Plagiarism in the press took extensive measures

Representatives of the U.S. research centers identified the cause of the failure of some media outlets to publish research papers of his colleagues.

In Japan, most centenarians live

Recently, the number of centenarians on the planet has increased dramatically.

"Live" mammoth cells caused heated debate

In September, world media trumpeted the news of the sensational finding in Yakutia "live" cells of a mammoth. The news stirred the scientific world and sparked a heated debate supporters and opponents of the possibility of cloning mammoths.

Women are getting used to motherhood four months

Many women in the early days of motherhood may seem that it’s not going to end ever.

15 secrets of your sexuality

Sexy woman is independent of its forms, clothes, weight or behavior.

Most of all in the world of internet love Swedes

Conducted by the organization World Wide Web Foundation survey called the Swedes the most active Internet users.

The Irish have observed an unusual drop in the space object

Residents of Ireland last Friday was lucky to witness the flight of an unusually bright meteor.

The picture from a flea market made U.S. resident rich overnight

In late September, at an auction in the U.S. will be exhibited painting by French impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s Paysage Bordsde Seine (

Best holiday for women - shopping

According to sociological research women shopping can be attributed to doping.

Ig Nobel Prize Winners Announced in 2012

This year’s Ig Nobel Prize won a device called the SpeechJammer, which deprives a person of the power of speech, reproducing his voice with a delay of a few hundred milliseconds.

Anthropologists have decided to reduce the rate of the molecular clock

The researchers decided to change the usual rate of mutations in human ancestors.

A wide circle of friends does not bring happiness

Spanish researchers say that the number of virtual friends plays an important role in the level of happiness experienced by a person.

Altai Princess returned home

Ukok Princess returned to Altay. After 19 years of Altai Princess returned home from Novosibirsk in an armored sarcophagus, RIA Novosti reported.

Archaeologists have unearthed the medieval Novgorod drooping Print

In August of this year during the archaeological excavation in Staraya Russa on the Spa I-m excavation of the archaeological expedition participants Starorusskaya Novgorod State University found a set of 10 stamps Vislykh with which in the Middle Ages assured special acts..

Russian scientists have discovered in the Arctic areas with large emissions of methane

Researchers at the Russian Academy of Sciences Far East Branch opened nearly 200 locations in the northern part of the Laptev Sea, which emit large quantities of methane.

Japan abandon nuclear power by 2040

Japan announced that it plans to abandon nuclear energy over the next three decades. This decision was taken under pressure from society after the Fukushima disaster, which was the largest nuclear accident of our time.

Human happiness depends on its growth

The American Institute of Gallup, who studies public opinion conducted large-scale sociological study to determine the relationship of human growth and happiness.

In Australia discovered fossils of the largest marsupial animal

At first glance, this is a typical fossil wombat. However, the huge marsupial fossils discovered in northern Australia, do not look at the remains of a wombat, which is the size of an elephant and lived on the Earth 2.5 million years ago.

The most unusual and bright berry in the world

The most brilliant species in the wild berries were named Polia condensata, a plant growing on the African continent.

Expected 22 September 2012 solar flare will lead to the end of the world

NASA scientists have openly declared that the September 22, 2012 the world will end in the truest sense of the word, according to television station TVK News

Georgian swimmer swam across the Dardanelles Related limbs

Georgian Young swimmer Anna Lominadze became the first woman in the world that has managed to cross the Straits of the Dardanelles Related limbs.

Santorini volcano crater filled with magma

Over the past year, the crater of the volcano has absorbed so much of the magma as it used to going for 20 years.

Are the worst drivers in Europe recognized the Italians

The results of the large-scale survey, which is called the Italians are the worst drivers in Europe.

The legendary ship

The ship’s crew of the Oceanographic Institute of the Schmidt, carrying out scientific experiments in the area of Greenland discovered sunken bark

The largest river of Eurasia became red

The longest river in Eurasia has taken an unexpected for the ’golden watercourse’ red.

Found the ideal number of partners for the purchase of sexual experience

How many lovers need to have a lifelong to gain experience in sex? According to a recent study, it was found that 10 - the ideal number of sexual partners to improve their knowledge and skills in an intimate relationship.

Purchaser village pub drinking pig as a gift

Buyer is offered for sale in the Australian pub village Peyngana receive in addition a local attraction pig Pinky.

In Spain, the hotel opened for moviegoers

In the north-eastern Spain near the biggest city in Galicia Lugo in a small village opened an unusual hotel Hotel Mi Norte, where each room is decorated in the style of different films.

Two-time European champion in skiing at the trash bins was the German student

In Germany, held their annual international competition in which the participants determined the winner in the race for the trash bins.

Eiffel Tower topped the list of the most expensive attractions

The Eiffel Tower, which is considered to be the symbol of Paris, not just falling on top of all sorts of ratings.

In Shanghai opened extreme pool

In the Chinese city of Shanghai has opened an unusual pool.It is located on the 24th floor of a high-rise building and a four-star hotel is just like standing on the street.

The ancient supervolcano found under Hong Kong

Under Hong Kong lies the ancient supervolcano, the most recent eruption which happened back in the Mesozoic era, about 140 million years ago, at the boundary of two periods, the Jurassic and Cretaceous.

Evidence of the biggest disasters in the world is found in Greenland

Findings made by an international team of geologists in Greenland, was proof of the terrible disaster that occurred on Earth about 4 billion years ago.

Google Earth has found new Egyptian pyramids

Perhaps archaeologist Angela Mikop the U.S.has made a unique discovery because of the free program for working with three-dimensional model of the Earth Google Earth.

In Yakutia, was found 165 kg meteorite fragments Seimchan

Ural Federal University researchers have been brought from the expedition 165 kilogram meteorite fragments Seimchan, the first of which was found in 1967, the press service of the university.

In the Pacific Ocean found a drifting island of pumice

The main surprise was the discovery in August of the Pacific huge drifting islands, the area of which is equal to 26 thousand square kilometers.

Unusual Chinese entertainment - Mattress Dominoes

Simple and fun entertainment in the form of the game in a box of dominoes so loved the Chinese city of Shanghai residents, they decided to create the world’s largest domino mattresses, set a new world record and get into the Guinness Book of Records.

In Nepal, the cobra died from the bite of an

A resident of Nepal, who was stung by a cobra during field work, in response to a snake bite, resulting in the reptile was killed, as was narrated in the local newspaper on Thursday, August 23.

Products distillery in Mexico never ceases to amaze its extravagance

The world-famous distillery Hacienda La Capilla presented to the public seven-year holding a bottle of tequila and announced its price, which is amazing.

9 myths about earnings in the stock market

The lack of investment experience and knowledge has led many to seek control of the company. And this option is probably the most preferable for those who are just beginning to develop the market.

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