Created the largest molecule in the world

Meet the PG5, the largest stable synthetic molecule that has ever been created by man.

Samsung has developed a new generation of memory that consumes 40% less energy

Samsung Electronics has announced the completion of the development of the world’s first module DDR4 DRAM, created on 30-nm process technology.

Scientists have found a new use for carbon dioxide

All long been known that carbon dioxide is a cause of global warming.

Physicists have learned to teleport energy

First, they teleported protons, then atoms and ions. Now one physicist discovered a way that allows it to do with energy. This discovery is of great importance for the future of physics.

90 Gigabytes of data in 1 gram of bacteria

Researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, has successfully demonstrated how to save the encrypted information in bacteria.

A reactor that converts sunlight into liquid fuel

Scientists gave reason to hope for large-scale introduction of renewable liquid fuels, which will create a reactor that converts sunlight into energy like green plants.

The new environmentally friendly propellant

The new environmentally friendly propellant 20-30% more efficient than the best analogues

Designed to measure and handle stress

In the future, more and more products on the world market technologies will be able to interpret the feeling of users and to use this information in a reasonable purposes.

The researchers first measured the magnetic field inside the Earth

For the first time, scientists were able to measure the strength of the magnetic field inside the Earth’s crust at a depth of 2896 kilometers underground.

A new electromagnetic gun U.S. Navy

A new electromagnetic gun U.S.Navy fires a projectile at 200 km is five times faster than the speed of sound.

Theoretical breakthrough: the creation of matter and antimatter from nothing

Scientists have found that by using an Ultra laser beam particle accelerator and a length of 3.2 km, it will be possible to create something out of nothing. This discovery was made by the University of Michigan.

U.S. Air Force created a supercomputer from 1,760 PlayStation 3 pieces

Approximately 33 rd performance supercomputer in the world at the moment, created in the Research Laboratory of the Air Force of the United States of America.

DARPA is developing weapons that creates an electromagnetic field

In his book "Light of the Earth", a science fiction writer Arthur C.

A new fiber, which is stronger than Kevlar, promising a better future body armor

Researchers at Northwestern University have created a new type of fiber, Kevlar is stronger.

Cinnamon replace hazardous chemicals in the creation of nanoparticles

Gold nanoparticles, small gold particles, which are not visible to the naked eye, are used in electronics, pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations to combat cancer.

Invented tires that will never deflate

These tires, consisting of interwoven springs 800, received the award in the field of research and development for its stunning design that does not require air.

Scientists have for the first time a direct image of the hydrogen atom

The research team, led by Yuichi Ikuhara, a professor of materials science at the University of Tokyo, has succeeded in obtaining images of the hydrogen atom, the smallest and lightest of the chemical elements.

The early universe was a liquid - the results of the Large Hadron Collider

In an experiment by colliding with each other lead nuclei at the Large Hadron Collider, physics detector of ALICE, including researchers from the University of Birmingham, discovered that the universe is in the initial phase was not only very hot and dense but behaved like a liquid..

Invented sprayed glass

The German company called Nanopool and group of Turkish inventors have created an incredible product - inflicted from the spray liquid glass.

Created reducing bacteria cracked concrete

Researchers at Newcastle University in the UK, have created a new kind of concrete reductant that patches up the cracks in concrete structures, restoring buildings that were damaged in the earthquake, or under the influence of time.

Created the smallest bottle of water

Chemical Group created the smallest capacitance globe carbon lattice, which can hold one molecule of water.

We caught the antimatter!

For physicists, antimatter - this is truly a precious gift.Comparing matter to its counterpart, they can test the fundamental symmetry underlying the standard model of particle physics and get an idea about the physics of the future.

The new technology of light to fight infections

For the first time new lighting system, which is able to destroy antibiotic-resistant bacteria or "superbugs" in the hospital, including MRSA and C.diff, was developed by researchers at the University Strafklayda in Glasgow, Scotland.

The new study will reduce supercomputers to 1 cm

Scientists from IBM said that innovative research will reduce the size of the processor’s most powerful supercomputers in the world to the size of sugar cubes (1 cm).

Russian garden city of the future will be erected in 2020 in the diamond mines

The Russian company has announced plans for the construction of a giant translucent dome in the abandoned diamond mine in Siberia.

Scientists have learned to give any color is gold, making mikrovyrezy on its surface

Optoelektriki engineers have found a way to attach any color is gold, cutting microforms on its surface.

Glowing trees replace streetlights

Scientists from Taiwan found that gold nanoparticles can make the leaves of plants glowing reddish glow.

New technology to identify bacteria in water

To maintain the health of the soldiers on the battlefield and in the garrison environment, the U.S. Army is constantly looking for new ways to study and identify harmful bacteria in drinking water.

The Large Hadron Collider "reproduced" the birth of the universe, creating a series of "mini big explosion

The scientists managed to create in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a "mini Big Bang" by reproducing the conditions of one millionth of a second after the birth of the universe.

Innovation: bandage changes color when infected infection

It’s one of those things that are so obvious that one can only bite your elbows, because it’s so obvious. Researchers from Munich, Germany, invented the indicator dye that changes color if the wound becomes infected.

Stirling engine of beer cans rotor rotates at a speed of 860 vol. / Min.

This design allows the warmth of the sun as an energy source.

A new implant that will allow blind people to see

The study, published in the Protocols of the Royal Society, shows that the group of German researchers has developed a retinal implant (retinal), aldehyde form of retinol, which allowed the establishment of the three blind people to see objects and determine their shape..

The golden section found at the quantum level

"Golden Section", equal to about 1.618, is found in many different aspects of our life, including biology, architecture, and the humanities.

Superfluid light

Superfluidity - a state of matter, which allows fluid to "climb" through the walls of the container in which it is contained, known since the 1930s.

Open six isotopes of superheavy elements

A team of scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy, has opened six new isotopes of the superheavy elements.

Scientists have learned how to predict the behavior of the stock exchange reported on twitter

The collective mood, which can be found by analyzing millions of tweets can predict the rise and fall of the industrial index Dow Jones Industrial Average for the week ahead, up to 90 percent, as reported by researchers from Indiana University.

Created nose performs the function of the eye and allows you to sniff out the light

Neuroscientists at Harvard University, created mice that can "smell" light. This can serve as a powerful new tool that will allow scientists to better understand the sense of smell at the level of the nervous system.

The Japanese have created a singing robot

The new humanoid robot called HRP-4, has been on display at CEATEC Japan 2010. The robot, dubbed the "diva-bot", sings, simulating a live singer, which allows it to sound natural and invest more in the song "emotion" compared to previous models.

India is trying to develop a model of "cool jacket" to assist laborers

The power of one of the southern states of India organized a competition for designers to design the jacket to the effect of "conditioning" for laborers working outdoors with a prize award of more than $ 20,000 for the winner.

Developed a method of identifying people by their ears

Scientists from the University of Saufempton developed a new method to identify people of their ears.

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