Red rain has passed in India

Residents of the Indian city of Kannur in Kerala witnessed the unusual natural phenomenon.

Modern humans settled in South-East Asia 60,000 years ago

Anthropologists, University of Illinois (USA) found in northern Laos at Urbana-Champaign remains of Cro-Magnons, the earliest Homo sapiens, have ever found on the territory of South-East Asia.

Further evidence of the existence of the Loch Ness monster

Scotsman George Edwards, who has spent the entire soybean life hunting for the famous Loch Ness monster, announced the appearance of new evidence of its existence.

In Israel, the primitive matches found

By studying the microstructure of the body with the help of electron microscopy, the scientists found objects cylindrical shape, similar to the current match.

From overeating and drinking utensils will save the red

Dishes red will help to combat the abuse of alcohol and overeating, according to Swiss and German scientists. The results of the research, the application of dishes that color reduces the amount of food consumed.

Scientists have discovered at the bottom of the Black Sea ship, which the 13th century

In the waters of the Krasnodar Territory scientists found the oldest merchant ship.

Juice will make a harmless chocolate

Employees of the University of Warwick have found a way by which we can make chocolate less fat.

Ideal purified water can harm humans

The method of water purification is the removal of it in addition to harmful bacteria, beneficial microorganisms, said the scientist, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Latgart Raskin.

Fear has a smell!

As scientists, we have the smell of fear.The experiments in this field has shown that the smell of fear can be caught using pheromones (chemicals secreted through the skin).

Found stem cells responsible for creativity

Scientists have found a group of stem cells generated neurons, which are responsible for creativity.

Sauce of Mayan cocoa

The history of cocoa enriched with new and interesting historical facts.

Infected trees - a new source of greenhouse gas emissions

According to research by the Yale School of Forestry kontaminorovannye trees can be a source of methane, which affects climate change.

Men better at several things at once

Both men and women can do several things at once, but as it turned out, men do better with multiple tasks.

Most long pants hit the Guinness Book of Records

An unknown designer from Tunisia named Bukamhe Larbi decided to become famous with a simple and reliable method.

Scientists predict the future of America

Scientists predict the start date of the riots in America.

Why intoxication makes us feel more attractive?

Many noticed that after a mug or two of beer or something stronger, they begin to feel more confident and attractive.

Contributed to the emergence of new dinosaurs rocky mountains

Shortly before the extinction of North American dinosaurs in their lives has played an important role geographic isolation.

Why is intelligence?

Neuroscientists have found the answer to the question of why people differ in their mental abilities and cleverness.

Norway Mexico might return "female monkey"

In Mexico back from Norway remains of Julia Pastrana (a woman with a beard), which in the nineteenth century when life was a member of numerous European events, reports the publication The Local.

In Antarctica 52 million years ago, palm trees were in bloom

Given the projected increase in temperature on Earth in the coming decades, climate scientists are extremely interested in the warm periods in the geological past of our planet.

The land continues to absorb half of the carbon dioxide

The oceans, forests and other ecosystems continue to absorb up to half of all carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere from human activities, even after the increase in emissions of this gas.

The brain perceives women as a collection of parts

The human brain perceives the different female and male body. We see men as a whole, and women as the "sum of parts", say the American psychologists. And that vision is characteristic of both sexes, that is, women also see their friends ’piecemeal’.

Insects and meat from a test tube - the food of the future

The daily increase in food prices and the rapid multiplication of mankind forcing scientists to think about our future diet in 20 years.

New Science Prize of the Russian tycoon has eclipsed the Nobel

The billionaire has awarded nine physicists record premium of $ 27 million for their contributions to fundamental science.

In South America, found the fossil 5-foot tortoise

In the Colombian mine Serrehon scientists have found the remains of a huge ancient turtles, which in size is not inferior to the wheel dump truck.

The crater of a meteorite has witnessed the death of the dinosaurs

Scientists have found that a 25-kilometer crater that found in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago on Victoria Island, was formed after the meteor shower, which wiped out the dinosaurs, according to the publication The Toronto Star.

In Egypt, found the boat aged 5000 years

A group of French archaeologists discovered recently in Egypt, the world’s oldest wooden boat, aged about five thousand years, as reported by the media Mohammed Ibrahim, Minister of Antiquities of Egypt.

Part of the ice of Antarctica "leaked" to the huge ancient rift

Scientists have determined that the ice of East Antarctica "funneling" in an ancient rift valley similar in size to the Grand Canyon in California.

Scientists have learned how to predict the future of military conflicts on the basis of publications of WikiLeaks

Model, accurately predicting future military conflicts on the basis of classified information about the Afghan war, published on the website WikiLeaks, have been created by scientists from the University of Sheffield.

Education in the best universities is possible for free online

Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng created a company Coursera, the aim of which is that regardless of the purse, anyone could broaden their horizons and perspectives on life, studying in top universities of the world.

Scientists have created an artificial jellyfish from rat heart and silicone

Bioengineers have created an artificial jellyfish made of silicone and rat heart muscle cells.

The revolutionary discovery that women wore bras more 600 years ago

Scientists from the University of Innsbruck reported recently about the revolutionary discovery that completely changes the view of the history of women’s underwear.

Training prevents habit

Changing the rules of the game require the brain high energy costs.

The new lightest material can significantly alter the existing technologies

German scientists have developed a strong material called airbrushing, consisting mostly of air, which opens up opportunities for the future development elektroniki.Etot jet black, opaque, porous carbon material, created by scientists from the University of Kiel and the University.

A person can anticipate death

U.S.specialists from Brigham Women’s Hospital studied the common form of anxiety, so-called phobic anxiety, and found an interesting phenomenon.

In Italy found the skeleton of the Mona Lisa

A group of archaeologists from Florence unearthed remains of a woman belonging, by the scientists, the same Lisa Gherardini, the lady who posed for Leonardo da Vinci.

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient Mayan system of reservoirs

On the territory of the ancient city of Tikal was discovered by archaeologists dam, which was used by Indians as a dam, and thus, is the largest hydraulic structure of the Maya.

Lithuania will hold a referendum on the establishment of a new nuclear power plant

Lithuanian parliament passed a referendum plans for a nuclear power plant, which has come to replace Soviet-era nuclear reactor, closed according to the requirements for entry into the European Union.

Archaeologists have unearthed the largest Indian Village

Ancient city of the 16th century, found on the north shore of Ontario, in its time was a major economic and cultural center. Such a conclusion was made by Canadian scientists, after a nine-year study of the archaeological site.

Archaeologists have discovered the first Viking settlement

During excavations under Fyuzingom in northern Germany, scientists have discovered the earliest Viking settlement.

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