Love can cost you friends

New research proved that love leads to the loss of at least two close friends. We probably all know that a passionate new relationship leaves us little time for others, but now science through observations revealed the exact number of ’loss’.

Women prefer the "undisturbed" guys

Women usually are calm, collected men more attractive. Scientists have found a biological reason that explains this behavior.

Do children understand irony?

New research proved that the 4 - year-olds understand the irony and may even use some of its types in communication.

The well-being of people is growing even during the economic crisis: why?

Until now it was widely believed that the global economic downturn could threaten human well-being, while measuring the standard of living of the people has not revealed its global improvements in both poor and rich countries.

Attractive and repulsive dance moves

As we know, women are more attractive men who dance well. Scientists have identified what dance moves attract women the most.

Ancient African Cocktail: Beer and dumb antibiotic

As early as 1,500 years before the discovery of the antibiotic tetracycline, North Africans immensely absorbed most of his life, according to the chemical analysis of the bones of people who lived on the banks of the Nile.

Design your seat improves health and productivity

Employees who follow the design and condition of their jobs, not only feel happier and healthier, but also have high productivity, up to 32% - and proven results of a new study Eksterskogo University in the UK.

Dancing man is able to endear women

Psychologists say that with the help of computer technology they were able to uncover the secret of the dance movements that are able to win a woman’s heart.

Happiness can be bought, but for a modest sum of money

Money can make a person feel full satisfaction of life, but too much money does not guarantee full days of laughter and joy - has revealed a new analysis of the linkages between financial income and happiness.

Angry boss can enhance the creative potential of employees

Angry boss can be a stimulus for the manifestation of ideological innovation among staff.

In Hong Kong, selling clean air

’’ You worry heavy breathing? You feel tired all the time?’’ In Hong Kong can now offer the following: Buy’’ Clean Air’’ -’’ a revolutionary new product that allows you to breathe the same air as the rest of the world.

Why older people often repeat their stories

What is the reason that our grandparents repeat the same stories over and over again? According to a new analysis, older people are more likely to forget those with whom they shared some information than younger people.

Otzi, Bigfoot may have been buried

Archaeologists insist that Otzi, snowman age, 5,000 years old, found in the Italian Alps, may have been traditionally buried.

Hard-working, selfless people - the least popular among his colleagues

Yes, you read that right understand - they simply can not stand.

Butterflies flutter again in the house Cherchel

For the first time in half a century of butterflies are bred again in the house, which belonged to Winston Cherchel (Winston Churchill).

The cause of fires in Russia is not a global warming

The heat wave in Russia, drought and fires, by themselves, are not signs of global warming. This is the conclusion of several leading climate scientists, despite the widespread belief Russian scientists.

Eugenics returns?

The word "eugenics" is associated with the efforts of the Nazi party, aimed at purifying the Aryan race from "undesirable elements" with the Holocaust.

Stones in the water - perfect throw

The good news for the world’s children - academics have developed a formula for the ideal shot bouncing on the water stone.

People think immoral behavior is funny

What makes us laugh? Philosophers wrestling with this issue since the time of Plato. Two psychologists have deduced the formula of humor: laughter is a violation of the customary course of flow of things, but only in moderation.

Thoughts about God comfort the believers and atheists are introduced into stress

The researchers found that the idea of God can help alleviate anxiety associated with the commission of errors. However, the discovery is made only with respect to the people who believe in God.

What we are talking about the others, actually shows us

The happier, kind and emotionally stable person is, the more positive he sees the people around them. These results were obtained in a study conducted by a professor of psychology at Wake Forest University.

Studies have proven - women are more attracted to men in red

What may look as tempting as the lady in red? Only the gentleman in the red - support psychological research, published Aug. 2 in the journal "Experimental Psychology

Just be happy - do something

New research in the field of psychology has found that people who are busy with something, even something pointless, feel much happier than people who spend their time idly.

The researchers found that modesty in men repels women

An applicant for the degree of candidate of psychological sciences Corinne Moss-Rakusin of Rutgers University, found out what people produce a modest impression on men and women in the interview for a job.

The scientists compared the American and Russian

Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, Russian portrayed as thoughtful, challenging people, and ethnographers confirm that Russian is really more often than Western people, focus on dark feelings and memories.

The language spoken by a man changes his outlook

The language in which we speak may influence our thoughts.These results are derived from a study of Israeli Arabs who speak fluently in Hebrew and in Arabic.

Scientists have unraveled the secret of the speed of athletes

Why are the fastest runners - Africans, and the fastest swimmers - white? The study records set in the last 100 years, showed two distinct trends: not only the athletes are getting faster, but there is a clear division of the type of body structure and race..

Scientists have found out whether the money buy happiness

Survey of more than 136,000 people from 132 countries, which included questions about happiness and income, provides the answer to the eternal question: Does money make happy.

Can whales and dolphins adapt to oil pollution?

After this week in the Gulf of Mexico has been found dead sperm whale, the question of how the oil spill will affect this mammal, which is under threat of extinction.

In White U.S. Steel 4 times richer black

The gap between the wealth of black and white families has increased by more than 4-fold from 1984 to 2007, so the white households belonging to the middle class, have more wealth than blacks with high-income countries, according to an analysis published by the University of Brandel (Brandeis University )..

The disaster volcano

This post has inspired me volcano Eyjafjallajokull, which plunged into the chaos of Europe, paralyzing air traffic and delaying millions of people in airports like in the trap.

Scientists study the origin of supervolcanoes on the ocean floor

Supervolcanoes considered guilty of repeated mass extinctions in the history of our planet, but the cause of such massive eruptions remained unknown.

New secrets "Last Supper"

"The Last Supper" - one of the most famous paintings in the world, has been studied and scrutinized a lot of people, and yet, the researchers do not cease to discover something new in it.

Why hot water freezes faster than cold water?

Hot water sometimes freezes faster than cold water - but why? This curious phenomenon has puzzled scientists for centuries, but now there are indications that this effect may be due to the presence of impurities.

Mysteries of stone balls of Costa Rica

The ancient stone spheres of Costa Rica became world famous after the movie "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark" in which the layout of this ancient relic nearly crushed Indiana Jones.

Mathematics as a predictor of the football match

Football, like any other sport, is full of surprises and surprises.

Poisonous cocktail of tap

Aspirin tablet contains 500 mg of acetylsalicylic acid. Each liter of drinking water, has only half nanogram. So we have to drink 500 million liters of water to "take" one tablet of aspirin.

The ozone hole is reduced, accelerating global warming

The fact that the hole in the ozone layer of the Earth slowly tightened, it is considered a great victory for the fighters for polluting the planet.

Biochar ancient Indians - as a way to combat global warming

Scientists report that biochar, a material with which the Amazonian Indians increased soil fertility centuries ago, there is the potential in the world today that can help slow global climate change.

The evolution of the size of his feet touched

As reported by British doctors, in recent decades there has been a kind of evolution of the human foot. Thus, women who until recently 39 th the size was considered large enough, and now - this size is not particularly surprising, and occurs often.

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