The new method will help detect bacterial infection in a matter of hours

Chemist Manuel Perez (J.Manuel Perez) from the University of Florida (University of Central Florida) has developed a new and unique method of examining patients, which will in a few hours to get the results of the detection of bacterial infection and begin treatment immediately..

Bluetooth going to "cross" with Wi-Fi

Maybe next year we can see a kind of hybrid wireless standards, based on the popular technology Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Modern endoscopy: a camera the size of a tablet can simply swallow!

The rapid development of modern medical technology makes the job more convenient and efficient, and the patient gets rid of unpleasant sensations through the various procedures.

SanDisk has created a memory card of 8, 16 and 32 gigabytes

SanDisk Corporation has decided to please enthusiasts of digital photos and video, increasing the volume and speed characteristics of memory cards for digital technology.

Created inexpensive phone without LED screen

Chinese designer Tao Ma (Tao Ma) recently introduced the world to a new concept phone, which instead of the usual screen used by hundreds of tiny LEDs.

The Japanese are taught to obey the commands of a robot monkey

American scientists reported that they were able to create a humanoid robot that is able to act in accordance with biocurrents the brain of the living creatures.

The darkest material - in the Guinness Book of Records

A scientist from the University of Houston (Texas) invented the blackest material known to date. Material broke the previous record of light-absorbing materials in the four times.

The new flash drive from SanDisk is able to store data on the Internet

SanDisk will soon present its 4-gigabyte flash drive Cruzer Titanium Plus 4GB, which is different from conventional drives such that it is able to create backup copies of your files on a dedicated server on the Internet.

Solved another mystery of "walking on water"

Walking on the water seem to people a miracle.But the miracle was not surprised scientists, who were able to explain the remarkable ability of water striders to run on water.

Invented a new coating, repelling any liquid

Scientists from New Jersey (USA State) reported that they had developed a new type of material, the liquid repellent. Surface coated with this material can not only repel the liquid, it can also absorb it perfectly. It should only apply electricity.

Invisibility cloak Harry Potter - no longer a fantasy!

Harry Potter, the hero stories, JK Rowling’s fantasy, not really spread about the phenomenon as plasmonics, but scientists at the University of Maryland found the use of this technology.

Toshiba has created a high-speed flash drive is a new type of

December 10, Toshiba has made a contribution to the formation of the market of hard drives, built-in flash memory. The company introduced a series of drives of different sizes and form factors, operating on a multi-level flash memory NAND-type.

The new fuel cell for the environment

A team of scientists from Pennsylvania has developed a fuel cell that runs on industrial waste from coal mines and iron mines.

WildCharger - the revolutionary charger without wires

Wireless technologies are attracting more and more attention from the leading manufacturers of mobile equipment, automotive and consumer electronics. More and more new inventions to conquer the hearts of consumers and international high-tech markets.

Scientists have learned to look at the world through the eyes of a moth

During his night flying moths must be seen as much light to be guided well in space. Evolution gave some types of butterflies custom nanostructured layer over the eye, which helps to absorb the maximum amount of light does not reflect it.

Owners of the Sony Playstation 3 can participate in biomedical research

An international team of researchers in biomedical launched an online project, which participants can become owners of consoles Sony Playstation 3.

Scientists have invented a plasma antenna invisibility

Plasma - fully or partially ionized gas heated to a temperature at which one of the atoms and molecules are released elektrony.Uchenye-physicists presented a fundamentally new type of antennas operating on the basis of plasma.

Computers learn to distinguish the real from the fake picture

Scientists from Haifa have developed a computer program in which computers will be able to distinguish the originals of works by renowned artists from fakes or reproductions.

Technology for the blind: the image can be seen. At the touch.

Scientists and engineers from the laboratory of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (USA) established two special displays that are able to generate tangible image.

NEC boasts the most powerful computer in the world

NEC Corporation of Japan announced Thursday that the birth of a supercomputer SX-9, which the corporation is considered the fastest vector supercomputer in the world. It is intended primarily for complex calculations in scientific research.

The prototype sports sunglasses with a computer

Rodenstock, a leading German manufacturer of optics, made every effort to reduce the weight of sunglasses and make them more comfortable.

Solar-powered stadium

Already no one doubts the benefits of solar panels. It is cost effective, environmentally safe and can be used anywhere. Many homeowners and businesses use solar energy as an additional source of almost free electricity and heat.

Scientists are developing a "smart" window that does not pass the heat

Apparently, air conditioners soon be a thing of the past. Thanks to the scientists from the University of London we stop sweltering and look cool on hot sunny days.

Soon technology will start to work on the sugar!

Sony has created an environmentally friendly battery (at this stage, it is a prototype) that runs on sugar.

Computers have learned to read manuscripts

Researchers at the UAB Computer Vision Centre have developed a new system of automatic recognition of handwritten notes that an order of magnitude more efficient and reliable than existing similar use.

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