New windows will raise the spirits

Experts from the Institute for Silicate Research Fraunhofer Society are working to develop coatings for glass, which would be allowed to increase the transmission through the windows blue part of the spectrum of solar radiation.

Physicists have seen the shadow of the atom

Australian physicists have created a special camera, with which you can get high quality pictures shadow cast by a single atom at the time of irradiation with UV light.

In the U.S., will be available soon unusual elektrotsikly

In the United States this fall will begin selling single-seaters Eggasus - small, neprozhorlivyh, low-cost ... In short, the non-US.

DARPA is going to increase the efficiency of robotics by 2000%

Defense Advanced Projects Agency of the U.S.DoD (DARPA), is working on a project to develop a more efficient bipedal robots.

Physicists announced the discovery of the Higgs boson particle such

This finding serves as a signal the end of one of the longest and most expensive research into the history of science.

Creating artificial liver using 3D-printing

A breakthrough in the field of 3D-technology allowed U.S.scientists to create a matrix for the blood vessels.

Physicists have made the highest temperature in the history of mankind: 4 trillion degrees

Physicists at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, pushed together gold ions, creating a quark-gluon plasma, which existed in the first moments after the Big Bang in which the universe was formed.

Great shoes for super speed

French student Luc Fusaro has developed an innovative running shoes, while promising sprinters unmatched speed.

Having a baby for the first time photographed by magnetic resonance imaging

First made video of childbirth in the apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Christian Bamberg and a team from the Charite Hospital in Berlin, Germany, announced it reached in December 2010, but the video was posted to access until now.

The wings of insects have become a model for scientists to create an inexpensive biodegradable material

In today’s world, we are very dependent on the plastic.But this stuff, which is about 60 years old, has long been a reason for the huge number of waste.

Brain Simulator from Google: 16,000 processors to identify the cat

In the depths of a secret laboratory X of Google, which has received wide recognition for the invention of the automobile with autopilot and augmented reality glasses, for several years, work is underway to model the human brain.

The U.S. military will strike your opponents lightning strikes

Modern military lasers can incapacitate enemy spy satellites or vehicles. But in the future, the military hopes to adopt lightning, firing them at targets on the battlefield.

Scientists have created a plastic that simulates the eye of the moth

Singapore scientists are so inspired by the structure of the eyes of moths, which have developed by analogy with it a new high quality anti-glare plastic.

Construction of a vertical vessel is scheduled this year

This year kicks off construction of the vertical ship SeaOrbiter, a project that developed a French architect Jean Ruzhri.

You can control your computer with your finger in the air

A new original interface from a company Leap Motion, which makes it possible to control a computer just a finger in the air.

Riot police will change clothes in costumes of Spider-Man

All fans of comic books knows that superhero Spiderman can climb with ease, even on vertical surfaces. Such military superpowers would be useful, for example, to overcome obstacles or storm buildings.

Electron-dancing in the fire salamander

London chemists at the University College have discovered new qualities conventional flame that occur during combustion. They discovered new details of the interaction of the solid surface with a flame.

Scientists have discovered how the electrons become both heavy and fast

A team of Princeton University, has demonstrated how the electrons moving in certain solid materials behave as if they are a thousand times more massive than the free electrons at the same time becoming the fastest superconductors.

Top-level domain names are waiting for the completion of the largest in the history of

The largest conversion of top level domain names.

Undersea Laboratory translate into reality the novels of Jules Verne

In appearance, the boat can be easily confused with a UFO or a modern version of Captain Nemo’s Nautilus from the works of Jules Verne.

Develop DARPA will eliminate the need for hired workers for clothing

The new development DARPA fully automates tailoring.Next DARPA to develop fully automates the production process.

In Japan, invented the wonder of the paper, do not miss the radioactive radiation

Corporation "Toppan" (Japan), which is in the national market sales and production printing and printers in second place, has developed a special paper, do not miss the radiation. Today, there are reports from Japanese media (Tokyo).

Scientists have traced the system by which the plant produces coca cocaine

Press service of the German Max Planck Institute reports that for the first time scientists tracked the reaction of biosynthesis, which resulted in the plant coca cocaine is formed.

Upgrading the system of Internet addresses to happen this week

Internet will undergo a major upgrade this week, but if all goes as planned, the users may not even notice it.

Facebook users exposed to a vote privacy policy

Facebook website reported the largest social network in the world of Facebook has opened its users vote, hoping to get them to the approval of the new rules privacy policy.

The new virus is developed in computer games

Flame - a new complex cyber weapons, which forced the Ministry of Petroleum of Iran to shut down their rigs on the Internet - according to local media, it became clear that the virus is designed in the same programming language that was used to create the famous game AngryBirds..

Scientists have created a magnetic ekoholodilnik that runs on water

Scientists have created an economical refrigerator that works on the principle of magnetic cooling, this unit can cool the material to - 20,5 gr., While in the systems it instead of Freon and other "greenhouse" gases circulating water is what makes the technology environmentally safe, according to the portal ScienceNordic..

Open a new memory is 100 times faster than FLASH RAM

More advanced and cheap memristors could be the result of an accidental discovery at University College London (UCL).

Ultrasensitive sensor detects the disease in the early stages of

The new ultra-sensitive test developed by researchers from Imperial College London and Spain’s University of Vigo, has a huge potential to detect early stages of various diseases, thus giving a great chance to detect early signs of dangerous diseases in the first call to the doctor.

Scientists have invented a syringe without a needle

The research team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has developed a new device that delivers drugs through tiny jet streams that penetrate through the pores of the skin.

Scientists are investigating the safety of quantum dots

Primate experiments conducted to test the toxicity and biological safety evaluation of quantum dots have shown that they have no adverse effects on the organism of animals, at least during the first year after administration.

The first intercontinental flight on solar energy

Swiss aircraft Solar Impulse, which uses only solar energy, went to an intercontinental flight without a drop of fuel on board, the end point of which is Morocco.

Robotic arm controlled by thought paralyzed man

In April 2011, a paralyzed woman named Cathy Hutchinson, for the first time after almost 15 years, was taken with a cup of drink, using a robotic arm controlled by her thoughts.

Scientists have developed an electronic paper touchpad

Scientists from France and the United States have developed electronic paper touchpad.

Google search gets smarter

Technology called "Knowledge Graph" (Russo "Information Earl"), designed to distinguish different meanings of certain key words have been launched in the United States and eventually will operate around the world.

Is it possible to fly a spacecraft on the antimatter?

Spring has brought hope for staunch fans of the Star Trek saga that scientists currently working to build an antimatter engine, similar to that which results in a fictional spaceship - Enterprise, in any action movie.

Designed by the transition from the Internet to the integrated intelligence

The stagnation of the global social system is manifested in repeated financial, political, and ideological crises.

The rate of spread of smartphones and tablets are growing rapidly

Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone took nearly 40 years to achieve a spread of more than 10 percent of people in the U.S., but smartphones took less than five years to do the same.

Chinese physicists teleported photons over a distance of 100 km

We are accustomed to associate with science fiction teleportation, whereas in fact - it is no longer fiction.

Physicists have learned to produce electricity using viruses

American scientists have developed a new device that generates an electrical current through the mechanical deformation of the huge number of virus particles, and provided information regarding the assembly of such a source of electricity in the edition of Nature Nanotechnology..

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