Spotted biological link between music and human speech

After careful research conducted by neurologists from Duke University (Duke University), there are new strong evidence of deep biological link between human music and speech.

Article: Standardization in the service of the Inquisition

Referring to the aspects of standardization, which they say little or no say. It is believed that the total standardization is the very road that will lead us to heaven. But let’s not forget where the road, paved with good intentions.

Online Greek fisherman got the 2200 year old statue

This amateur pictures provided to the Greek Ministry of Culture (Greek Ministry of Culture) at Monday, March 23, 2009, see the torso and right arm raised in 2200-year-old statue after it caught networks Greek fish.

One fifth of the corals already dead, say experts

According to a recent study by researchers, nearly one-fifth of world’s coral reefs dead, and the blame for this, to a large extent, carbon emissions.


Can a landslide cause spontaneous ignition? It turns out, may, if it has a suitable minerals.

Chilean glaciers could disappear in 50 years

Committee on water allocation Chile warned that the glacier Echaurren (Echaurren Norte) near Santiago, which provides more than 70 percent of the water needs of the capital, could disappear within the next half century.

Scientists have learned how to make biofuel from olive stones

Of olive pits, it turns out, you can make ethanol - a renewable fuel that can be used as an alternative to gasoline or diesel fuel.

Invention: Suppressor hurricanes

After the devastating march of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans in 2005, interest in methods of mitigating the effects of hurricanes peaked.

In more ancient roots of TB, say scientists

The remains of 9,000-year-old woman and the child pointed to the oldest known case of tuberculosis.

A new way to obtain ethylene glycol from biomass

Alternatives to fossil fuels and natural gas as carbon sources and fuel use in the world today demand.

White roofs as a way to combat global warming?

Scientists in California believe that a successful fight against global warming in the arsenal of the world should be a pot with white paint.

Genetically modified bacteria can help you efficiently and cheaply produce ethanol

The researchers report that genetically modified bacteria could make cellulosic ethanol cheaper and more efficient. This discovery will help find a way to get more energy from agricultural waste and forestry.

By 2100, the sea level will rise to a maximum of 2 meters

Up to what maximum sea levels could rise by 2100? Attracted the most attention figures, announced in 2007 by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC), and the fact that these figures - the absolute minimum..

Aggressive males can be calculated by the face shape

No matter how hard human being male, they may not be able to hide their aggression.

Cows can produce billions of kilowatts of electricity?

According to a recent study by American scientists, the processing of livestock manure to biofuel can provide the amount of electricity, enough to meet the three percent of all consumer inquiries in North America, and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions..

Global warming: TV may be more dangerous than coal-fired power plants

Leading environmentalists have warned that the increase in demand for televisions with plasma or LCD screens can have a significantly greater impact on global warming than the world’s largest power plant, based on the combustion of coal.

About Fiji discovered active submarine volcanoes

A team of American and Australian scientists on board the research vessel "Southern Surveyor" found to the north-east of Fiji’s few large active submarine volcanoes along an underwater mountain range in the rift zone.

The Japanese are switching to energy sources of the future

The rapid increase in world oil prices sparked the beginning of an ambitious experiment conducted energy-dependent Japan. Thousands of Japanese people are going to move to environmentally friendly sources of energy to heat and light homes.

New Zealand was colonized by 1000 years later than previously thought

Worth Trevor (Trevor Worthy), a paleontologist at the University of Adelaide (University of Adelaide) and one of four members of an international team of scientists has helped find new evidence that New Zealand was discovered 1,000 years later than previously thought..

Scientists have recovered the DNA millennial Viking

Although "Viking" literally means "pirate", a recent study has shown that the Vikings were also selling the fish to European merchants.

"Nanoeda" or food of the future

The last years of the world’s food industry giants used in the manufacture of various scientific innovation.

Compiled a "black list" of those who would die in a pandemic

Doctors are well aware that during an avian flu pandemic or other disaster, some patients needing emergency care will not be able to get it. The result will be a harrowing dilemma: who to save and who is left to die.

In 2008 the North Pole may stay free of ice

According to researchers from the U.S.Center for the Study of snow and ice (National Snow and Ice Data Center, NSIDC) in 2008, the North Pole ice may lose because of unfavorable ecological situation and other factors have led to the fact that the ice is getting thinner and vulnerable during the summer melt season..

Kepler, Newton, and shook his hand Bartinini 12-year-old genius - Mikayla McFarland

After a standing ovation for his discovery of sensational reports 12-year-old genius Mikayla McFarland opening of a new conservation law scholars United Academy, attended the conference in Tunica, pieces.

On the rooftops of Chicago grow gardens

In Chicago, a major city in the north of the United States, on the flat roof of the neoclassical City Hall is beautiful, full of green garden, hidden from prying eyes.

Biofuel breakthrough: Ethanol can be made from garbage!

New research at the University of Maryland (University of Maryland), which began with the study of bacteria from the Chesapeake Bay (Chesapeake Bay), led to the development of the process by which it is possible to obtain large amounts of ethanol and other biofuels of all kinds of plant products, residues wort , paper and other waste..

Napoleon was not poisoned, say scientists

Italian scientists have recently conducted a thorough analysis of the hair of Napoleon Bonaparte for the presence of arsenic, which was believed he had been poisoned, and concluded that the level of poison was not the cause of his death, May 5, 1821.

Gulf Stream - underwater hydroelectric future

Gulf Stream - the most powerful surface current - has attracted the attention of scientists working on the problem of obtaining a "clean" energy.

Fishing helps rid the ocean of excess nitrogen

Canadian and American scientists in a recent study of the nitrogen cycle on a global scale have found that commercial fishing plays an important role in getting rid of coastal ocean waters from excessive nitrogen.

Forget the meteorites. Dinosaurs wiped out the insects!

Dinosaurs - Animals impressive size, with sharp teeth and claws, and terrifying to all living things - have died not because of the fall of supermassive meteorite.

In Italy, found the throne of the Roman Empire

Chip Roman throne was recently found during excavations at Herculaneum (ancient city in Italy, near modern Naples). Only one found to date throne dug out of the ashes and lava that buried Herculaneum in the first century AD

Found a powerful undersea landslide

The newly discovered underwater landslide age of 60,000 years, can rightly be considered the most colossal event of its kind that has ever izuchennyh.Potok sand and dirt quickly swept almost 1,500 miles on the ocean floor sloping away from the African coast at about 20 meters per second ..

HIRAD - a new word in the prediction of hurricanes

Early morning September 13, 2007, when a hurricane "Humberto" hit Texas, has shocked many meteorologists.

Scientists have found a way to combat global warming

The scientists followed the example of the nature and learned to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and put it in storage in the ocean.

Top 10 wacky science experiments on the version of "British science"

The journal "British science" has published the top most idiotic scientific experiments. Among the purely scientific research is such as elephants with LSD, is excited turkeys, the resurrection of the dead man, and others.

IBM has come up with effective and safe method for recycling silicon

IBM has announced that it has developed a more environmentally friendly way of recycling precious silicon that is rejected in the production of microchips.

In the future, mankind is divided into two subspecies

"After 100,000 years, humanity is divided into two classes: the ruling elite is smart and beautiful and a lower layer of stupid servants," - says the evolution theorist Oliver Curry (Oliver Curry) from the London School of Economics.

Biofuels - people waste - animal!

By-products of biofuel production will make useful.

America would be under water?

Scientists say that the Earth’s interior heat helps to keep most of North America afloat, warming the earth’s crust and making it buoyant.

Scientists have found a diamond - the same age of the Earth

A recent study proved that diamonds are indeed "forever." Or, at least one age-Earth.

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