Created transistor of seven atoms, sets the standard for future PCs

Researchers have demonstrated transistor consisting of just seven atoms. The transistor can be used to create a more compact and powerful computers.

Magnesium - super material of the future

For the production of vehicles may be used shortly magnesium alloys that lead so as to reduce the weight and fuel consumption, but this will only happen if engineers can develop technology of industrial production process one of the most widely available metallic elements on Earth..

Flight artificial butterfly on video

A group of Japanese researchers published in the journal Bioinspiration & Biomimetics report on the successful establishment of a fully functional replica of the butterfly sailboat. They filmed the video for the process of flying model butterfly.

The new aircraft will consume 70% less fuel

A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has developed a model of the plane, which promises to revolutionize commercial aviation.

In Russia will launch a unique fusion reactor

Russia and Italy signed an agreement to build a nuclear fusion reactor in the suburbs, which may be the first of its kind reactor, which reached the point of ignition - the stage where a fusion reaction becomes self-sustaining, which does not require a constant supply of energy from the outside.

Set a world record for the conduction current of the power cables

Researchers from the University Autonoma de Barcelona and ICMAB-CSIC, as well as from companies Labein Tecnalia and Nexans, under the electricity company Endesa, have constructed a 30-meter cable and the terminals needed to connect the cable to the network using a high temperature superconductive material BSCCO.

All-focal Camera - a revolution in video cameras

World’s leading universities - University of Toronto, said the breakthrough in the development of video cameras.

The relationship between the exchange rate and the crisis

Scientists have discovered a link between the rate of exchange and the economic crisis.

Brain worms and computers have the same structure

An international team of scientists has discovered striking similarities between the human brain and nervous system of worms and computer chip. News of the discovery was published in PloS Computational Biology.

The new "green" molding technology

Ordinary casting can be improved by using a new, more environmentally-friendly technologies developed by CSIRO.

The quantum random number generator is truly

It may seem strange, but a generator is completely unpredictable or random numbers is difficult, even if you use the inherent unpredictability of quantum mechanics.

Scientists have learned how to produce electricity from plants

For the first time scientists from Stanford managed to get a small electrical current from algae cells.

Engineers have learned to "draw" transistors

A team of experts from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has found that an organic semiconductor can compete with silicon in the production of a wide range of electronic products ranging from solar panels to monitor.

Scientists have harnessed the turbulence inside the pipe

The pipe can seem very quiet and calm on the outside but inside it real raging storm.

"Cold fusion" is a step closer to the adoption of an official science

Cold fusion - a potential source of energy, around which is a lot of debate and formed a controversial opinion, up to the stigma of his pseudoscience.

A universal method of creating nanocomposites

Composites - a combination of several materials, to obtain materials with new properties.

Domain. Com celebrates 25 anniversary

Are you familiar site Probably not.But 25 years ago the company from Massachusetts to produce computers, has played a historic role - it was the first company that registered the domain name in the domain zone.

New virtual simulator for the transport of U.S. troops in Europe

Grafenwoehr, Germany. The newest army virtual simulator was opened for training the U.S. military in Europe Grafenverskom training camp.

Scientists have made it possible to test for infertility in the home

Dutch scientists have developed a test that measures the amount of sperm in the ejaculate without having to visit the clinic.

"Corporal" a new generation of scanners will not let terrorists

After a recent failed attempt to undermine passenger plane bound for the United States, around the world speak of improving security at airports. Scientists have made a successful attempt to develop a new type of low-cost remote scanners human body.

Which machines warmer in winter?

Cold winter is best for those who have a car with a gasoline engine and a small lounge.

Plasma torch - for tooth decay!

Plasmatrons able to kill the bacteria that cause tooth decay, can be an effective and less painful alternative conventional dental drill, according to a new study published in the February issue of the "Journal of Medical Microbiology" (Journal of Medical Microbiology)..

Created fiber laser length of 270 kilometers

Fiber optic cable length of 270 kilometers, was transformed into the longest fiber laser in the world. Its creators believe that this invention will result in a high-speed technology to transfer large amounts of data the new generation.

On plastic cards will be a new type of hologram (+ video)

Today, plastic cards with different degrees of protection are used very widely.

NEC has come up with remote control without batteries

As sometimes annoying when you can not change channels with the remote control, because it took the batteries! Consoles are very tightly into our lives.

Scientists have found a new way to store hydrogen

For the first time, scientists from the Carnegie Institution (Carnegie Institution) found that high blood pressure can be used to create a unique material that can store hydrogen.

The Dutch have created a paper flash drive

A group of Dutch enthusiasts offers a new approach to the creation of low-cost USB drives. The product can be reclaimed without environmental damage, and is expected to be fairly competitive price.

Virtual cop on the identification of a suspect

According to many criminologists and advocates of people, a large number of judicial errors could be avoided if the identification parade was held not witness led detectives and impartial computer.

Soon we will go on biofuel from a tropical plant?

After three years of intensive research Colombian scientists still able to get the engine to operate on biofuels, derived from the roots of a tropical plant, which grows in abundance in the tropical areas of Latin America.

The new transistors will reduce the size of adapters to ten times

The losses incurred by the device converting alternating current to direct current can be reduced by one-third, to use in converters instead of silicon transistors new transistors based on gallium nitride.

Established radio chip mimics human ear

Computer chip, similar in principle to the human ear, will soon be seen in the universal receivers capable of receiving a radio signal of a wide range (from mobile phones and wireless internet broadcast to radio and television).

The new chips will allow memory to store data for a billion years

Storage of digital images, music, and other data requires a large amount of memory in memory devices.

Cyber ??espionage reveals the strategies of spammers

The war against spam is entering a new phase.Experts in network security have learned to catch and identify common tricks used by spammers to create and send unwanted correspondence.

Article: Nanometrology and nanodiagnostics - a pledge nanosafety

By profession I have to deal with the emergence of metrological support of nanotechnology, but the longer (but no more) I have been working in this area, the less the feeling that somebody needs.

A new, easy processing thermoset polymer

Researchers from the Netherlands reported the development of a new type of easily recyclable plastic which can be used in the electronics industry in the manufacture of computer circuit boards, electrical insulation, etc.

The Pentagon is experiencing airborne laser weapons. Video.

At the Pentagon may soon be a new anti-missile weapons - laser facility, located in front of a large jet aircraft, which has enough power to destroy missiles shortly after launch from the ground.

Scientists have created an electronic "sixth sense"

The device, created by researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT) can turn any surface into a touch screen, controlled by simple hand gestures.

Scientists have created the engine for surgical micro robots of the future

For many years surgical reduced in size, as required by equipment of minimally invasive surgery (keyhole surgery).

Established a "no-smelling" a trap for flies

Housefly (Musca domestica), probably evolved along with humans. These insects circling around faeces and food, easy to find on every continent except Antarctica. But, in addition, they can be extremely annoying flies can spread many nasty diseases.

CES 2009: Parade smartphones

As the January 11 ended one of the largest exhibitions of the year dedicated to consumer electronics.

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