Graphene will change our lives: the practical application of graphene in the future

The theory of graphene was first developed a theoretical physicist Philip Wallace in 1947, as a starting point for understanding more complex, three-dimensional graphite.

A new medical device will simplify the identification of disease

Researchers at Stony Brook University have developed a new sensor nanotechnology, which could become a revolutionary breakthrough in traditional medicine.

Established universal glasses - any corrective vision

The need for bifocals may soon fall away. Created glasses whose lenses can clearly see the surrounding objects, no matter how much you are short-sighted or long-sighted.

Physicists have converted information into energy

Scientists were able to demonstrate for the first time information of heat engine that can produce a revolution in the way energy recharge nanodevices.

Scientists photographed the rubidium atom

Scientists from the University of Otago made a major scientific breakthrough in physics, developed a technique of isolation and capture fast-moving atom. They succeeded for the first time in the world to see and photograph this atom.

The new "green" concrete by 90% eco-friendly conventional

Geopolymer (or natural) concrete - an innovative and environmentally friendly building material developed at Louisiana Tech University, which will be presented on the transport exhibition, taking place at the Detroit Science Center.

The new exoskeleton to order the U.S. Army

The new second-generation exoskeleton, designed to order the army, and has already managed to win the praise of the closest analogue of the costume from the movie "Iron Man" in real life, was presented on Monday.

Robots will become the best football players in 2050

Claude Sammut, a professor of computer science and engineering at the University of New South Wales (Australia), said that in the future a fully autonomous robots will be able to beat the football stars of the game.

Physicists turn waste heat into energy, making engines more efficient by 25%

Physicists at the University of Arizona have found a new way of processing excess heat into electricity.

Scientists have learned to identify terrorists and criminals by brain waves

A device capable of identifying criminals by brain waves. The new study found that offenders can be identified by the presence of brain waves known as P300.

The creator of the legendary Mclaren F1, has developed a unique city car

Imagine a car that is so compact that two such models can comfortably fit on one page; so small and short that just three of the car can be accommodated on a single parking space.

New artificial skin can feel the touch

A new "skin", created out of flexible semiconductor materials, feels the touch.

On the arms of U.S. troops arrived leaping through the water blade steel

The device, which is developed by researchers from Sandia National Laboratories, shoots water blades that are capable of penetrating into the steel.

Created by light tractor

Light trucks - are energy rays that can move objects. They are mentioned in many books of fiction. But now they have become a reality, at least in terms of movement of very small objects.

Researchers have created a Self-assembled photovoltaic system that repairs itself

Plants do well in an area that is haunted scientists and engineers for decades: converting sunlight into energy-preserving.

Scientists have created an edible metal

A mixture formed from renewable raw materials can be used for gas storage in the food industry.

Investigated found a way to check the "None" string theory

Researchers describe how to carry out the first experimental test of string theory in an article published on September 2 in the journal Physical Review Letters.

Japanese man has calculated the number Pi to 5 trillion digits on a home computer

Japanese man broke the world record by calculating the value of pi to 5 trillion digits on a computer that he assembled his own hands.

Dry water will help in the fight against global warming

It may seem incredible, but scientists have created ’dry water’. In appearance it resembles powdered sugar. This substance can produce a revolution in chemistry.

A breakthrough in the field of capacity hard drives

Last Wednesday, the conference Magnetic Recording Conference, held in San Diego, Toshiba announced a breakthrough in the study of a new technology called bit-patterned media, which will significantly increase the capacity of hard disk drives.

Laser pointers are dangerous to eyes

Green laser pointers have got wide popularity due to brighter than the red laser, a beam of light. But the network has lots of stories about the dangers of pointers from the lower price category.

Google has calculated the "number of God"

30 year old odyssey aimed at finding the minimum number of moves required to solve any of the billions of configurations complete the Rubik’s Cube.

Nao - the first robot that can show emotions and perceive

European scientists have presented the world’s first robot that is able to demonstrate and to read emotions.

Fuel from the air

Due to an enzyme found in the roots of soybean, machines can be refilled with air.

Physicists have come up with antilazer - the perfect radar

Half a century after the invention of the laser, it is used in a variety of areas of our lives, from the scanner at the supermarket to music CD. But now scientists have come up with the opposite of the laser device - antilazer.

The use of nanotechnology in water purification

Nanotechnology involves using a wide variety of tools, techniques and technologies, which are composed of particles whose size is approximately several hundred nanometers in diameter.

Scientists: time travel will not create paradoxes

Quantum physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), said the possibility of creating a time machine does not violate causality.

Created printer for cooks

Scientists from the United States introduced a concept design digital factory called "Cornucopia". "The personal food factory, capable of printing of the selected food ingredients without producing waste.

Solar energy is becoming more affordable

In the former territory of the plant in the city of Chicago, hosting more than 32,000 solar panels, tilting approximately every few minutes, following the movement of the sun across the nebosvodu.Zavod operated by Exelon Corp.

Created an "invisible" computer mouse

The new technology will allow you to interact with your computer, as well as you normally would, even if you do not have a computer mouse.

Made coldest antimatter ever created

Physicists working at the laboratory of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) on the border of Switzerland and France have generated the coldest particles of antimatter in history.

Scientists have created superbatareyku

With the help of super high pressure, about the same as that which can be found deep in the Earth or on a giant planet, scientists at Washington State University (VSU), have created a compact, never-before-seen material that can store a huge amount of energy..

What technique is used Russian spies?

Before you go on a mission, James Bond is sent to the laboratory Q, which takes specialized gadgets, such as, for example, exploding watch. But the Russian spies arrested this week, using conventional electronics, freely sold in the store.

Internet will be 100 times faster

Heart Internet - a network of high-performance fibers that span entire continents.

Quantum dots will create a highly efficient solar panels

The effectiveness of conventional solar panels, can be increased from the present 30% to over 60%.

Sanyo announced the creation of the most efficient solar panels in the world

Sanyo announced the creation of the most energy efficient solar panels in the world, called HIT-N230. The module was introduced at a press conference, which was held by Sanyo Electric’s Solar Division.

NVIDIA introduced the technology embedded 3D video in browser

Today, NVIDIA demonstrated streaming 3D video using 3D Vision PC, plug-in Silverlight technology and IIS Smooth Streaming.

A little mechanical dog intrudes into the armed forces of the United States

Robots - a symbiosis of the most advanced technologies.And the use of robots in military defense - justifies all the effort and money spent on their creation.

Open a material capable of storing 1,000 times more information than a DVD

A team of scientists from Japan opened a material that can be used to create a super-low-cost disks that will be able to store thousands of times more information than a DVD.

A big step forward in the field of cryptography

Imagine that you can answer a question without knowing the question.

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