The taste of wine influenced by different types of microorganisms

Now fans of wine and experienced sommelier thanks to the research of scientists from the University of Stellenbosch can learn more about this drink.

Males deprived of smell reduced the number of sexual relationships

Men deprived of sense of smell, show a much smaller number of sexual relationships, and women feel less comfortable in the relationship. These results were obtained after re-analysis of published data.

In Australia, the prospector found gold ingot weighing 5 pounds

In the Australian state of Victoria, near the town of Ballarat amateur prospector with a portable metal detector otkapal truly rare gold bar enormous size.

Harvard scientists in search of a surrogate mother for Neanderthals

Scientists at Harvard Medical School announced a vacancy for the position of a surrogate mother for Neanderthals. Thus, they are going to check the possibility of cloning a caveman.

The stones of the ancient shaman found in Panama

Archaeologists have found in the west of Panama in the rock grotto 12 stones of unusual shape, hidden there shaman more than 4 thousand years ago, which is the oldest evidence of the existence in Central America shamanic cults.

Cash reserves of 100 richest people in the world could eradicate poverty 4 times

According to the report, the charity Oxfam, excessive wealth "economically inefficient, demoralizing effect on the political system and are socially divisive."

China has unearthed a statue of an unknown animal weighing more than 8 tons

Chinese archaeologists have unearthed in the south-east of China near the city of Chengdu, a huge stone statue of an animal, whose age is about two thousand years, according to the publication The Daily Mail.

London has hosted the 13th annual event, "Down with pants!"

It all started with a few cheeky antics of pranksters from New York, decided to cheer commuters, which then grew into a share of global importance.

Meteorite "Black Beauty" is recognized as the oldest

Found in 2011, following the analysis of the meteorite named one of the most ancient Martian meteorites.

Emissions of soot into the atmosphere - the second cause of global warming

Black carbon, which is a component of soot, which is released into the atmosphere as a result of diesel engines, cooking fires, has a global warming potential much greater influence than previously thought.

American explorers ready to explore the subglacial lake Uillans

The team of polar explorers from the United States arrived on the ice of Lake Uillans (Whillans) in Antarctica and this week is ready to begin drilling. The information was published on the project website.

Scientologists have found "space aliens temple"

Secret Bunker, hidden deep underground in the New Mexico desert, perhaps, is the "temple of the space aliens" owned the Church of Scientology, as the author of a new book about Scientology John Sweeney (John Sweeney).

Mysterious structures found in Chinese desert

Experts have found on Google Earth satellite maps mysterious buildings located in the Chinese desert.

Skillful liar may become a

Experts from Northwestern University argue that the human brain can be trained to lie automatically. Make a perfect liar, which easily obvedet around the finger not only rights, but also a lie detector can be anyone.

The tombs older than three thousand years discovered in Egypt

Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced that the Italian archaeologists in Luxor Egyptian tombs have been found older than 3,000 years, reports BBC.

It starts with the selection of colonists on Mars

This year, Mars One (Netherlands) plans to begin the selection of candidates for the colonists of the Red Planet. The first crew of astronauts will have to begin construction of the colony on Mars.

Fond memories of warm human

The research specialist at the University of Southampton, found that in the literal sense of the memories are warm person. Nostalgia swept suddenly can cause a person to physically feel warmer.

Back to work, people will beets and comfortable clothing

Enter into a rut after working long holidays is never easy. Nevertheless, it is impossible to avoid. But the transition from revelry to work, people were not too sharp, try to follow a few simple tips psychologists.

Martian meteorite 2.1 billion years of age found in the Sahara Desert

Scientists from the University of New Mexico found in the Sahara desert Martian meteorite.

IQ tests are meaningless

Based on the new study, which involved more than a hundred thousand people from around the world, the scientists said in the measurement of intelligence, including the people on the IQ test does not make sense, because the intellect itself does not actually exist..

Scientists figure out how much water annually loses the largest glacier in Altai

The largest glacier Belugas - it Gebler glacier. It is studied more than a hundred and twenty years. During this period, according to the study, he retreated more than two miles. Speed retreat at this matter from a variety of different factors.

