Touches of increased body temperature in women

It is obvious that such a reaction is said about the emotional withdrawal in response to the touch, but these feelings remain unconscious.

Marriage makes people happy

According to American researchers married people for many years remain happy as opposed to not married people. Experts believe that single people with the age of happiness gradually decreasing, while for married couples, it remains unchanged.

Geologists have determined the rate of increase in the level of the Dead Sea

Geologists have found that dehydration of the Dead Sea is connected with the rise of the Earth’s crust in the area and were able to calculate the speed of the lift.

Envy - a natural mechanism of our brain

Envy, or the desire to have what others have, can be a natural neural mechanism in the brain - according to a new study in France.

Teen decided to challenge the 300-year-old Newton

Indian-born teenager has won a scientific award for solving a mathematical problem, which was first formulated by Isaac Newton more than 300 years ago and since then has never ceased to agitate the minds of scientists.

In Primorye, found the remains of textiles 9200 years ago

A number of additional studies patchwork fabrics that were found in the Russian Far East as early as the 1970s, have helped to establish that they were woven around 9000 years ago, that is, 2,000 years earlier than previously thought, scientists, making them the most ancient textile samples throughout East Asia, and among the first in Eurasia, as noted by archaeologists in their particulars presented in the journal Antiquity..

At sea level affects the activities of people

Normally, an increase in sea level scientists explain the melting of glaciers due to global warming. But a new study has shown that an important role in this is played by a hitherto unappreciated factor as the use of water people.

Oxford University begins the hunt for Bigfoot

Genetic analysis had gone far ahead of time elapsed since the last major study of residues attributed humanoid creatures such as the Yeti or Bigfoot.

South Korea has developed an active fight against smoking

After decades of indifference, large corporations and the South Korean government began to worry about the high number of smokers in the country.

Peruvian authorities have declared the cause of mass death of dolphins

Peruvian Minister in his recent speech completely disproved the theory that the cause of death of hundreds of dolphins began oil production one of the American companies.

From Bronze to Facebook

A large number of images on the rocks, created by ancient people stored for thousands of years.

Twitter helps voters in the presidential election in the United States

Social networks play an important role in political campaigns, especially when it comes to presidential elections.

Scientists: accelerating the pace of global warming

Scientists have identified thousands of places in the Arctic where methane that has been stored for thousands of years, is cast into the atmosphere.

Pit Bulls are a threat to society

U.S. Court of Appeals of Maryland recently ruled that the dog breed pit bulls, including mixed blood, are a threat to people, and they are dangerous due to the nature and content of education, and from birth, that is due to genetic factors.

The Russians have won international university computer Olympiad

Three Russian students received the title of best university programmers, beating 111 other teams from around the world and became the winners of the "Battle of brains" in Warsaw.

The plundering of the tombs was spread in ancient times

Researchers from the Mummy Project-Fatebenefratelli hospital in Milan, Italy, found that one of the priests Ming, the ancient Egyptian god of the phallus and abundance, perhaps, to give some sex benefits to their male fans, but offers little protection in the afterlife in Akhmim, Ankhpakhered does not rested peacefully in his beautifully painted sarcophagus..

Household items can cause cancer, diabetes, and obesity

The chemicals contained in household goods, can significantly increase the risk of cancer, obesity, diabetes and infertility. With such statement recently made by the representatives of the European Environment Agency (EEA).

UAE residents suffer from poor indoor air

The rapid shift from nomadic life to modern culture in the United Arab Emirates has put the people of this state to a significant risk of quality-of indoor air that can lead to respiratory illnesses - according to a new study conducted by researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hille.Iz-this rapidly modernizing country governmental public health agencies of the United Arab Emirates did not fulfill the necessary research required to accurately determine the health risk, according to the study.

New drug MXE was widely circulated through the Internet

A group of researchers from the IMIM (Research Institute of Del Mar) and the INAD (Hospital del Mar Neuropsychiatry and Addictions Institute) participated in an international study, tends to give a general description of a chemical, pharmacological and behavioral level, a recently introduced a new chemical compound, declared entertaining Pharmaceuticals European network as a new drug formulation: methoxetamine (MXE)..

