Swiss chemists create a material with self-cleaning properties of the cheese rind

Cheese lovers know that fluffy crust milky color, which is covered with Camembert cheese not only gives it a tangy, spicy taste, but also protects the product from spoiling before it is ready for use, which is very similar to the function of plastic packaging for storing various foods.

Hackers plan to create its own global satellite network

Hackers at the World Congress of hackers (Chaos Communication Congress), which was held at the weekend, announced plans to build its own satellite communications network.

How much increased efficiency in fuel consumption cars over the past three decades?

Contrary to popular belief, the major auto manufacturers have managed to achieve a significant increase in fuel efficiency, thanks to advances in technology over the past decade.

Europeans accused Facebook in divorce

British provider of services for divorcing couples Divorce-Online co uk made a special study, which found that in 2011 one of the most common reasons for divorce in the UK called the wife of the activities of the social network Facebook.

Scientists have created a photoelectrochemical energy generators

Combining bio-and nanotechnology, scientists have managed to create a device that generates electricity from the solar beam at two times more efficient than their modern counterparts.

Iran conducted the first tests of nuclear fuel rods

Iran said Sunday that its scientists "tested the first nuclear fuel rod samples generated from uranium ore mined in the country," - according to the website of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran.

Discovered an unusually strong relationship between profitability and the likelihood of airline crash

The new study found that higher risk in those aircraft companies whose financial results are closest to their financial goals or remain at the same level.

China tests train at record speeds

China tested the train speed reaches 500 kilometers per hour.

Russian inventor has created an air monitor

The real revolution in the field of IT-technology invention committed scholar of Astrakhan. He first created and then significantly improved the air monitor, known as Displair.

3D technology without glasses will be presented at CES 2012

The company Stream TV Networks plans to introduce a line of products with the technology of 3D, which do not require special glasses.

Apple laptops will run on hydrogen

Apple has decided to create a notebook that would work on hydrogen fuel. According to specialists, the new technology will extend the life of the laptop battery life up to a few weeks.

Educational computer for $ 25 will be released in January

Large-scale production of computers at a cost of $ 25 will be launched in January.

Five predictions for the near future from IBM

IBM is now officially released a list of innovations that can change our life, work and communication in the next five years.

Scientists ride on metal "all-wheel drive nanoavtomobil"

An international team of European researchers managed to create a "nanoavtomobil" independently moving along the surface of the copper layer.

Electric vehicles refueled with liquid electricity

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology invented the technology, at times accelerating the process of charging the battery. Innovative design is based on the use of liquid material, which was called the

The Higgs boson is almost fallen into the hands of physicists

Scientists of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) held a conference on Dec.

In Russia recorded the longest DDoS-attack

Longest in the Russian DDoS-attack lasted 80 days 19 hours 13 minutes and 5 seconds. Computer attack was directed at the tourist site "Kaspersky Lab".

Why quantum cats so difficult to see?

Are there parallel universes? This is just one of the many intriguing questions of quantum physics.

Computer viruses will infect humans

Experts at American University Singularity predict that in the future there will be a computer virus capable of infecting humans.

Legendary computer game

A little more than ten years have passed since the advent of the virtual computer world of free and paid games.

Scientists at CERN have presented the first results of Higgs boson

Scientists presented the first results of the study Higgs boson using the Large Hadron Collider.

Bill Gates is going to create a new generation of nuclear reactor in China

One of the founders of Microsoft, Bill Gates confirmed on Wednesday the news about the negotiations with China to jointly develop a new and safer nuclear reactor.

NASA will create the most powerful telescope in the world, 100x times more sensitive than the Hubble

After a series of delays and billions of dollars of extra-cost, powerful space telescope named after James Webb is finally launched in 2018. The total project cost is estimated at $ 8.8 billion.

The researchers replicated the Strad

Vanishingly small number of ancient crafts remains beyond the reach of modern science.

Physicists are looking for a fourth neutrino

Physicists know that there are three types of neutrinos (and antineutrinos): electron, muon and tau neutrinos.

The researchers have developed a robot for brain surgery

The new robot will be able to do brain surgery 10 times more accurate than humans. Neurosurgeons will assist in the conduct of operations robot, which will carry out delicate operations on the brain.

Physicists have turned into an effective piece of plastic nanofilters

Physics with a solution of acetic acid and ultraviolet turned into a nanofiltration solid piece of polystyrene with a splash of organic glass, published in the journal Nature Materials.

Robots will be prison guards

At the request of researchers, robots will soon enlist in the South Korean prisons to ease the service of the people. They will be equipped with sensors that allow the determination of prisoners deviate from the norm.

Three-dimensional interface of the future developed in Russia

DisplAir - Russian company - has created a working prototype bezekrannogo touchscreen.

A system of control rain clouds

Physicists were able to create a model that allows you to control rain clouds.

In the next generation of contact lenses will be embedded display

New contact lenses allow them to read the displayed text and email, or even improve the appearance of the surrounding reality - just as it happens in science fiction movies. These new lenses have recently successfully passed the test on animals.

A new kind of self-healing plastic showed his practicality

The all-new plastic, which easily recovers from scratches and damage can be incredibly useful in the manufacture of paints, and, for example, automotive parts and / or sailboats.

The study refuted the data exceeds the speed of light

An international team of scientists studying neutrino particles that give the impression of moving faster than the speed of light, denied struck the world of science discovery. Conducted their experiment showed that there was a mistake.

The updated set of experiments, all the neutrino is also moving faster than light

The study, the results of which are contrary to the special theory of relativity, were repeated. At this time, were considered potential sources of error.

Scientists create light from vacuum

Scientists at Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) managed to create light from vacuum.

Russian camcorder produces thousands of fines per hour

The new advanced radar, which is capable of tracking 32 cars at one time, will enforce traffic regulations in the United States.

In China, on the slope of a high mountain trail built glass

"Air Path" erected on Mount Tyanmen (Tianmen) in Zhangjiajie (Zhangjiajie), China, at an altitude of nearly 1,400 meters above sea level, in any case, is not designed to walk people nervous.

Taiwan is installing subsea seysmonablyudeniya

Official Taiwanese authorities said on Monday the launch of the first undersea seismic observation system capable of preventing the start of an earthquake or tsunami.

The darkest substance on earth absorbs almost all the light

Engineers at NASA have created a new material that absorbs more than 99 percent of the light falling on it.

Castles in the desert - satellites discovered in Libya traces of ancient cities

Thanks to satellite imagery, archaeologists have discovered new evidence to the existence of the lost civilization of the Sahara in the south-western uninhabited deserts of Libya, which will help to rewrite the history of the country.

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