Web of copper for superior heat conductivity

U.S.researchers recently reported that the web is among three of the best heat conducting materials.

In Kenya, will create the largest wind farm in Africa

Construction of the largest wind farm in Africa to begin in June in an arid region of northern Kenya.

A new technique for creating full-color holograms

Japanese scientists have developed a unique way to create full-color holograms using surface plasmons.

Production of iPad costs more expensive

The new iPad is even more expensive to produce. Apple gets less profit from each new model of iPad. This is the conclusion research firm, compared the price of the components of the new and previous models.

A new measurement of the speed of neutrinos has denied earlier reports of an excess of the speed of light

An experiment to measure the speed of subatomic neutrino particles showed that they do not move faster than the speed of light.

A new way to produce solar panels will reduce their price by half

Startup Twin Creeks, specializing in solar energy, has developed a new method of production of photovoltaic cells on the price two times lower than the cheapest modern panels.

New optical chip processes information 1 terabit per second

In IBM created an optical chip data transfer rates of 1 terabit per second

The U.S. military has provided non-lethal thermal weapon

When the Active Denial System (ESS) is activated, it emits a high-frequency electromagnetic beam on a target at a distance of a kilometer.

New LED first converts electricity into light with an efficiency of 230%

Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a light-emitting diode, the electrical efficiency in excess of 100 percent.

Atomic clocks going exactly with the time of the universe

Scientists have proposed a new system for time, the principle of which is based on neutrons in the atomic nucleus.

First imaged the motion of atoms in a molecule

It was first obtained image vibration two atoms in the molecule with new ultrafast camera.

The strings of the violin spider silk

Japanese researcher has used thousands of strands of spider silk to create a whole set of strings for a violin.

Electricity from wastewater

U.S.researchers have developed a prototype device that can generate electricity from wastewater.

Novation camera allows you to change the focus to the already made three-dimensional picture

Lytro - a new camera that can change the focus to the already made photos, went on sale this week.

Computer mouse in the form of a glove extends the comfort zone

Another alternative to the standard computer mouse will soon be introduced to the market of computer technology.

IBM has made a breakthrough in the field of quantum computers

Researchers at IBM have reported the development supeprovodnikovogo qubit consisting of silicon.

Light instead of electricity: a first optical chip

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have demonstrated a new type of chip, in which electricity is replaced by light.

Huawei has released a new ultra-fast smart phone

Asian mobile giants Huawei and LG on Sunday introduced a new generation of super fast smartphones in an attempt to overtake the leaders of the global smartphone market Apple and Samsung.

Google-Points: internet, mail and phone in one

If you often lose your cell phone, a new development from Google will help solve the problem.

Exceeding the speed of light was a mistake due to a faulty cable?

Since September last year, scientists scratching their heads over the results of studies that indicate that neutrinos moving between Switzerland and Italy, with the excess of the speed of light.

New technology makes gestures in music

Some people talk with their hands, using sign language.A researcher from the University of British Columbia decided to prove that, thanks to modern technology and capabilities of computer design and simulation of "talking hands" can be in the literal sense of the expression..

The Pentagon has developed a weapon against flies

Employees of the Institute Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) at the University of Florida have developed a new effective trap for flies, designed for use by military personnel, according to a press release from the university.

Artificial leaves can become a new source of energy

The technology of "artificial leaf" could replace oil, providing energy vehicles, planes and cars.

Cockroaches and fungi have become material for producing electrical energy

A team of researchers led by Daniel Shersonom of Case Western Reserve University managed to get electrical energy, using as raw material cockroaches. Females species Blaberus discoidalis become an excellent experimental material for scientists.

Smart home, which takes care of its hosts

American engineers and designers have developed residential construction, which not only takes care of their hosts, but also can save energy.

A new method of recording speed drives hundreds of times

An international team of scientists has demonstrated a revolutionary new method of magnetic recording, which will speed up the processing of information in hundreds of times, in comparison with the speed of today’s hard drives.

The collapse in prices for solar panels can fuel a revolution

For solar energy firm reputation as an expensive pleasure.But already there are signs of radical change this state of affairs.

The new three-dimensional graphene electronics

In a study published in the journal Science, the Manchester team led by Nobel laureates, professors Andrei Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, literally opened up a new dimension in the field of research on graphene.

The inner voice of the person you can now listen

Neuroscientists from the U.S.recently announced that for the first time were able to make significant progress in reading a person’s thoughts and transfer them to a certain distance.

Does antimatter weigh more than matter?

What are the differences between the effects of gravity on matter and antimatter? Physicists at the University of California (Riverside city) intend to answer this question.

First discovered the quantum vibration in a large facility

Nothing in this world is not in a state of absolute rest.Even at absolute zero, when the thermal fluctuations of matter are frozen, quantum particles continue to vibrate.

Created microwave cloak - Invisible

American physicists of the University of Texas at Austin, published the results of work to create a cloak of invisibility.

Chemists have created a wrapper for an artificial cell

Chemists have made an important step in the creation of artificial life forms from scratch.

Superlens: on the threshold of a near-perfect lens

Superlens will let you see a virus in a drop of blood and will make it possible to improve and reduce the cost of goods in the field of electronics.

One step closer to controlled thermonuclear fusion

Using a heating system, physicists have succeeded for the first time in preventing the occurrence of instabilities, having developed an innovative technology, which is an important step towards the creation of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER)..

The supercomputer has split into two electron

With the Large Hadron Collider, physicists are confronted with each other thousands of protons and other elementary particles, to see what they are made of.

Particle Accelerator experienced as annihilator of radioactive waste

The European research team has done this week is an important step towards the development of technologies for utilization of highly radioactive and long-lived nuclear waste with the use of an unusual combination of a nuclear reactor and a particle accelerator.

Symantec anti-virus source code was stolen by hackers and published

A group of hackers managed to steal the source code of the basic anti-virus products known throughout the world of Symantec, maker of the anti-virus as Norton.

New material cleans the air at an unprecedented rate

If the purification of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere was easy, we would have already done.

Quantum mechanics has become visible to the naked eye

Cambridge team has created a semiconductor chip that transfers electrons into a quantum state that emits light, and is big enough to see all the naked eye.

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