Advertising of alcohol leads to alcoholism among early adolescents

The study found that twice as many young people living in the North East of England, to handle the problem of alcoholism, compared with the rest of the country.

Hitler had used cocaine and suffered flatulence: Revealed his medical records

Adolf Hitler suffered from uncontrollable flatulence, used cocaine for the cleaning of the paranasal sinuses, ingested up to 28 drugs at a time, and also received injections of extract of bull testicles to increase their libido.

The most amazing natural phenomena

Our world is full of amazing and unusual events and things. Nature constantly presents scientists new mysteries and riddles, which at times still remain unexplained. Scientists have only put forward a lot of unproven hypotheses to explain them.

The secret of the origin of ball lightning

The occurrence of lightning very complex physical process still remains an under-researched. In nature, there are several types of lightning, the most mysterious of which is a ball.

French scientists have created a spray with the effect of intoxication

In France, the researchers presented the spray, causing a feeling of intoxication, but that does not have at the same time no adverse health effects.

Can you hear color?

Darlington College of Arts student in the UK Neil Harbisson suffers from a rare birth defect, because of which the whole world he sees in shades of gray. However, a small gadget could fill his life with bright colors.

Adolescent brain networks responsible for drug abuse

Teens tend to always try to push the envelope, it’s - part of their growing up, when they begin to explore the world and deal with the knowledge of ourselves.

Being overweight women can harm their career

A new study conducted by experts at Manchester and Melbourne Universities, found that obese women more likely that they will be discriminated against in employment and pay less than their bulk counterparts.

"Wind farms" have caused warming of 0.72 degrees in the U.S.

American researchers in the field of climate science to follow the process of climate change in areas where there are large "farms" of wind power plants in the state of Texas, and found that the appearance of such stations has caused an increase in average temperature, especially at night, by 0.72 degrees after about ten years after their construction, as stated in an article that appeared recently in the journal Nature Climate Change..

Scientists: people with an analytical mind does not believe in God

People who can think analytically, are not inclined to believe in God - they are more likely to be committed to secularism.

Ancient Santorini volcano begins to wake up

Religious white roofs of houses located on the Greek island of Santorini volcanic origin, perhaps even a short time will be gracing this area.

Automobile exhaust kills more people than road accidents

A large number of people in the UK die prematurely each year from air pollution emissions from cars, planes and power plants, as shown by the results of research carried out by experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and published in the current issue of the publication Environmental Science and Technology..

Chinese scientists have cloned a sheep with roundworm genome

Researchers from China managed to get a sheep genetically modified with a gene responsible for producing the "right" fats.

In the Loch Ness monster found giant

The outline of the animal epic proportions were sonar to detect recreational fishing on the bottom of the legendary Loch Ness. The researchers have no doubt that it is reminded of the famous Loch Ness monster itself as betraying The Daily Mail.

Scientists have identified water supplies Saharan Africa on the map

First time scientists have to design a detailed map of the water reserves under the sands of the Sahara desert and in other areas of the African continent.

Psychologists have found out where the best man resting heart

Psychologists have found that people of all ages in greatest pleasure and peace, resting on the sea coast.

The earthquake off the coast of Japan shifted the Primorye 4 cm

Vladivostok, its surroundings, as well as the entire southern part of the sea coast shifted by 4 centimeters to the south-east a few minutes after the main shock of the earthquake that occurred off the coast of Japan March 11, 2011.

Holders of tattoos drink more frequently than others

Young men with tattoos on the body use more alcohol than their peers without tattoos, as reported recently by the French researchers.

In Chechnya have found 40 fossilized dinosaur eggs

Huge masonry of ancient dinosaurs, consisting of 40 eggs found geology CSU faculty members during an expedition to the area Sharoy republic.

Archeologists have found ancient crest with runic inscriptions

German archaeologists have made an interesting discovery: they found one of the most ancient runic inscriptions on a small ridge, which they found in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Archaeologists have published its findings in the publication The Local.

Italian advertisers amazed everyone with its originality

Come up with an unusual advertising attracts attention for such a simple and common goods such as land for house plants, it would be a challenge for the creators of advertising.

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