iPhone 5 was named the worst of the high-end smartphones

One of the reasons for the recent decline in the value of Apple shares is the loss of the palm to the most important product line of the company smartphones.

Another new product from Apple can be worn electronics

The next big innovation from Apple can be carried on the body of technology, starting with "smart watches".

Kindle Fire HD has become the best-selling product on Amazon

According to the Amazon, the tablet Kindle Fire HD has become the best selling product for the holiday season, and became the most popular and sought-after gift.

The new material is lighter than air

German materials scientists from the universities of Kiel and Hamburg have created the lightest material in the world, called the airbrush.

German scientists have created a paint, cleaning the air

Experts from the Fraunhofer Institute have proposed a new method of air purification. His invention they presented at BAU 2013. According to German researchers, they have developed technology will make people’s lives healthier and longer.

Physicists have proposed a new method paleontologists study fossil

Physicists have developed a new method for studying the prints of ancient animals and insects, with which you can see all the elements of anatomy, invisible to the eye of man and invisible to the microscope.

Scientists have created a substance in the new magnetic state

Physicists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology succeeded in experimentally demonstrate that the substance can exist in a state of a quantum spin liquid.

Self priming bottle of NBD Nano

Technology experts "borrowed" from the beetles that live in the desert.

Biofuels will now be made of wood

Chemists at the University of North Carolina was able to produce bio-oil from wood. The latter may be used to produce many valuable products, including biofuels.

U.S. Department of Energy to increase the capacity and reduce the cost of batteries is 5 times

U.S. Department of Energy (MEA) has set a goal to develop over the next 5 years, energy storage technologies, which will be different in 5 times more capacity, and are 5 times cheaper than today.

Scientists have created a functional virtual brain

Chris Eliasmit for many years thinking about how to create a brain. The result of these reflections will be a book with instructions, in which he will describe the architecture of the gray matter and the interaction of the various components in it.

New discovery could revolutionize the field of semiconductor manufacturing

The all-new method of production of the smallest structures electronics allow thousands of times to speed up the process of making semiconductors cheaper. The discovery was published in the current issue of the journal Nature.

Collisions in the Large Hadron Collider unexpectedly gave birth to a new kind of matter

Collisions of protons with lead ions in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have led to an unexpected result in the form of new particles created in the collisions.

339 Gbit / s: a new record for data transfer

Physics from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have broken another record data rate.

The algae can digest cellulose into biofuels

Biologists have demonstrated the ability of single-celled algae feed on plant foods, like bacteria, fungi and animals. This feature of Chlamydomonas can find their wide application in the production of biofuels.

IBM has created a model of 530 billion neurons and 100 trillion synapses on a supercomputer

A computer model of Almaden, presented at the Supercomputing Conference 2012 was a pivotal step to translate into reality the cognitive computer DARPA program called Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics (SyNAPSE).

Scientists have developed an analog white noise to smell

This fragrance was given the title of white odorless. According to the description of researchers it is not pleasant, but not offensive.

Fujifilm Company will present an optical disc with a capacity of 1TB 2015

Compared to existing discs CD (700MB), DVD (5GB) and Blu-Ray (25GB), the new CD is not any comparison. Its size is 1 terabyte. FujiFilm company plans to release this optical disc in 2015.

A new scientific breakthrough will allow five times more capacity hard drives

New production technology, based on self-assembled layers nanouzorov, was brought to a level that meets the requirements of mass production. It will allow up to five times more capacity hard drives, compared to current models.

India introduced a new version of the cheapest tablet in the world

India has launched a new version of a laptop, who managed to get the glory of the cheapest in the world: its subsidized price of only $ 20. The new version has a faster processor and an improved battery.

New artificial muscles are 200 times stronger than human

The tiny artificial muscles by an international team of researchers who can boast 200 times more powerful than human muscle tissue of the same size.

According to the hypothesis Supersymmetries torpedoed

Researchers working with the Large Hadron Collider, have found one of the rare decays of particles in nature. This discovery causes a devastating blow to the theory of physics called supersymmetry.

NASA introduces 3D-laser printers sophisticated missile components

NASA engineers use laser 3D-printers for the production of metal parts, such as the components of a rocket engine of the next generation of carrier rocket, Space Launch System (SLS).

The bacteria convert sugar into jet fuel

Long-abandoned fermentation process once used to convert starch into explosives can get a second birth. Scientists from the University of California at Berkeley found that it can be used to create renewable diesel fuel used by vehicles.

The new world speed record set electric vehicle Nemesis

Rejecting the prevailing view of the slowness of cars on electricity, electric Nemesis raced on the racing track at 243 kilometers per hour.

Intel released the third generation of SSD drives

Intel has announced the launch of the third generation of SSDs business class that can boast grown by 15 times the speed of sequential write and to increase twice the speed of reading, compared with its predecessors.

Airless tires for mountain bikes

Company of Colorado presented to the public for their vision of the future in the wheel for mountain bikes, which do not need to pump up the air, and therefore will never have to patch punctures.

New discovery could double the operating time of smartphones

The developers of MIT said that they have developed the technology of power amplification independently selects the lowest possible voltage. This technology makes it up to 20 million times per second.

Bio concrete repairs itself from damage by yourself

Experimental concrete, which is self-plug the emerging cracks in it, will be tested in the open air.

Dutch highway will begin to glow in the dark since 2013

Smart roads that glow in the dark and illuminate the weather conditions, will be commissioned in the Netherlands since the middle of 2013.

Sweden will import garbage to produce energy

Sweden plans to import about 800,000 tons of waste each year, which will be processed into energy at specific plants.

India will thorium nuclear plant

Thorium reserves are 3-4 times higher than uranium, while it is less radioactive, which makes thorium reactors are much safer than conventional nuclear plants.

Algebra will increase the speed of wireless networks by 1000%

A team of researchers from MIT, Caltech, Harvard and several European universities, has developed a way to increase the performance of wireless networks in 10 times, not spending money on the number of wireless access nodes or increase the range of the signal.

In Britain, was launched on the oldest computer in the world

Nine years repairing old computers in the world were unsuccessful for two British engineers - Roger Holmes and Rod Brown.

Cassettes are returned in the storage device

Cassette tape returns as a device for storing huge amounts of information.

The French company

The novelty of the French company

Bank cards will replace the palm

Japanese bank Ogaki Keritsu first installed new ATMs in which to get the money do not need their bank cards. To perform banking transactions Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank customers enough to make a pack of hand to the reader, type your birth date and PIN.

New cardboard bike for just $ 12

Israeli engineer Izhar Gafni, who works in the field of industrial design, has always admired the prospects offered by the mixing of different technologies and materials.

Germany is paying an increasing price for refusing to nuclear power

Germany is experiencing a sharp jump in energy prices that followed the abandonment of nuclear power after the accident at Fukushima.

A bed with a headboard aquarium delights

Stunning master bedroom bed headboard which is made in the form of a huge glass arches filled with water and floating exotic fish, presented the furniture company

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