Exit the next generation of memory will be held later this year

Memory manufacturers have already begun to send out the first samples of DDR4, and started preparing for mass production. The firm Micron announced May 7 the release of the first fully functional DDR4 memory strip in order to conduct the tests.

New batteries show the wonders of life and the capacity of

That’s been going on for more than 10 years, scientists are trying to improve lithium-based battery, replacing the graphite is one of the terminals on the silicon, allowing you to store 10 times more energy.

Anti-bacterial coating that removes up to 99% of bacteria

A simple coating may contain biological bullet, able to kill most persistent mikrobov.Polimernoe coating designed biomedical engineer Mary Chan of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and her colleagues, is already used on contact lenses of the two manufacturers.

Scientists create invisibility cloak made of silicon

Spherical silicon particles as small as a few hundred nanometers, according to scientists, may be part of invisibility cloak, a device that allows you to hide various objects in the visible wavelength range.

Created tissue, which can not stain

Australian scientists have developed a new fabric cover, which does not lend itself to pollution: it actively pushes away dirt, strong acids, grease and other contaminants.

Scientists from all over the world can look to the Chicago microscope at the same time

Scientists from Austria or from any other in the world can now be at one and the same time to look at the Chicago microscope in real time, taking part in the experiment, which is held in Feynbergskoy medical school at Northwestern University.

Self-healing concrete without cracks

Alan Richardson, a scientist from the University of Northumbria in the United Kingdom proposed to use for calcite (a crystalline form of natural calcium carbonate) bacteria Bacilli megaterium.

Energy saving light bulb with a 20-year lifetime

The first place superenergosberegayuschaya LED-lamp from the Dutch electronics giant Philips, which has a service life of 20 years, went on sale on Earth Day.

At CERN discovered a new particle

Physicists at the University of Zurich have discovered using the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a previously unknown particle composed of three quarks.

Software development from year to year is becoming easier

What is necessary for the computer program in order to identify, for example, your cat? Back in 2004, would require the help of staff of specialized software development to create such a control program on a personal computer.

Innovative device for smart phones with the function of disinfection and recharging

Smartphones now becoming one of the most common carriers of various bacteria and dangerous viruses that may be even worse than those that live under the toilet rim.

More than 125 million people have become users of "cloud" service iCloud

The number of users, "cloud" service iCloud, which provides storage and synchronization of data between different Apple devices now exceeds 125 million worldwide, as stated in its report Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer during a conference call, the theme of which was the outcome of the second quarter fingoda..

App Store surprised entertaining new application

Fragile Earth (Fragile Earth), a new program in the App Store, for products from Apple, released this week, is the epitome of a simple idea, and it actually works just as well - two or more pictures of the same place on the screen.

The new radar system "would get" a person out of the ground

Neither the darkness of the night, no rain wall, or dense fog, or even thick concrete walls will not help now hidden man of the new radar system security.

Pentagon revealed the details of a test flight at a speed of 20,900 km / h in a military strike on anywhere in the world in 1 hour

Disclosed the results obtained last summer, the trials of the new technology. This lightning-fast aircraft will allow the Pentagon to launch a military strike on anywhere on Earth in less than an hour.

Radar, "peeping" for the building, will be able to track vehicles in complex urban environments

Radar technology have become an ideal tool for calculating and tracking of specific goals, both in the sky and the sea, where the radar beam from nothing to hide.

The researchers split the indivisible electron on the quasiparticles

We used to talk about electrons as indivisible building blocks of atoms, subatomic elementary particles smaller type without their components.

Futurama is becoming a reality: Around the World in 6:00 in the vacuum tube

On assurances of developers, this new form of transport will take you from London to New York in just 45 minutes. Vacuum tube - a revolutionary new form of transport can be a reality in 10 years.

Geneticists have created a synthetic analog of the human DNA

Scientists at Cambridge University have managed to create a synthetic genetic material that can fully develop and maintain information for many generations in the same way as does the DNA.

