From disaster rescue a "miracle bubble"

A resident of the People’s Republic of China Zhongfu Yang came up with the ball, the main function of which is to rescue people during natural calamities and disasters.

Britain began selling miniature printers for smartphones

The UK has begun taking orders for mobile printers LittlePrinter cost 199 pounds.

A prototype of a flying bike from Star Wars

In this video you can see a live demonstration of a flying bike. It remains to wait lightsabers gold robot and hyperspace engines.

Journey to Mars, now you can take from the comfort of home

Interest in the mission of the rover Curiosity, made a successful landing on the Red Planet, is huge and because the U.S.

Wood pulp - the new miracle material

The most sensational new material boasts of lightness, strength, plus the conduct electricity. And, surprisingly, it has been known for a long time.

DARPA is investing in a pneumatic robot for military

In military operations, in addition to fighting arises themselves need to perform a variety of tasks.

Scientists have created ion thruster for small satellites

Ion engine size of a coin will soon be installed on the smallest satellites in space.

The new codec will reduce by half the size of video files at high resolutions

A new international standard for video compression has been presented today.

Controlled nuclear fusion could become a reality by 2030

Creating the world’s largest fusion reactor - this is an ambitious and costly undertaking. What are the difficulties to be overcome scholar, and what benefits it can bring to humanity?

Scientists have developed a robotic earthworm

Earthworms are moving along the ground alternately squeezing and stretching the muscles along the length of their bodies, moving forward with each new wave of these movements.

Quantum teleportation was first performed at a distance of 97 km on the open space

Sending signals through optical fiber - a reliable and rapid means of communication, but because of internal absorption and other effects, some of the photons is lost in a way that it becomes more critical, the smaller the total number of transmitted photons.

LiquidImage company prepared a gift for divers

The company introduced an underwater mask LiquidImage ExplorerSeries, which will be a boon for divers around the world.

Samsung launches new Galaxy Note supersized

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics announced the launch of supersized version of its smartphone Galaxy Note, designed to be another trump card in the battle with Apple for the multi-billion dollar market for portable devices.

Genes can be controlled by hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide does not exist only in the form are sold in pharmacies aqueous solution.

Scientists have learned to see through walls with Wi-Fi

British engineers from University College London, have developed a passive radar system that allows you to see through walls, through the use of signals Wi-Fi, which are generated by wireless routers and access points.

Evidence of the existence of the Higgs boson are becoming more

The probability of the existence of the Higgs boson, the experimental discovery of which was announced on July 4, was even higher.

Physicists have created a record small semiconductor laser

Scientists from the University of Texas at Austin, in cooperation with colleagues from Taiwan and China, have developed the smallest laser diode in the world.

DARPA satellites will create a zombie

This DARPA project reminds educational film with a touch of horror.

Google has started to provide free home internet

On Thursday, Google introduced a super-fast Web service as well as internet TV in Kansas City, as part of a pilot project to increase the availability of broadband internet.

Scientists have created the vessels of the fat from liposuction

Scientists Oklahoma found that stem cells removed from the fat obtained by liposuction suitable for growing blood vessels of small diameter which are necessary for bypass surgery on the heart.

Jumping from a height of 29 kilometers will help in the establishment of an emergency rescue in space

Austrian daredevil jumped from a balloon at an altitude of 29 kilometers above the Earth, another step closer to the so-called "space jump".

Scientists have created from the cells of the heart and silicone robot jellyfish

U.S.biotechnologists have created an unusual robot made of silicone and muscle cells of the heart, which in appearance resembles a jellyfish and floats at the same rate as its living counterparts, according to a paper published in the current issue of the journal Nature Biotechnology..

First created a computer model of the life cycle of the microorganism

Scientists from Stanford University and the Institut Craig Venter developed the first computer model of a micro-organism, a humble single-celled bacteria that lives in the human genital and respiratory tracts.

Scientists have created a 3D-model of one of the most common human viruses

Amazing new images and videos of the virus that causes most of all colds, were created using one of the fastest supercomputers in the world.

Combustion control is possible by means of sound DARPA has published interim results of studies of how to influence the fire with sound.

The ideal recipe foam is created in space

Any chef will confirm that the production of the perfect chocolate mousse - half science and half art. The fact that any culinary masterpiece is a work of art is difficult to argue, but not a perfect science mousse not get it.

Scientists borrow environmentally friendly adhesive in nature

Most of the things that surround man, glued together.According to scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute, this is bad, as in the manufacture of glue mainly used oil feedstock.

Bionic eye allows blind to find black-and-white vision of 576 pixels

After extensive theorizing, and the postulation of preliminary tests on animals, bionic eye has finally become accessible to people - first in Europe and then in the United States.

Silk can replace the refrigerator drugs

U.S. scientists have found a new method for stabilizing drugs - with the help of protein from the silkworm silk. Fine silk shell encapsulates the drug molecules can be stored function at high temperatures.

Hard Disk Jewel retain information for a million years

Sapphire hard drive will last a million years, which will solve the problem, so exciting archaeologists.

Nanotech coating for wound healing

Experiments on mice conducted by researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, have proved that for rapid healing of wounds and the prevention of infection can be used ultra-thin layer of a polymer containing impregnated surgical germicide.

The most sensitive dark matter detector was set at an abandoned mine

The most sensitive detector of dark matter in the world, Friday was set in an abandoned gold mine.

Graphene - self-healing material

A group of researchers from the UK, led by Konstantin Novoselov nobeliatom recorded an incredible recovery process graphene - carbon layer one atom thick - its own pre-damaged physical structure.

The new open video game console could revolutionize the video game industry

If you have not heard about Ouya, it is because at the moment, it only exists as a prototype. But the runaway public response to the message about this development, suggesting that not be long to wait translating this concept into reality.

Digital lights ensure safe driving in bad weather

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a new system for car head light.

Hidden scanners can read all the information about you at a distance of 50 meters

Over the next few years, the Ministry of National Security will be able to instantly receive all the information about your body, clothes and luggage with a new laser molecular laser operating at a distance of 50 meters.

Created display of air and water

Scientists from the UK and Finland have created a special material, which can create images and inscriptions with air and water. The mechanism of the air-water display, researchers have borrowed from nature.

New technology will make virtual money in online games, social networking real

New technology will make real money real. Online games on social networks will go for real money, thanks to the new platform, which was launched on Monday.

How can I control the robot over long distances?

A team of scientists from the Israeli Bar-Ilan University, led by Ori Cohen, using fMRI was able to control the robot, located at the Institute of Technology in France by signals of the human brain.

Scientists are equipped with temperature control jacket

The company promises to Ministry of Supply in the near future to launch men’s shirts on sale, which uses an unusual technology integrated thermal control, reminiscent of the cooling system used by NASA in space suits.

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