Named the most valuable quality in a man

Poll Russian women showed that reliability is the most valuable quality of men. This feature as one of the most basic of them indicated 31% of respondents. Data were presented to the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM).

New deadly trick from Nick Wallenda

The famous American tightrope walker Nik Wallenda has long received to his name prefix "Flying", made a new deadly trick.

How many men can do without sex, scientists have found

According to statistics, on average, men can live without sex for about 3 weeks.

Scientists have found a meteorite fragments Chelyabinsk

Fragments of the meteorite that fell to the ground in the morning on February 15, were discovered by scientists of the Ural Federal University (UFU) in the Lake Tchebarkul. The report was published on the official microblog of the university.

Partner selection is due to the power of sexual desire

Although recent studies have shown that women and men are no gender differences, in reality it is not so.

Russia called for the establishment of an International anti-asteroid system

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin called on the world’s leading powers to the joint development of the interception system of space objects in connection with the fall of the meteorite to the Urals, which affected about 1,000 people.

Meteor rain in Russia wounded 250 people and caused mass panic

Meteor rain in the Urals injured 250 people and smashed the glass, which led to the spread of panic.

At the site of a meteorite impact crater discovered

Crater with a diameter of about six feet found the military at the place where the alleged meteorite fell - the lake Tchebarkul.

The ozone hole was first started to tighten

Finally received good news regarding the ecology of our planet: the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica has started to decrease.

In Brazil, the rain was a spider

In the small town of Santo Antonio da Platina in Brazil was a rain of spiders. That is the definition of the local media have given phenomenon, which was filmed on video by a local.

Scientists have discovered the secret of Picasso

Pablo Picasso used to create some art house paint.These are the results of a study of several paintings by the artist, conducted by researchers from the Art Institute of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory.

The sculpture of the ancient god of the Indians found in the pyramid of the Sun

A group of archaeologists from Mexico found the statue of the god of Indians in the famous Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico close to the capital of the country.

Brain scans show how strong the love

Predicting the duration of the relationship of lovers and determine how strong their feelings are now possible thanks to the scanning of the brain.

The greenest and most environmentally friendly country in the world recognized by Switzerland

Experts of the organization

Scottish scientists have discovered what women sexiest

Women who are the owners of almost perfect slim waist, the sexiest and most talented and not boring in bed.

In Sudan, discovered 35 ancient pyramids

In Sudan, at a place called Sedeynga (Sedeinga) Archaeologists have unearthed 35 small closely spaced pyramids with tombs.

Which brings sex twice as much fun, learned professionals

Previously, it was assumed that too active in the bedroom couple, akin exhibitionist. Now a new study conducted by experts from the UK, found that those who prefer an active sex, it has a higher quality.

Extraterrestrial body found in the desert of Tucson

Residents of Tucson (Ariz.) has puzzled the mysterious appearance of thousands of small jelly-like balls of unknown origin in the middle of the desert.

British scientist stunned the world a unique discovery

A new discovery by British scientists could produce a bombshell. Recently, a British professor Chandra Wickramasinghe discovered that a meteorite found in Sri Lanka, contains microscopic fossil, which is conclusive evidence of extraterrestrial life.

The authenticity of the found remains of Richard III confirmed by scientists

Scientists from Britain succeeded with the help of DNA testing, as well as a comprehensive study to confirm the authenticity of the remains ascribed to the legendary King Richard III, as were found in the city of Leicester.

In Japan, for the first time raised the blue orchid

For decades, various experiments were unsuccessful for Asian scientists helped to bring the fascinating view of blue orchid genus Phalaenopsis.

The myth of the existence of the Kuzbass Bigfoot debunked

Hair samples that were positioned by scientists of the University of Oxford (UK) as pieces of fur yeti yeti supposedly dwells in the Kemerovo region and those of the North American bear, raccoon, and horses, reports British newspaper The Sun, with reference to specialists of the University..

New record set most talkative Latvians

Can you think of an infinitely long telephone conversation with someone? How he took the time - a few hours? Some residents of Latvia this period would seem not relevant to the discussion.

The most common sex couples with the traditional division of labor at home

Unmarried men and women who traditionally divide the household chores, have sex more often than those couples who segregation of duties based on the principle: male and female.

Jaws unknown creature found on the bottom of the lake Labynkyr

Dive into an icy lake Labynkyr which is in Yakutia, Russia has allowed scientists to make an incredible discovery. With telezonda researchers found at the bottom of the reservoir and jaw fragments of the skeleton of a huge animal.

Sex-based application for social network Facebook has become a hit

The application, developed recently for the social network Facebook, which allows you to openly express their sexual liking, quickly gained widespread popularity among users. It is reported by the magazine The Drum.

The man is lazy by nature

To get from one point to another can be a variety of ways.The scientists decided to find out how a person chooses his gait, why sometimes we run, and then suddenly turn on the quick step? These new studies show that the basis of the method of choice movements are biomechanical features of our body..

Algae that live in boiling water, are found in Kamchatka

In the hot springs of Kamchatka scientists found filamentous algae growing in high temperature - 98 degrees Celsius. Genetics intend in the near future to study their DNA.

Megacities heated air over thousands of kilometers around

Experts from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (USA) determined the effect of the so-called heat island effect on the environment.

The happiest people on the planet live in Latin America

Conducted by the American Institute of Public Opinion Research Gallup poll showed that, first, the happiest people live in Latin America, and secondly, happiness has nothing to do with money.

Scientists have found a paradoxical way to feel richer and happier

Owning a lot of money does not necessarily make you happier, as shown by many studies in this area. But the distribution of money, even if you’re not rich, will feel wealthier and therefore happier. These results were obtained in the new study.

In the UK, the scientist has learned from an alien meteorite

Results of the study of a meteorite found in Sri Lanka, have become a scientist from the UK occasion to announce the discovery of fossilized remains of extraterrestrial life.

Ocean acidification and natural selection

As the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, ocean absorbs more of the substance.

Strong emotions affect the level of physical activity

Contrary to popular belief, a positive attitude, as well as negative, does not make a person more likely to engage in sports.

In Seattle, a snowball fight is not prohibited

While we have the St.Petersburg police dispersed several hundred participants of mass flash mob "Snow Battle" came to the Champ de Mars to play in the snow in the U.S.

X-rays help physicists to see the "hidden" Rembrandt

Specialists from the synchrotron center DESY in Germany for the first time managed to get through a difficult radiographic technology clear image of man, which was hidden under layers of paint on the painting by Rembrandt’s "Portrait of an elderly man in a military suit," according to an article published in the Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry..

Australia has discovered reserves of oil at $ 20 trillion

Oil reserves in natural reservoirs in South Australia may be enough for you to make the country self-sufficient producer of the fuel. These stocks are tentatively estimated at $ 20 trillion.

Traces of the oldest chocolate found in North America

Traces of alkaloids of cocoa have been found by scientists in the North American ceramic vessels dating from the eighth century. Summary of the work published in Journal of Archaeological Science, leads ScienceNow.

Obese people are 80% more likely to die in car accidents

In case of excess weight, your chances of dying in a car accident increase significantly, as shown by a new study.

On Wednesdays, the women look older than most

Jinks on weekends and work stress leave its mark on the appearance of any woman. The researchers found that the fair sex on Wednesdays at 15.30vyglyadyat as old.

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