Rift at Japanese nuclear station can be dangerous

The only one still operating nuclear plant in Japan may be directly above the seismic fault in the earth’s crust. As geologists warn, it would be "very foolish" to leave the station to operate in these conditions.

Scientists have found out whether or not to rely on intuition

Decision-making - is inevitable, and still remains one of the most mysterious part of human life.

In the suburbs of Paris discovered the skeleton of a mammoth

Archaeologists have made a rare find in France for around its capital.

Miniature Mansion in Warsaw

In the capital of Poland, a new attraction.In late October, it opened the narrowest building in the world.

Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the temple complex in Cambodia

Japanese scientists have unraveled the mystery of the legendary temple complex in Cambodia - Angkor Wat. The researchers were able to establish in what way his giant built of huge stone temples were built, writes LiveScience.

The smell of hot bread makes people kinder

French experts from the University of South Brittany concluded that a person becomes better towards others quite unknown to him because of the smell of people hot fresh bread.

In the area of ??the Bermuda Triangle found a new Atlantis

Researchers at Canada’s Advanced Digital Communication found on the seabed off the coast of Cuba, an ancient city, which, in their opinion, may be the ancient Atlantis.

Shoe designer from South Africa introduced a new model - "Scary beautiful shoes"

Guided by this principle, a young shoe designer from South Africa Lanie van der Waiwera came up with the name of his new and unusual models of women’s shoes - "Scary beautiful shoes." The main feature of this model is the huge heels, not located behind and in front tufley.Eti unusual and shocking shoes have become the thesis work of the young designer and received the main award of the prestigious Academy of Design GerritRi tveld in Amsterdam, where she studied South African..

Microbes will remain the only inhabitants of the Earth

After 2.8 billion years will disappear last form of life on Earth.

Can one make your life better?

Can your friends make your life better or worse? Scientists engaged in this issue, but rather psychologists from Australia, Susie Green and Dominic Bertolucci.

The construction of the record oceanarium in Singapore

In Singapore, to end the erection of a huge entertainment complex Resorts World Sentosa.

The oldest settlement in Europe unearthed in Bulgaria

Bulgarian archaeologists have discovered the most ancient of all currently known settlement in the territory of Europe. According to experts, the settlement was been created over 15 centuries before the birth of the civilization of ancient Greece.

Top of the most unusual jobs in the world

We offer you a list of the strangest jobs in the world, including nyuhateli eggs perevorachivateli penguins, guides to the toilets and a number of other rare "experts."

Boring non-sexual men provoke bitchiness in women

The scientists found that in the period of ovulation in women’s behavior is largely dependent on her partner’s sexuality.

The former prison turned into a ghost house

The residents of a small French town of Delmas in Lorraine have a reason to be proud.

In Cuba, the rapidly growing number of people willing to change their sex

The number of people in Cuba who have made a sex-change operation, has reached 20 people, local media reported.

The connection between the Flood and the Black Sea

Oceanographer of Turkey Seda Okay convinced that the events described in the Bible under the name of The Flood - a historical fact, and the Black Sea - the result of this natural disaster.

Life on the equator 250 million years ago was destroyed by heat

Several million years ago, around the turn of the Permian and Triassic unusually high temperatures were near the equator.

Museum of ABBA will open in Stockholm

In the spring of next year in Stockholm, Sweden, in a solemn ceremony will be a museum of popular band ABBA.

Scientists have studied the first samples from Lake Vostok

This year, the Russian team of engineers and researchers drilled a well in East Lake.

The British were fighting the cats kingdom of Ministers

At the residence of the British prime minister took the political battle: cat, Prime Minister Cameron got into a fight with a cat Finance Minister Osborne, reports The Sun.

Archaeologists have made a unique discovery in western Mexico

An unusual discovery made Mexican archaeologists in the state of Nayarit.

Revealed the secret of a giant eye, found on Florida beach

After much debate and research scientists were able to unravel the mystery of a giant eye, discovered last week on one of the beaches of Florida.

The Americans have won the Nobel Prize in economics for his theory of distribution

Two American scientists won the Nobel Prize in economics for his work in the field of distribution: doctors and hospitals, and university students, and candidates for kidney transplant, and even men and women in marriage.

Jump from the top of the world: three records in one fell swoop

Felix Baumgartner, the Austrian skydiver, has developed the fastest free fall in history, jumping from a record high of 39 kilometers.

UFO flying over the state of Arizona

Three mysterious spark were seen on the September night sky residents of Phoenix, Arizona.

NASA satellite observed the eruption of a volcano in Siberia

All was quiet on the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka, when NASA’s "Terra" flew over it on October 6 at noon local time. Or so it seemed only.

American schoolchildren forced to wear RFID-chips

Test the system tracks the RFID (radio frequency identification) was started with two schools: Jones Middle School and Jay High School. Both of these schools, with the total number of students in 4200 people have problems with attendance.

Scientists: Sex in size matters

Researchers from Scotland debunked the myth that "size does not matter." Contrary to popular belief the size of the male sexual organ is of great importance in sex, but for some women, and in the case of certain types of orgasm.

The rapper from South Korea - the world record for the number of hits on the Internet

The greatest number of "likes" in the video service YouTube is the song

Nobel laureate in literature was Mo Yan

Short text of the official press release Nobel Committee says:

Paleontologists discovered brain age of 500 Ma

American paleontologists discovered the fossilized brain of the most ancient of all hitherto known to man.

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry went to Americans

Two Americans won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his research on how cells in our bodies perceive such signals as hormones, smells, tastes and light. Their work is crucial to the development of more effective drugs.

The Nobel Prize in Physics is awarded today for a quantum theory

Serge Haroche of France and David of Vineland United States paved the way for new experiments in quantum physics in the 1990s, demonstrating a way of monitoring individual atoms and particles of light called photons, thus allowing to maintain their quantum properties..

Announced the Nobel Prize for Medicine

Two pioneers in the field of stem cell research shared the Nobel Prize in physiology.

British scientists have presented a portrait of a man of the future

Portrait reflecting the appearance of people who will be living on the earth a thousand years, was unveiled on Saturday by the British media.

Open an unusual kind of miniature dinosaurs

Not all the dinosaurs grew to enormous proportions, as in the case of the predator T.

The boy found the skeleton 30,000-year-old mammoth in northern Russia

11-year-old boy found 30,000-year-old skeleton of a mammoth in the far north of Russia. Scientists argue that such discoveries are very rare. This is one of the best preserved mammoth ever found in the history of paleontology.

Heated debate has caused the introduction of ID cards schoolchildren

In October, the U.S.state of Texas will be introduced compulsory identity cards for students.

British student remembers all the events of the past

Outside the Aurelian Hayman from the UK is no different from the other 20-year-old boys - students at Durham University.

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