Exactly what will happen on December 21?

How to say the astronomers, magnetic attacks on our planet in the coming days is expected, all large asteroids and meteorites are also under control, so the only astronomical phenomenon that will occur on December 21 - is the winter solstice, the day after that will gradually increase..

Pharaoh Ramses III was killed in a conspiracy of his wife and son

European archaeologists have studied the pattern of injuries on the body of the mummy of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses III, found that his death came after a group of conspirators led by his son and his wife Tiye Pentaverom, slit his throat, reports the journal BMJ..

Australia plans to drill ancient ice cores in Antarctica

Australia announced intentions to drill a hole in the ice core age of 2000 years, which is located in the heart of Antarctica, in order to extract the frozen entries that tell of how the planet evolved, as well as find out what may be in this ancient vault..

In Wales, the World Cup was held among the liars

Once a year in Wales carried the famous competition World’s Biggest Liar, which attracts skilled liars from all over the world and compete in the stories of amazingly improbable stories.

Help purify wastewater palm leaves

Researchers from the University of Omani Sultan Qaboos offered not to throw palm leaves in the production of dates and use them for disposal of waste water, especially coming their medical institutions.

The network has a roller with a map of the Earth 100 million years

Geology professor laid out the network video that showed clearly how the earth was millions of years ago, and what changes are waiting for the continents in the future.

Revealed new information about the Nazca Lines

First details of the detailed study of the Nazca Lines - curly mysterious geoglyphs on Nazca in southern Peru by about 2100-1300 years ago - were published in the November issue of the journal Antiquity.

The Vatican has denied the rumors about the end of the world

Many experts are so carried away with arguments about the upcoming Apocalypse, which, according to the predictions of the Mayan calendar, should occur on Earth December 21, 2012, that some people with panic-stricken expect that date.

Thumbnails stars by makeup artist Noel Cruz

Under the name of Noel Cruz lies a unique image of the artist, who owns the art of flawless makeup for young skilled dolls, be thought a figure of famous people on the planet.

Chocolate euros for earthquake victims

The main exhibit of the International Fair of chocolate Cioccoshow, which was held in late November in the Italian city of Bologna, was a giant coin worth 1 euro, made entirely out of chocolate.

Experts urge people to pay less attention to the magnetic storms

People should pay less attention and do not take to heart the information about the solar magnetic storms in order to avoid problems with the state of health that are caused by auto-suggestion, said Gennady Eliseev, who is deputy director of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center for Science..

Disclosed to the Bermuda Triangle mystery

Australian scientists have discovered the secret of the Bermuda Triangle, which disappear without a trace planes, ships and people.

The tsunami height of 80 cm reached the coast of Japan

Tsunami, the height of which reaches almost 80 centimeters due on Friday, the strongest earthquake off the northeastern coast of Japan, recorded in Miyagi prefecture, according to TV channel NHK.

Sex on the first date spoils further relations

Sex on the first date would not be the best possible option, if you expect a long-term relationship.

Arctic lost a record amount of ice

In the Arctic, in 2012, researchers had recorded a series of records of climate caused by global warming.

Triassic infusoria found in the egg Antarctic leech

Scientists have found in found in Antarctica cocoon eggs leeches well preserved ancient infusorian.

Discovered the cause of reasonableness vertebrates

British scientists from the University of Edinburgh believe that the basis of a reasonable person were laid more than 500 million years ago, long before his arrival.

In Australia, will grow pineapple with coconut flavor

Australian researchers are working on breeding new varieties of pineapple, which is the same juicy and flavorful, but now even with a tropical taste of coconut.

Paleontologists have discovered the remains of the ancient dinosaur

Several bone age 243 million years old, which may have belonged to one of the first dinosaurs were recently discovered by paleontologists.

Palace Shi Huang discovered near the "Terracotta Army" in China

Chinese archaeologists have discovered in Xi’an near the famous terracotta army’s largest palace, dating from the third century BC, as reported by The Guardian, citing news agency in China, "Xinhua".

