Robot bird - a spy or a power generator?

Robots are good because they are not limited in size and shape.

Spanish scientists search for fuel of the future

In the forest, eight-meter baths eastern Spain scientists hope to discover the fuel of the future: bio-oil produced by algae mixed with carbon dioxide produced by the plant.

Scientists have developed a battery, which is charged to a hundred times faster

Scientists have developed a battery that can be charged and discharged a hundred times faster than existing counterparts.

Artificial leaf generates energy through photosynthesis

Scientists said the great achievement in the development of renewable sources of energy - creating the first practical artificial leaf.

Researchers have created a self-reinforcing nanocomposite

Researchers at Rice University have created a synthetic material that is stronger than from repetitive stress, just as in a biological body strengthens bones and muscles in the course of repeated training.

Scientists have found evidence of new particles

Even leaving on a holiday, the accelerator-the Tevatron particle collider, may point the way to new physics for his successor, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

Portable apparatus for cleaning water by solar energy

A graduate of Monash University has designed a simple, ecological and affordable device for water treatment that does not require electricity. It can save lives and save many people from diseases.

Working bicycle printed on a printer

It is the world’s first bike that just printed out on a computer with the help of innovative technology.

E. coli produces an alternative fuel

The deduced engineers E.coli produces a record number of alternative fuel.

Internet - the greatest spying machine

Essendzh Julian (Julian Assange), founder informatorskogo website WikiLeaks (WikiLeaks), expressed concern over the fact that the Internet is the "greatest spying machine the world has ever seen," and therefore an obvious obstacle to the freedom of speech..

Trimmed microchips - fast, economical and compact

An international team of computer experts from the U.S., Switzerland and Singapore has created a new technology that allows you to double the efficiency of computer chips simply by removing the parts that are rarely used.

Large Hadron Collider may be the first time machine

If the latest theory of Tom Weiler and Feeling Man Ho is right, then the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) - the world’s largest particle accelerator, which since last year operates on a permanent basis, is the first machine able to send the matter back in time..

Banana peel purifies water

To the surprise of inventors, who managed to find a secondary use of a banana peel like rubbing silverware, leather shoes, and the leaves of indoor plants, the scientists added to the list of applications to find the property of banana peel to clean drinking water contaminated with potentially toxic metals.

Flying home set a world record

How to be hard and it even possible to raise the house off the ground, attached to helium balloons? A team of scientists, engineers, and balloon pilots known TV channel National Geographic demonstrated as likely to achieve such a skilled craftsmanship, which was filmed for the show in a new series of TV programs entitled "How hard can it be?" They concluded that the preparation and organization of the plan, the construction of homes and lifting into the air with helium balloons took a group of about two weeks.

Atomtronika may become the new electronics

Forget about wires, silicon and electricity.Physics chain developed a new type which is different from the power that it uses gas and laser beams.

A new metal - stronger than steel, yet flexible as plastic

Imagine a material which is stronger than steel, but a flexible plastic and is able to apparently infinite number of forms.

Physicists have simplified method for the production of graphene

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have demonstrated a more efficient and cost-effective method for the production of graphene.

Scientists have developed a machine that is controlled by thought

If you will rush past the car, the driver’s hands that are not on the steering wheel - do not panic, maybe he is driving the power of thought.

New plastic can conduct electric current

The newly discovered technique makes it possible to create a number of new type of plastic with metal or even properties of superconductivity.

The growth of the solar industry has doubled in 2010

In 2010 the world was at 16 gigawatts (GW) of solar energy more that twice the height shown in the previous year. These data provided the European Association for Solar Energy (EASE).

Spy robot hummingbird flight tested

The prototype robot spy "ornithopter" (aircraft with flapping wings), successfully flight tested in California.

Capacity of all the computers in the world, one human brain

How the information is transmitted, processed and stored in the world? Two researchers decided to find out, the tracking for over 20 years, the changes in 60 different analog and digital technologies, from newspapers and ending with the cell information..

The phenomenon of the masses in the Ethereal Physics

Modern official physical science (abbreviated - AlFizika) scratching their heads over the phenomenon of mass and seems to have finally it (the head) broke.

Ultra-fast quantum computers is closer

Scientists from Oxford University have made a significant step forward in the development of ultrafast quantum computer.

Microsoft has released a version of Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has released a nearly complete version of Internet Explorer 9 on Thursday, saying that the adjustments made by the Web browser do much better, entering the work of powerful computer processors to help Web sites load faster full of multimedia and work..

Researchers have learned capture wave energy with an efficiency of 99%

In a small water tank in the Colorado lab, researchers from the Center of the Air created a device that can collect up to 99% of the energy of the waves. This experiment showed that the aeronautical principles can be used to power the oceans.

First obtained photographs of proteins and viruses using X-ray laser

The study, published Feb. 3 in the journal Nature, shows how the unique features the world’s first X-ray free-electron laser Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS), produce a revolution in the study of life on Earth.

The new approach will increase the theoretical maximum efficiency of solar panels

Scientists have begun to develop a new approach that will make a major breakthrough in the efficiency of solar panels, thanks to the use of nanoparticles of germanium, silicon and other materials.

Up to 20 000 km / h can theoretically accelerate maglev train developed by China

The model for magnetic levitation train, which is not inferior to the speed aircraft has been successfully developed in the laboratory in South China. But the introduction of this technology will not happen soon, as told to the developers.

Talking cars will save millions of lives

Will the "talking cars" save lives on the road? Well-known auto company engaged in the development of secure systems using advanced WiFi signals and systems GPS, which would allow cars to communicate with each other on the roads.

The number of Internet users has reached an incredible level of

The number of Internet users worldwide in all countries increased so that was to reach two billion mark, this Wednesday the head of the agency telecommunications UN, Hamadoun Toure (Hamadoun Toure).

In the solar energy comes plastic era

Cheaper and lighter as compared to its sibling silicon, plastic plates (PP) herald a revolution in the market of solar energy.

Solar panels in the desert will provide energy to Europe

The project called Desertec, may be the solution to environmental and energy problems in the world.

In 2030, 100% will be possible to switch to renewable energy sources

According to the study, given the political will, by 2030, will be possible to complete the transition to renewable energy sources.

Developed the most durable metal alloy

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have reported that they have managed to develop a new metal alloy that is stronger than any other metal known to science.

Breakthrough in converting heat into electricity losses

Researchers at Northwestern University have placed nanocrystals of rock salt into a chemical compound telluride, creating a material that is capable of generating electricity by consuming heat from sources such as vehicle exhaust, industrial processes and equipment, as well as sunlight more efficiently than in the past..

The new technology of water purification sunlight

Higher energy costs are one of the major shortcomings in the process of getting clean water from industrial waste.

The new glass is stronger than steel

Glass, which is in power and strength is not inferior to steel? A new kind of stress resistance of metallic glass has been developed and tested in Berkeley National Laboratory, U.S.

Contact lenses with built-in LED-displays

Researchers from the University of Washington are working on tiny translucent LED-s, which will be placed directly in contact lenses.

Smart appliances from the bathroom to the bedroom

Now mobile phones are not the only example of intelligent technology. Household appliances will also surprise you with its features.

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