The new dual-purpose exoskeleton of NASA

New suit X1 weighing 26 kg, is capable of both hinder and facilitate the movement of your feet.

Wi-Fi-network data transfer can be replaced by light

Scottish company PureVLC decided to make a real revolution by developing a new method of wireless digital communications.

Ostrich pillow cushion for dining sleep improves productivity

Modern catalog pillows filled with "ostrich pillow" with holes into which you can put your head completely.

In critical situations, the aid will come "smart jacket"

In the framework of the EU to create a technology and communications equipment needed in emergency situations, students of the Faculty of Computer and Information Technology Norwegian University of Science and Technology has developed a "smart jacket ’ability to go to Facebook.

Air Force declassified U.S. plans for a flying saucer

Recently declassified documents of the Air Force United States, contain information about developments of ships like flying saucers in 1956.

Scientists have developed a mechanical horse

The company Boston Dynamics has announced that work on the improvement of the robot AlphaDog, known as the "mechanical horse" coming to an end. The new robot, whose main task is to carry goods for soldiers, is nearing completion.

The new material could replace silicon

Norwegian scientists were the first in the world to develop a method of creating graphene semiconductors. This discovery could revolutionize the industry.

Self-made space satellite is not reached the cosmos

Nineteen year old British student Adam Kedvortu managed to create a home-made space satellite and launch it into space.

Japanese scientists first synthesized the 113th chemical element

A group of Japanese scientists announced the long-awaited synthesis of the elusive chemical element by atomic number 113, ununtriya.

In Japan, banks operate ATMs issuing money without cards

The Bank of Japan began to be used with the environment ATMs that do not require the passbook or card for transactions. Just write the date of birth, and then attach to the sensor device hand, the bank says.

Opened the first free elektrozapravki

The company Tesla opened the first few refills, which will be part of a larger network elektrozapravok. These stations will be run entirely on solar power, so the filling is absolutely free.

The fish-robot entered the arsenal of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Taking the sample tirelessly floating in the ocean tuna, U.S. Department of Homeland Security has developed a fish-robot, which will carry out underwater patrol.

The new robot will replace the manual workers

The company Rethink Robotics unveiled a robot Baxter, who may be interested in manufacturing enterprises.

U.S. aircraft will be similar to the UFO

The U.S.Agency for Aeronautics and Space Administration in the United States has allocated Grand 100,000 dollars for the development of future aircraft.

Kaspersky Lab has cracked the password worm Flame

Researchers have cracked the password protecting the server from which the operation has been performed spyware worm Flame.

The most powerful microscope in the world allowed to see the chemical bonds between molecules

Pioneering research team at IBM’s Zurich published a picture of the molecules that are so perfect that they can see the atomic bonds between individual atoms.

The company introduced KeuView keyboard with display

The American company KeuView presented its new development in the form of a computer keyboard with a screen Smartype. It is designed for beginners recently begun to explore printing techniques and for everyone who prints slowly and stiffly.

Price of new materials 16GB iPhone 5 priced at $ 168

According to data published by UBM TechInsights, the price of the new A6 chip is $ 28, making it the most expensive component of the new iPhone 5.

A new silicon chip will enable the mass production of quantum computers

Scientists from Bristol University have developed a silicon chip, which will be the cornerstone of the mass production of miniature quantum chips.

The Large Hadron Collider for the first time in its history began smash protons with lead ions

Up until now, scientists at CERN collide identical particles at speeds close to the speed of light.

Created a robotic fish for pollution of the world ocean

Three years of continued experiments with fish-robot, designed to become an environmentalist.

In Germany, released the longest bus

The new vehicle is designed to carry passengers, was set up in the walls of the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany.

The new supercomputer of the Raspberry Pi and design LEGO costs less than $ 4,000

Computer engineers from Sauntgemptonskogo University have created a supercomputer from 64 Raspberry Pi single-board computers and designer LEGO.

A new model keyboard Logitech, which is not affected by humidity

Keyboard Logitech WashableKeyboard K310 - new product from Logitech - differs from his fellow complete lack of fear of water.

Scientists have developed a mini-motors for nano-satellites

Recently, in the near-Earth space has been derived a lot of tiny satellites that allow for simple and inexpensive scientific experiments in space.

Car lighter shades are more economical than cars of dark colors

Research conducted by American scientists from Lawrence National Laboratory, lead to the conclusion that the color of the car has a great impact on its economy. Car, painted in bright colors, consume less fuel and emit less harmful substances.

Number of wind energy 100 times the needs of all humanity

Wind energy on the planet is sufficient to provide the energy requirements of all mankind.

Intel introduced the next-generation Haswell

Can the Intel processors to reduce energy consumption by 41 percent? That such results can boast the new processors Haswell. This is the next generation of processors will be presented at the next Intel Developer Forum products in San Francisco.

Intel has tested a pioneering method of cooling servers

A new method of cooling servers from Intel was 90% more effective than the traditional one.

The device EyeRing make life easier for blind people

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, presented a prototype device that helps blind people to better orient themselves in space and make their lives.

Silicone robot changes its color depending on the environment

Experts at Harvard University have gone from the traditional methods of construction of artificial machines and created a new generation of robot with soft tissues, other means of conveyance.

Smartphones can be controlled by moving the eyes

The EyeTribe Danish company unveiled a working prototype of the device allows you to control a flatbed with eyes.

Physicists have broken the record distance quantum teleportation

Austrian physicists have been able to make the quantum teleportation of a record distance of 143 km.

The shortest laser pulse in the world will tell the secrets of quantum mechanics

The scientists, who set the record length of the laser pulse are hoping to use it to examine the smallest particles.

Charging a new battery requires only two dozen seconds

The main disadvantages of modern batteries are charging for a long time and a sharp drop in capacity over time.

Volkswagen has developed a model of the underwater vehicle

German automaker Volkswagen engineers have developed a new model of car Beetle, able to move under water. This prototype released in one instance, and made especially for the program channel Discovery, which tells about the underwater world.

Russia will develop a sea-based missile defense

Representative of the Ministry of Defence announced plans to develop Russia’s own program of sea-based missile interceptors, such as the American system Aegis.

Russia unveiled its Android-based OS

The Russian Ministry of Defense does not trust the operating system from Google, and released its own coded OS that resembles Android.

Scientists have created a living tissue stuffed with electronics, cyborgs

They are reduced in the same way as the real heart cells, but differ from them in one very important parameter: they skipped through the wires and transistors that monitor every electronic impulse cells.

Hacking the brain by means of an inexpensive headset

Scientists have demonstrated how to ’hack’ someone’s brains to learn, for example, PIN-code, using a cheap headset.

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