Established the first bionic hand with a sense of touch

The first bionic arm that allows a person to feel touch, will be transplanted this year, during the revolutionary operation that will mark the era of the new generation of artificial limbs with sensory perception.

New pen writing translates into a digital format

At meetings in the office or at conferences, often use ordinary pen and notebook.

Rats, cyborgs can perceive infrared light

Scientists at Duke University in North Carolina with special sensors have taught rats perceive infrared light.

Opera browser goes to a third-party engine

The company Opera Software in 2013, is going to give up his engine so pages Presto in favor of WebKit. This decision was announced this week. WebKit engine used in Apple’s Safari browser and Google Chrome.

The combined capacity of the light energy of humanity has exceeded the barrier of 100 gigawatts

Solar power in the world has passed for milestone of 100 gigawatts for the first time in its history, according to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA).

Linguists have developed an algorithm that animates ancient languages

Linguists from Canada and America have created a special computer algorithm that can reconstruct the ancient proto-language, used by the ancestors of modern language groups and families. This will help restore the long history of Earth civilizations.

Solar energy is becoming cheaper coal

According to the power purchase agreement entered into between the El Paso Electric Company and First Solar, electricity, extracted thin film photosensitive elements, the company will be sold to El Paso Electric Company for 5.8 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

Tiny helicopters in service aircraft

Recently, specially designed for the armed forces of small-sized model of mini-robots that can be found in the use of one or more soldiers.

Google has launched a translation WebP image format

WebP format has come to replace the familiar JPEG, thanks to new features in version developed by Google.

French scientists first tested the seismic invisibility cloak

Scientists in France, using the principle of the development of invisibility cloaks, have learned from the buildings reflect the seismic waves.

The plates are winning back market share from the PC

The growth of the number of tablets sold in the last quarter of 2012 exceeded the most optimistic forecasts.

The global e-economy exceeded exceeded $ 1 trillion in 2012

Global retail sales in the Internet exceeded the amount of $ 1 trillion in 2012. The very top line in this list is the U.S., but China is rapidly gaining momentum.

Augmented reality glasses from Google will transmit sound through the vibration of the bones

Documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission, the U.S., say that Google Glass will generate sound through the bone, rather than using the traditional headphones.

Completely transparent smartphone will be available soon

The Taiwanese company Polytron Technologies held a presentation of new items, which is a completely transparent smartphone.

Russian carrier rocket fell into the Pacific Ocean

It was a bad day for the running Russian satellite that fell into the Pacific Ocean.

Supercomputer for a billion euro will be a model of the human brain

This study pave the way for the creation of computers and robots that think like humans, that would resolve problems such as depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

Physicists once again puzzled measurements of the proton

New attempts to measure the size of the proton put scientists in a deadlock. The results were again different from the previous ones, obtained using other methods, and the reasons for these differences, the scientists can not find.

New solar airplane can withstand two people

Until now, all the previously constructed solar airplanes were only singles.

New semiconductors will increase the time on a single charge ten times

Researchers at the Rochester Institute of Technology, an international consortium of semiconductor SEMATECH and Texas State University have demonstrated that the new techniques and materials to create integrated circuits can reduce the power consumption to a level at which the work without recharging for portable devices increases by 10 times..

Japanese scientists have created a thermoplastic material from algae

Japanese scientists have managed to get out of a biodegradable thermoplastic single-celled algae (Euglena green). Unlike other biodegradable polylactide-resistant plastic, the new material can withstand twice as high temperature - 120 degrees.

Approved by the next-generation video format H.265, twice as efficiently compresses video

The International Committee of the Telecommunication (FEM) has approved a new video format, which will make available HD-video to mobile networks.

The architect will print the building with the help of 3D-printer

Dutch architect Jan Jaap Ruyssenaars, announced plans to build a building with a 3D printer D-Shape.

The new device from snoring as a child dummies

In Canada, completed the first test of the instrument Good Morning Snore Solution, which can help get rid of the night snoring.

Bioengineers have learned to read information from the DNA molecules

Bioengineers at Harvard have learned to read and write information from DNA molecules, like the stick.

U.S. power plant put out of action "Memory Stick" with the virus

The virus got into the computer with the USB-drive ("flash"), delayed the launch of American power for three weeks, according to publication USA Today.

Scientists have discovered a natural sweeteners

A team of U.S.scientists from the University of Florida has found a group of compounds that enhance the human perception of sweet taste.

Google is investing $ 200 million in wind power

More than 90% of the profits received from Google search queries, but the company is investing heavily in the industry, at first glance unrelated to its main activity.

The spy network is detected, "Kaspersky Lab"

The main object tracking organizers recently discovered a spy network "Kaspersky Lab" were diplomatic, government and academic organizations in different countries.

The number of sold Raspberry Pi close to the mark of 1 million

The figures show the success of Raspberry Pi Linux PC, the price of which is $ 35.

Geneticists have created a plant that does not stop growing

Many people remember the character of the American comedy "Shop of Horrors" Audrey, a carnivorous plant that is grown continuously, causing the admiration of any unsuspecting people.

Moons and asteroids study robots urchins

Researchers from Stanford University in conjunction with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a robotic platform designed for the study of celestial bodies like planets, moons and asteroids.

Price of new Terabyte SSD fell below $ 600

The company Micron Technology has started to conduct an aggressive pricing policy in relation to its terabaytovym solid state drives, which will be released in the next few weeks.

Robots taught to deceive each other

Experts from the Georgia Institute of robots skillfully taught to cheat. As the basis for their development, scientists have taken a model of behavior of birds and squirrels, which turn out to be excellent liars.

Laser Tests conducted by the U.S. Army lightning

The U.S. Army is developing a weapon that shoots lightning at the target, which is controlled by the laser.

Graphene effectively removes radioactive contamination

Scientists from Russia and the United States opened another useful property of graphene - the ability to rapidly decontaminate the area of radioactive elements.

Google starts to send the developers of augmented reality glasses

Over the next few weeks, Google will send Google Glass to developers. Improved consumer model is expected in 2014.

Released the first flash drive of 1 TB

Kingston has introduced a USB flash drive DataTraveler HyperX Predator 3.0 with a capacity of 1 TB.

The brain is paralyzed people learn to manage artificial limbs

Neuroscientists have developed an interface "brain - the computer", a special technology and training programs that will allow paralyzed people to control artificial limbs by thought.

Throughout his life, now you can capture at a rate of two frames per minute

Experts from Sweden, have developed a miniature camera for taking photos every 30 seconds, creating a true picture stories about his own life. The images are thus very high quality and can immediately be put up in any social network.

Physicists potassium could lower the temperature below absolute zero

A group of researchers in the field of physics in Germany has created a quantum cloud of potassium atoms, in which the energy is distributed in such a way that the temperature of its absolute value is negative.

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