Laziness is necessary for normal brain

Examining the human brain is in a state of rest, a group of scientists from the University of Southern California, led by Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, made the following conclusion, contrary to popular belief, this quality, as laziness is an important part of human existence..

Siberian fires lit USA

Siberian fires lit USA red.

Invalid Oscar Pistorius will participate in the Olympics

Oscar Pistorius, devoid of both legs, will participate in the London Olympics.

People struggle with the universe

Psychologists from the Universities of Chicago and Virginia argue that the tendency of people to do good is enhanced when they feel in the hands of some higher power.

Scientists have found traces of the lost world

Researchers are looking for sunken eyelids worlds and vanished civilization.

The most expensive cake in the world

Upon hearing the name of the cake "Golden Phoenix", you immediately guess that this is an unusual dessert. The cost of this cake - 645 euros, making it the most expensive delicacies in the world.

A mathematical model has revealed the secret of the success of the European champion and World Cup

A new mathematical model has shown what is the benefit of the Spanish football team.

Geneticists have established the location of paradise

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania as a result of genetic research, which they spent in Africa, were able to determine the exact geographic coordinates of paradise.

The brain alone who arranged differently

Scientists from the University of Chicago, argue that voluntary social isolation, or, on the contrary, the social activity of predefined features of the human brain.

Scientists rakskryli secret appeal of Rembrandt

Canadian experts uncovered the secret appeal of Rembrandt.They believe that the decisive importance in the work of the great artist has a game with blurred and clear parts of the portraits.

Mates are chosen human genes

Well-known argument that opposites attract, it was proved by geneticists.

Paleontologists have found in Germany feathered dinosaur footprints

German and American paleontologists have found in Bavaria and presented to the world the remains of feathered dinosaur with big fluffy "squirrel" tail.

Scientists have found the oldest in Greenland crater on Earth

European and Russian geologists found near the town of Maniitsoq in Greenland ancient crater on Earth one hundred kilometers in diameter, which arose as a result of the fall of thirty-kilometer asteroid, 3 billion years ago.

Leap second has caused disruptions in the Internet and computer systems crash

Additional second, which was added by our time on Sunday due to technical problems of many websites and computer systems, as reported by news organizations.

Mysterious circles in Africa continue to puzzle scientists

Between southern Angola and northern South Africa are dozens of thousands of "magic rings" which are circular patches of empty land with a diameter of 2.12 meters.

The data in the brain have electropulse "catalog numbers"

Scientists have identified how the brain is oriented in a variety of information stored in it turned out that similar objects and words he "signed" the same neural impulses that are associative relationship between nimi.Chtoby navigate the sea of data, the brain uses something like catalog numbers: it includes information on the time of receipt or on the general association.

The man in the course of evolution, has lost the natural agility and flexibility

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania on the ear canals reconstructed the way to move our ancient ancestors - apes. The results showed that the ancient primates were much faster and more agile modern apes and humans.

Australopithecus sediba ate leaves, bark, fruit

Australopithecus sediba, transition alleged link between ancient apes and human ancestors, had a unique diet: he fed on the leaves of trees and wild fruit during periods of plenty, and passed the tough stems and bark with a lack of food, paleontologists say..

Stonehenge - a monument to British unity

Scientists from several universities in the UK involved in the project Stonehenge Riverside, believe that Stonehenge is a monument to unite the country after a long conflict between the western and eastern parts of Britain.

Maldives in 2017, plans to open the largest marine reserve

Only a few days later, as Australia has officially announced plans to create the world’s largest marine reserve, the President of Maldives, said that the entire territory of the state by the year 2017 will be a huge marine reserve.

Spraying aerosols leads to discoloration of the sky

As one of the ways to combat global warming, scientists are considering the creation of a kind of shield in the atmosphere of special particles that would serve as protection from the sun’s rays.

A simple way to make a happy marriage

To speak more words of gratitude to each other, is perhaps one of the easiest ways to increase the degree of well-being in the marital relationship, as shown by a new study.

Africans, even 7,000 years ago produced milk products

At a time when North Africa was a green edge of the desert instead, the local population has bred cattle and thus were able to make dairy products.

Loneliness shortens the life of the elderly

A study conducted by experts from the University of California, found that the elderly loneliness causes health problems and increases the likelihood of premature death.

Mysterious bright pink lake in Senegal

In Senegal, there is an unusual lake, where the water is pink.

Why do people often lose their self-control

University of Iowa published new photos showing what it looks like the human brain, when the patience runs out and self-control is lost.

The village, whose inhabitants eat ground

Villagers in Indonesia are using Taban ground not only in the economy as a raw material for the manufacture of ceramic products and bricks, but also for the preparation of delicious meals.

Psychologists: plates should form a contrast with the color of food

Having bought the dishes right color is easy to lose weight. Scientists have found that the color plates directly affects the amount of food consumed. For example, if the color of the same color as the food dishes, a person eats 20% more food.

The most likely places where pathogens in hotel rooms

Not to pick up an infection during their next stay in a hotel room, do not turn on the television or lighting.

Fire Olympics on the way to London

The ceremony at which the Olympic flame was lit XXX Games in London, held May 11 at the Temple of the Greek goddess Hera, located in the ancient city of Olympia, which gave the name of the games.

In Ethiopia, a ban on IP-telephony

The Ethiopian authorities have further tightened control over the use of the World Wide Web in the country. This time was banned any IP-telephony, including Internet phone calls through Google Talk and Skype.

People, plants can communicate

Neuroscientist Adrian Owen of Cambridge and his colleagues from the University of Liege, Belgium was the first to talk to the patients who are in a vegetative state.

Ancient Antarctica was much warmer than today

The climatic conditions of ancient Antarctica was much warmer than today.

The increase in carbon dioxide emissions can reverse global warming

A new discovery made diametrically revise views of scientists on global warming.

Material well-being can be linked to the development of neuroticism

Having a lot of money does not necessarily lead to happiness, especially if the person is prone to neurotic conditions - according to researchers from the University of Warwick, England, and the University of Minnesota, USA, in an article published in the CAGE (Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy)..

All the familiar faces - the effect of deja vu

The man who will solve the mystery of deja vu, probably the world-famous, because then humankind will open amazing possibilities.

Scientists have unearthed the 800-year-old vampire

During the excavations of a medieval monastery in the resort of Sozopol in Bulgaria specialists from the Museum of Natural History found two graves "vampires" - in the thorax of each of the skeletons stuck an iron rod.

The engineers have come up with an easy method of desalted water

Engineers devised an easy method of desalination using battery graphite electrodes, which are coated with activated charcoal.

Scientists have deciphered the oldest Hebrew inscription

Scientists of the University of Munster was deciphered the oldest known at the time the inscriptions in Hebrew. The publication The Local reports that the research article published in the journal Semitica.

Rejuvenating chocolate will soon be in any store

Biochemists the University of Cambridge have helped to develop a completely new chocolate recipe, ingredient by the Coco-Lycosome he will have a rejuvenating effect, due to the aging of the chocolate will be significantly slowed down.

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