The researchers solved the puzzle with a missing island in the Pacific Ocean

New Zealand researchers have unraveled the mystery of the island in the South Pacific Ocean, which is marked on the map, but does not exist in reality, blame it on the crew whaling ship v1876 year.

Unique krannog discovered by accident builders in Northern Ireland

In the north of Ireland, near the town of Enniskillen in County Fermanagh historic medieval house was found. As built 10 thousand years ago, a house in Scotland, the find was discovered during the construction of the road by local workers.

Scientists: 21.12.2012 - end of the Mayan calendar, not the end of the world

In the culture of the Mayan people no such thing as the "end of the world" has never been as frightening for many of the date of December 21, 2012 was considered at the beginning of a new era which explains Yuri Polyuhovich, Ph.D., archaeologist mayyanist..

Body language conveys emotions better than the expression

It turns out that to understand the emotions of a person, you should not look at the face and on his body.

In 2012, CO2 emissions reach record high

Emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in 2012 reached its record high - volume of 35.6 billion tons, exceeding by a record 2.2 billion tons in 2010 due to an increase in emissions in China and India, according to an article published in the edition of Nature Climate Change..

The Grand Canyon in the United States saw the dinosaurs

Scientists have recently shown that the Grand Canyon, located in the state of Arizona (United States) is 60 million years older than previously thought, according to a paper published in the current issue of the journal Science.

The oldest fragments of the dish with hiragana alphabet found in Japan

Japanese scientists from the Archaeological Institute of Kyoto have reported detection of the most ancient of all hitherto known fragments of pottery decorated with Hiragana - Japanese syllabary.

Traces of 19th century shipwreck found on the coast of Israel

Archaeologists have discovered the wreckage of the four warships 19th century, and possibly traces of ancient harbor on the coast of Israel.

"Tear and throw away" - the best way to get rid of dark thoughts

Not sure how to get rid of dark thoughts? Tear up and discard.

NASA will hold a webcast to all pending end of the world

Researchers from the U.S.space agency NASA say that the end of the world, despite numerous predictions in December of this year will not occur.

End of the world will be preceded by a Flood

A more likely reason for the onset of a possible end of the world its researchers believe the occurrence of a flood or tsunami.

The skull of an ancient rhinoceros found in volcanic rock

Despite the fact that the eruption has devastating effects on the surrounding landscape, sometimes disaster can retain traces of the past.

Wool-gathering - the key to the solution of complex problems

Performing "on the machine" simple task, in which we are "waking dream" was the key to finding the answers to the most complex, tantalizing us questions.

Scientists have allowed the age-old debate about the inner nature of man

The fundamental question of human nature has long been a cause for heated debate.

New world record vtomobilya MINI Cooper in capacity

In November, 28 young British ladies have managed to get into the small car MINI Cooper and thereby set a new world record, which will be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

"End of the World" on the Mayan calendar comes December 21, 2012

The French government has decided to mount Bugarazh immediately block access, as it is considered to be the followers of doomsday theories in the safest place on the planet.

In Denver, filmed on video UFOs flying schedule

Resident of Denver managed to photograph the UFO landing. Experts who have studied the video until a loss to explain the nature of this strange phenomenon, as reported by the TV channel Fox News.

Scientists have disproved "mercury" version of the death of Tycho Brahe

Scientists from Denmark found that the well-known Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe died naturally - most likely from uremia, not poisoned, as suggested by many researchers.

Paleontologists have found the remains of the oldest in Spain, the giant panda

Studying in the district, the Catalan Els-Ostalets de Perola extracted from 250 m layer of rocks fossils, scientists stumbled upon an unusual teeth and jaw, which belong to the mammal family bear.

The famous London restaurant surprised edible snow and candy from wine

Edible snow - a new original dish, which is included in the menu, specially composed for the Christmas period at the famous restaurant The Fat Duck ("Fat Duck").

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