NASA began to develop food 3D-printer

The agency NASA sponsored a project to establish a printer that prints food.

Physicists have created a completely transparent flexible metal electrodes

A group of physicists from China and the United States created a special material "sponge" from which you can make a completely transparent metal electrodes of different lengths and thicknesses, suitable for use as the basis for the production of transparent and flexible electronics.

Starch replace cyanide in a new method of extracting pure gold

Scientists have accidentally discovered a new way to extract gold, which is much safer to the existing process using toxic cyanide.

Glowing plants will replace fluorescent lights

A team of scientists from California are developing a new generation of bioluminescent plants, making changes in their genetic code. Funds for the implementation of this research project were collected through voluntary donations users Kickstarter.

Solar plane flew across the U.S.

The aircraft, operating exclusively on solar batteries on board which there is not a single drop of aviation fuel, began his flight from the West - East Coast of the United States.

Physicists have for the first time directly measured the gravitational mass of antimatter

The research team from CERN, working with Antihydrogen Laser Physics Apparatus (ALPHA), reported on the first direct measurement of the effects of the gravitational effect on the anti-matter - namely, the antihydrogen in free fall.

Smartphones have overtaken feature phones in the number of sales

The research firm IDC reported that smartphone shipments surpassed for the first time in the history of the delivery of ordinary mobile phones in the first three months of this year.

Durex has created a special underwear for virtual sex

Virtual sex has become even more real. Well-known firm Durex, which manufactures contraceptives, has created a unique underwear that can be operated Permanent Representation smartphone.

The solar panel converts one photon in the two electrons

Modern solar panels are a number of functional deficiencies.

Scottish scientists have found an alternative cloning, creating a pig

Radio station, the BBC reported that Scottish scientists have managed to create an animal for the first time using the latest technology gene-editing, known as "genetic correction."

American physicists have discovered dark matter particles

A group of physicists from the United States for the first time received during the CDMS experiment with underground cryogenic detectors direct evidence for the existence of so-called "WIMP" - dark matter particles.

The first building with a green algae sufficient in energy self-

The unusual 15-apartment residential house was built in Hamburg, Germany.

Iranian scientist has created a "time machine"

Iranian businessman and scientist Ali Razegi said to have invented a real time machine.

Scientists have developed a video game tutorial on Java Programming

Experts in the field of computer technology from the University of California at San Diego (KUSD) have developed a video game first-person immersive, which is designed to teach elementary school students the basics of programming has been widely adopted in the programming language Java..

U.S. Navy drone destroyed by laser

The naval forces of the United States for many years engaged in the development of solid-state laser capable of setting fire naval vessel.

Modernization of the Large Hadron Collider opens new scientific horizons

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was shut down for the purpose of modernization.

Seagate began shipping the hard drive capacity of 4 terabytes to 1 TB per platter

New hard disk drives to 4TB will be different from the competition plates capable of storing information in a 1 TB each.

Hitachi unveiled a tiny car-robot

The Japanese company Hitachi introduced to the public a new vehicle - a tiny car-robot Ropits, designed to carry one passenger.

Quantum entanglement: 10 000 times faster than light

How fast quantum interactions occur. It was found that the faster the speed of light. At least 10 000 times faster.

The new Apple smartphone suppresses stress and controls emotions owner

Owners of smartphones will soon become the most positive and happy people in the world thanks to the new design is intended to combat stress.

The next generation of mobile processors will surpass the performance the PS3 and Xbox 360

As reported by Tony Tamasi from Nvidia, the next generation of mobile graphics processors will be more productive than the processors in the PS3 or Xbox 360.

U.S. scientists have created a robotic jellyfish with human growth

The specialists of the Polytechnic University of Virginia hit its latest development, providing public robotic jellyfish Cairo.

Scientists at the Massachusetts developed a robot geprada

Nature has so sophisticated creations that person to create robots with certain properties simply look closely at the world around us to make a mechanical assistants.

China will establish a national operating system based on Ubuntu

Defense Science and Technology University of People’s Liberation Army of China has developed a strategic operating system, if such a term is appropriate, as early as 2007.

The next generation of phones will be protected from the devastating effects of the fall on the floor

A sense of dread familiar to anyone who has ever missed a phone on the floor. But in the future it will be possible not to worry about what your phone screen may crack.

A new toothbrush can clean teeth without hands

Two young men from Canada invented a revolutionary new way to clean teeth - with the help of language.

Manufacturer of weapons for the Pentagon to reduce the cost of 100 times desalination

Military contractor who gained fame for his fighters and missiles, announced the development of a method to reduce energy consumption for desalination of sea water.

A new nuclear reactor is capable of providing energy for mankind 72 years

In the U.S.alone every year buried in the earth about 2,000 tons of nuclear waste.

The largest radio telescope ALMA put into operation in Chile

In Chile, the opening of the world’s largest observatory, the heart of which was the most powerful radio telescope ALMA, TV channel "WORLD 24".

Physicists have simulated the process of the emergence of black holes at the LHC

U.S.scientists by simulation of the formation of black holes as a result of a collision in a particle accelerator have found that the energy that it requires 2.4 times less than was previously assumed.

The impressive ability of a four-legged robot BigDog

In the first test video after the break, which was much later than the video NFL Combine, Boston Dynamics BigDog demonstrates the ability to use your hands to not only pick up from the floor and smash the unsuspecting cinder block, but also to coordinate the strength of the legs and torso, allowing it to stand and not collapse forward..

Physicists were able to circumvent the uncertainty principle

Experts from the University of Rochester and Ottawa met directly measure the polarization of the light at the same time in two different bases.

Lamborghini unveiled the car for $ 3.9 million

On Monday, the company unveiled its anticipated Lamborghini supercar, Veneno, at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, which was another proof of the superiority of Italians expensive, but does not feature practical things.

Physicists have created a host of water

Researchers from the University of Chicago was first created in the laboratory from a swirl of water, "three-lobed" node, and then watched his evolution and decay.

Handcuffs 2.0

The functionality of handcuffs has changed little over the last fifty years, but in the near future, things can change dramatically.

Scientists from the United States have grown transgenic "fat" plant

American specialists in the field of bioengineering for the first time managed to grow a plant that contains high amounts of fat, and some other "power-hungry" connections.

Physicists have created a flexible and transparent lithium-ion battery

An international team of physicists has developed a transparent lithium-ion battery that is able to stretch three times, thus producing electricity.

The new phone from Nokia is working a month without recharging and costs $ 20

Phones based on Windows remain a top priority for the company, but Nokia produces millions of ordinary phones for emerging markets around the globe.

3D T-shirts with images of animals living gained worldwide popularity

Drawings on the first of these t-shirts will make you jump aside from fear, which is then replaced by admiration.

Sony has unveiled the long-awaited PlayStation 4

According to some reports, the price will be around $ 429.

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