In 2013, scientists predict Solar Armageddon

Electrical networks and systems-GPS on Earth, as shown by observations of researchers are from year to year more sensitive and vulnerable to solar activity.

Scientists discovered in the old pumpkin blood of Louis XVI was executed

Traces of blood King Louis XVI, who was executed more than 200 years ago by the guillotine, perhaps, have been found in the old pumpkin team of researchers from Spain and France.

Good children happier and more popular among their peers

New research has shown that good children happier and more popular among their peers.

In Africa, discovered a tribe of pygmies with "monkey" kicking

Anthropologists have found that the unique foot of the tribe of pygmies "Twa" allow them to climb trees like a chimp - it is likely that a similar device through the muscles of our ancestors could live at the same time and in the savannas and forests, according to a paper published in the current issue of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences..

Predictor of the Higgs boson received an award from the Queen of England

For most 83-year-old scientist’s confirmation of the existence of the predicted them particles of matter in determining the presence of mass, even during his lifetime was a huge surprise.

Scientists have found fossils of prehistoric inhabitants of the Circumpolar

Chatham archipelago, located east of New Zealand, consists of a dozen small islands in the South Pacific that were once together with Australia, Africa, Antarctica and South America were part of a single continent - Gondwana.

Volcanoes wake of the global warming

Volcanic eruptions, like many other natural phenomena affect the climate: the release of huge amounts of sulfur dioxide, reflecting the sun’s rays during the eruption occurs and cools the planet for several years.

In Primorye, found the ruins of a medieval Buddhist temple

In the district of Primorye Shkotovsky archaeologists have found the ruins of a Buddhist temple dating back to the XII-XIII centuries, who, according to scientists, could be the first monastery of the Jurchen found in the area.

Variations in climate have affected the evolution of man

According to new information scientists, in Olduvai Gorge about two million years ago, from time to time there were sharp change of dry and wet periods, which could have an impact on the evolution of human ancestors.

What is the oldest Christmas tree?

British pensioner decorates his house on the same Christmas tree for well over 80 years.

Cambridge has laid out an ancient biblical manuscript online

A copy of the Nash Papyrus was published by the University of Cambridge in its digital library.

Clue to the origin of life on Earth is at the bottom of the Mariana Trench

Perhaps the key to the mystery of the origin of life on Earth is at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean - in the Mariana Trench, which is the deepest place on the planet.

Human cloning will be possible in 50 years

John Gurdon, a Nobel laureate in medicine, convinced that humanity will soon agree to accept secure methods of cloning, when it will go in particular the return of the child’s parents, who tragically died, or the treatment of any serious pathologies, according to a paper published on the website of the newspaper Corriere della Sera..

The evolution of the human hand is the need to implement strong impact

With the new hypothesis were recently anthropologists from the University of Utah, is flat, that the shape of the brush characteristic of the man was formed mainly because of its ability to develop in a fist, necessary in fights.

Scientists have put forward a new hypothesis of the origin of life on Earth

For many years, scientists have puzzled over the question, trying to find out how life could have arisen in all its variety of inanimate matter.

Laboratory of dangerous bacteria contaminate water

Experts of Chinese Institute of Health and Medicine 6 rivers investigated and found to have bacterial DNA containing artificial antibiotic resistance genes.

Chinese farmer has created an unusual refuge in case of the apocalypse

Making a list of Christmas gifts, you are not thinking about buying anything like that, that could save you and your family in the event of the end of the world? A businessman from China Kiyan Liu (Liu Qiyuan) seriously thought about it, creating a special container made of steel and glass in the shape of a cocoon-sized garage for a car that will stand, he said, any weather conditions, with the possible occurrence of the Apocalypse..

Leaders in the positive emotions were Latinos

More often than not in a good mood are residents of El Salvador, Panama, Paraguay. Such conclusions were made by specialists of the company on the basis of the results of Gallup poll conducted in 2011 in 148 countries.

Cemetery alien found in Mexico

Mexican archaeologists have found an interesting Onavas burial near the village, located in the west of the country in the state of Sonora.

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