Plastic bottles solve housing problems in Nigeria

The idea certainly seems very strange at first glance: to collect plastic bottles of water that clog up the roads, canals and gutters and Nigeria to settle in them. Not literally, of course, but almost.

India plans to create a safe thorium nuclear reactors

Replacement of uranium at a relatively low-carbon, low-level thorium can afford to make a breakthrough in the field of energy generation.

Scientists have increased a thousandfold by artificial muscles

New carbon nanotubes are able to contract with the power of the electric motor.

Czech Republic intends to become an energy hub of Europe

The Czech Republic intends to use its favorable geographical position and become a nuclear hub of Europe, which seek to ensure its energy security.

The most powerful laser in the world to break the vacuum of

The laser power which will be enough to break the very fabric of space will be created in the UK, as part of a major new research project that aims to answer some of the most fundamental questions about our universe.

The new technology will reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of solar panels

Photovoltaic cells, which are the heart of solar power industry should be tested for mechanical strength, oxidized, go through the procedure of calcination, purified, diffused, etched and deposited on the substrate layers.

The new technology will turn any surface into a touch screen

Do you want to be able to use the touch screen without taking your phone out of his pocket? Researchers at Microsoft have developed two new touchscreen interface that lets you turn any surface into a touch screen or control the phone without taking it out of his pocket..

Regular salt will increase the capacity of hard disks six-fold

Singaporean scientists have found an unusual use for table salt, which, they said, would cope with the increasing demands for more and more capacious storage media.

Titan will be the fastest supercomputer in the world

The company Cray Inc. entered into a contract to upgrade the U.S. Department of Energy supercomputer, Jaguar. It will be the fastest computer on the planet.

The phenomenon of neutrino cracked due to the special theory of relativity

The relativistic motion of hours on board GPS-satellite was the cause of the superluminal effect.

Rainwear made of cloth with the property of self-healing

The first step has been made by scientists towards the development of waterproof fabric clothing that can repair itself by eliminating various injuries.

New theories contradict statements about exceeding the speed of light

Only a few weeks after the publication of the results of the sensational experiment OPERA, according to which the muon neutrinos exceeded the speed of light, which was the subject of heated debate in the scientific community.

Small unmanned space plane discovered ancient royal burial

Miniature drone has helped archaeologists to make the images to create a 3 D-model of an ancient burial mound in Russia, as the scientists reported.

How Twitter tracks our mood: We found the happiest hours of our lives

Investigation of posts on Twitter revealed that millions of people wake up happy but become more gloomy during the day.

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded the discoverer of quasicrystals

Before committing them to this discovery, this structural form was considered impossible and was the subject of heated debate.

The Nobel Prize in Physics went discovered the accelerating expansion of the Universe

Three researchers who discovered that the universe is expanding at an ever increasing speed of the Nobel Prize.

Large particle accelerator in the United States was stopped after 25 years

Powerful particle accelerator in the United States, who was one of the largest particle collider in the world, and nearly a quarter century was the largest in the area, was closed on Friday.

Self-cleaning cotton pesticides and destroys bacteria

Scientists from the University of California at Davis recently reported that they were able to develop a cotton cloth with self-cleaning properties.

Exceeding the speed of light: fact or measurement error?

In response to the evolving wave of interest of scientists around the world to experiment OPERA, published an article describing the experiments that have shown that neutrinos moving faster than the speed of light.

A new method of wastewater treatment textile industry

Staining of textile products is one of the most dangerous aspects of the environment in the textile industry.

A new concept bike from Ford smartphone with a built-

Company Ford Motor Company has demonstrated the concept of E-Bike at the Frankfurt auto show.

Floating city - the city of the future

This is similar to something out of a James Bond movie, but a British firm believes that it is a floating structure can become a project of the future, which will allow people to live in the open sea.

South Korea launches military aircraft radar

South Korea launches military aircraft radar after a new outbreak of techno confrontation with North Korea.

Open access journal or a revolution in the world of scientific publications

Universities from Britain to California and refuse to renew costly subscription, passing on the publication in the "public domain", which are freely available on the Internet, with the only restriction that is mandatory quoting of use.

Around the world in 60 seconds as the Earth looks like from space

It took Phileas Fogg 80 days in which to go around the world, but thanks to technological advances, we can do that in just a minute.

As watching television affects the brain?

Is viewing Sponge Bob "reduces the ability of children to think"? Could this "damage children’s brains"? As published in the Los Angeles Times investigation - maybe.

The new method of purification of waste water using glass

Scientists have found application UK waste glass which is not suitable for re-transmission processing, but will assist in the cleaning of contaminated water to remove lead, cadmium and other toxic metals, like ion exchange filter.

A new type of glue will create 1,000 times faster computers by 2013

Computer maker IBM is working with the company for the production of adhesives, to create a computer-skyscrapers, which will consist of multiple layers of silicon chips lying on top of each other.

New camouflage technology for military vehicles

According to the company BAE Systems, they have developed masking system can make objects invisible, or even disguise them under distanced items to protect them from attack.

The teenager made a brilliant discovery watching the trees

Illumination of such order can be expected from an educated professor, not Aidan Dwyer, a 13-year old student.

Bulletproof human skin made from milk and spider webs

Jalil Essaydi decided to test the limits of human strength with milk obtained from a hybrid spider and goats.

Russia unveiled its first fighter "Stealth"

On Tuesday, Russia presented to the public its first stealth fighter jets took off the veil of mystery from secret project, which will be a cheaper alternative to an American jet aircraft.

Industry synthetic revolution

Modern synthetic genomics at the same time combines the advanced techniques of chemical synthesis of DNA, using the huge computational power for the design of new sequences of nucleotides.

Developed an electronic chip, integrated with a skin

The team has announced today that they have committed a discovery that may forever change the world of electronics.

The U.S. military will experience the fastest plane in the world

The unmanned aircraft called Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 can fly from London to Sydney in just an hour.

The Pentagon will develop a silent drones

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency (IARPA) will develop a silent drones next generation.

Invented the device in the form of a credit card putting an accurate diagnosis for only $ 1

Portable device for blood analysis, which is capable of diagnosing the infection in just a few minutes, has been named a breakthrough in the field of HIV and AIDS in developing countries.

Scientists have learned how to manipulate light as electricity

Engineers in the field of electrical engineering from Duke University have developed a material that allows you to control the light as well as electronics allows you to manipulate electrons.

Developed a flexible nanoelectronics that can be attached to any material

Researchers have developed a new method Stanford nanoelectronics attachment to the surface of virtually any material, whatever its form.

China has made a technological breakthrough in nuclear power

Chinese authorities have reported the establishment of its first fourth generation nuclear reactor. The new technology will reduce the dependence on imported uranium.

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