Researchers have created a generator of electricity from live shellfish

In the coming era of cyber science revival of animals, as researchers have long been producing electricity using the power of the living creatures that can make the function, for example, the size of the tiny spy device or radio-sensitive sensors.

Technological Solution RF Wars

Famous U.S.telecommunications companies - AT & T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint strongly state that feel the need to increase the radio range of radio waves that are standardized by the government and maintain all telephone conversations, as well as provide the transmission of wireless data..

Realistic virtual spiders will help overcome arachnophobia

Researchers have developed a more advanced application of virtual reality, which will settle on your table a set of virtual realistic spiders of different sizes and color.

Created device warning of the occurrence of myocardial

Cardiologists have recently presented a unique device that can predict the onset of a heart attack, emitting special signals or switching to vibrate mode.

A revolutionary new technology for creating safe headphones

The genius of Stephen Ambrose sound, audio pioneer, who has collaborated with such foreign stars like Stevie Wonder, Bon Jovi and the band Pink Floyd, is constantly in search of new technologies to improve the quality of the sound.

Microsoft has started the countdown to the end support for Windows XP

Microsoft has announced the date of completion of the Support Windows XP operating system for personal computers, which was released on October 25, 2001 and 2006 were sold in the amount of 400 million copies.

3D-printers and a new industrial revolution

Peter Schmitt, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), published in 2009 hours. This was not a clock image on paper. He published three-dimensional clock with moving parts.

The Japanese taught flowers to express "emotions"

The scientists from Keio University have found a way to make the house plants to show certain "emotion" in response to being close to them as people.

View the live YouTube will be paid

Video YouTube has expanded opportunities for content partners, allowing the charge to all Internet users a pay-per-view live broadcast of various activities and events, thereby adding source to monetize (convert into a means of payment on legal grounds) of his service as betraying the RIA Novosti news agency, citing tehnoblog on TechCrunch..

Scientists have found that the water does not sink in oil

Australian scientists have recently made a surprising observation that openly contradict the established view that the water is drowning in oil.

Chemical methods of finding new drugs will be replaced by computer simulation

Researchers at the Free University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna (Austria) allowed a revolutionary new information on the molecular basis of receptor GABAA (GABA), which are an important class of receptors of the brain involved directly in controlling the level of excitation of neurons.

Scientists got alcohol from electricity

Experts from the University of California have discovered a new way to produce alternative fuels, converting electricity into chemical energy that is stored in the form of alcohol, is quite suitable for the implementation of the cars.

The ghost ship was found and sunk by the U.S. Coast Guard

The U.S. Coast Guard used a weapon in order to sink the Japanese ship without a crew that sailed to Alaska after a major tsunami in 2011.

The most sensitive detector of explosives in the world was established in Siberia

Scientists of the SB RAS has been developed in the world of the most sensitive device for the detection of explosives at a remote distance, which helps to detect how terrorists and their accomplices.

Lying on the eyes may be determined using computer

Scientists from the New York University at Buffalo have created a high-tech polygraph with a function that determine when a person is telling the truth, and when lying based on the movements of his eyes.

New 3D glasses simulate the 80-inch screen

Epson America company began shipping goggles on the basis of Android, which show or video game, literally in front of your nose.

Flying windmills could displace terrestrial model

Wind power industry may soon undergo a sea change with the advent of the wind turbine, which in appearance resembles a balloon.

Solar-powered plane will make its maiden flight

The aircraft is equipped with solar panels Solar Impulse, the first time fulfill its mission, following the route of Switzerland-Morocco, in just 48 hours.

Scientists have developed a new approach to thermal protection

We have all heard about the "invisibility cloak" that can hide objects from prying eyes, but what about the device that allows you to maintain a low temperature of computer chips?

A method for producing graphene in a dry ice

Scientists from the United States and South Korea have developed a cheap way to get a graph of dry ice. Their information, they published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

Owners electronics again faced with erroneous translation hours

Mobile phones and computers with an older version of the software translated wrongly time on Sunday for an hour forward, evidenced by the number of messages posted by users in social networks.

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