry more than than 40 years ago, know less of each other than couples that are together for a couple of years.

Unusual natural sleep aid

The company patented a ’night milk’, with high levels of the sleep hormone - melatonina.Teper can forget about insomnia: evening milking cows milk can help people suffering from insomnia.

At the depths of the ocean have discovered a new species of fish

Biologists have discovered a new species of fish in one of the deep ocean basins of the world, which had previously been considered absolutely lifeless.

Job satisfaction affects the mental health

If you want to maintain mental health, just to have a job is not enough.

Love yourself - so always stay healthy

A deep sense of self-esteem does not just bring a person peace of mind, but also the benefit of his physical health. It was learned that good thoughts about yourself can protect both the cardiovascular and immune system in the human body.

New Bronze Age civilization discovered in the Caucasus

Traces of Bronze Age civilization before unknown to science have been discovered on the summits of the Caucasus Mountains in Russia, October 11 through aerial photographs, made 40 years ago.

Researchers have uncovered why deaf people see better

Deaf or blind people often show the vast abilities other more developed sense organs, but in the past no one could explain how and why it happens.

What is special about the date 10.10.10?

07/07/07 couple hurried to the registrar, 08/08/08 Chinese considered especially lucky date, September 9, 2009 is distinguished by its mathematical symmetry.

Nobel Prize 2010: The chemistry and literature

In last year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry went to scientists who studied the ribosome (intracellular particles composed of ribosomal RNA and proteins). In 2008, it received biologists uncover and explore the green fluorescent protein.

Russian physicists from the UK won the Nobel Prize

Two Russian-born physicists working at the University of Manchester in England have won the Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of ultra-thin carbon called graphene.

The researchers first made a rating of the reasons why otfrenzhivayut in social networks

Nowadays, social networking has become a global phenomenon, a place to meet friends, share photos, news and gossip.

In India, discovered unknown to science language

A recent discovery has revealed that the population of the remote region of north-eastern India numbering 800-1200 man speaks on a new, unknown science of language.

Revealed the secret of feminine beauty and attractiveness

Scientists in Australia and Hong Kong conducted a comprehensive analysis in order to discover how different body measurements correspond to estimates of female attractiveness.

Became known to the most likely winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics

Nobel Prize winners will be announced on Tuesday morning. This will end as hidden from the prying eyes of the Swedish Academy meetings and public speculation, at least until next year.

Dinosaurs were much higher than previously assumed

It is widely known that the dinosaurs on the assumption of scientists were gigantic creatures, but new research has shown that they were even higher than previously thought.

The monkeys are able to recognize their mirror image

For the first time, scientists have found that monkeys can recognize themselves in a mirror reflection, and thus are self-aware.

What will help in solving marital conflict

Long and widely known is the fact that the couple who shout or speak loudly hailed each other, have a higher chance of divorce. But a recent study by the University of Michigan shows that there are other signs that predict divorce.

Scientists have created a map of sexual union high school

Scientists have created a map of romantic and sexual relationships of high school students.

Men seeking women for a fleeting relationship with beautiful bodies, and for the serious - with beautiful faces.

Men in search of partners for brief relationship, pay more attention to the female body, and those who are looking for a companion for a long and strong relationship, focus their attention on the woman’s face, according to psychologists at the University of Texas at Austin, after the study..

You find it hard to concentrate? Perhaps it is inappropriate days of the month

Experiencing feelings of lethargy and trouble concentrating? According to new research Konkordskogo University, published in the journal Brain and Cognition, the culprit may be the hormones.

The theory of relativity is confirmed in practice: the higher you are, the rapidly aging

Researchers have demonstrated one of the conclusions of the theory of relativity in practice: the further you are from Earth, the faster flowing for you.

In the waters of Albufeira in Valencia found cocaine and ecstasy

Most recently found that the water in the canals and channels used for irrigation Albufera Natural Park in Valencia contain cocaine, ecstasy and more than six types of drugs.

The inner voice affects the human countenance

A new study Skarborugskogo the University of Toronto, published in the monthly print edition of Acta Psychologica, show that the use of his inner voice plays an important role in controlling impulsive behavior.

Plants have adapted to the Chernobyl radioactive environment

Scientists have discovered the mechanisms that allow plants to grow in a highly radioactive environment like the one in Chernobyl.

Beer Festival in Germany

Huge beer festival in Germany has led to the development of a new method for dealing with the stench

Found guilty of a traffic congestion

Researchers found that those drivers whose driving style is too aggressive or too shy to be the cause of major traffic congestion.

Adolescents are particularly inactive during the weekend

The new school year has begun, and with it the monotonous life of the school pupils.

The discovery of new fossils 500 million years of age

During the expedition to the Canadian Rocky Mountains in 2008, a local group of scientists, together with Swedish researchers from Uppsala University, discovered new places with exceptionally preserved fossils.

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