Drug-resistant tuberculosis win vitamin C

U.S.researchers have found that the bacteria in the laboratory, "Koch’s bacillus", causing the development of drug-resistant tuberculosis die from the effects of vitamin C.

Scientists have found new in humans the immune system

Microbiologists are confident that contained in the mucus viruses, destroy dangerous bacteria.

Fans of beef and pork more than the others at risk of diabetes

Men often self-indulgent pork or beef, 1.4 times the risk of developing diabetes. These are the findings of Japanese researchers, who published their information on the official website of the National Center for Cancer Research.

Scientists have named the most effective vitamin against infections

U.S.scientists have found that the most powerful and effective vitamin that helps the body to resist all kinds of infections is vitamin B3.

Drinking alcohol leads to disturbed sleep

Many people know how bad sleep at night after the feast, accompanied by a great feast.

Scientists warn that the laughter and noise hazardous to health

Scientists have recently made a very disappointing announcement that the laugh in spite of a well-known fact is not always prolongs life, at times, it can be a potential threat to her.

7 minutes of fitness a day is enough to achieve the perfect figure

American experts from the College of Sports Medicine believe that fitness training only 7 minutes a day can help a person achieve the ideal forms. The experts identified 12 of the most effective exercises for this mode of training.

Antidepressants can cause infection of the gastro-intestinal infections

Recent studies have shown that antidepressants increase the chance of contracting deadly bacteria of the genus Clostridium.

Scientists have cloned the first human embryo

The process is identical to that used for the cloning of Dolly the sheep in 1996, was no less effective for people.

Depression increases the risk of stroke in women older than 45 years

Emotional disorder called depression that occurs in women aged 45 years and older nearly 2.5 times increases the chances of suffering from a stroke, said researchers from Australia, who published their work in the next issue of the journal Stroke, the American Heart Association..

Drinking sweet drinks leads to the formation of kidney stones

The results of research conducted by scientists from the U.S., have shown that sweet soda increases greatly the likelihood of developing kidney stones. The information published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

Extra weight changes the character of the person

Specialists of the National Institutes of Health conducted a study which has allowed them to establish that the increase in body mass index helps to ensure that his personal qualities are also changing.

Features of the immune system of women allow them to live longer

Japanese researchers have found an explanation for why the life expectancy of women more than men.

Australian doctors revived the man 40 minutes after death, with the help of new technology resuscitation

39-year-old Colin Fielder, of Victoria, Australia, was clinically dead for 40 minutes, then was revived by a new method of resuscitation, which doctors have used the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne.

Depression disrupts the biological clock

Scientists from the U.S.have shown that people suffering from clinical depression, jet lag occurs at the cellular level, according to the portal Medical Xpress.

Will help reduce the weight of a modest breakfast

Reducing the morning portion of food would greatly lose weight.

Recognized as the most useful vegetable cauliflower

Nutritionists from the United States issued a statement that among all the vegetable cauliflower is very useful for health as it contains almost all the human body vitamins and minerals.

Restore the bone to help complete abstinence from alcohol

Scientists from Austria found that the restoration of lost bone mass is possible with the total elimination of the use of alcoholic beverages in conjunction with the regular classes in the gym or intense exercise.

The benefits of sunlight is much higher than the negative effects of

Health benefits of moderate tanning is much greater than the risk of developing skin cancer, according to scientists.

"Vampire injection" will solve the problem of baldness

Specialists of the International Research Fund hair together with scientists from the University of Brescia Medical Center and researchers at the Hebrew University managed to grow a bald spot on the full hair.

The human psyche is not affected by the moon

A group of Canadian researchers in the field of psychiatry at the University of Laval, led by Professor Genevieve Belevil, tried to figure out the connection between lunar phases and the number of patients diagnosed mental disorder.

Scientists: good to drink orange juice for breakfast

New day, scientists do not recommend starting with a cup of coffee and a cup of warm water. They say that breakfast is the most appropriate drink orange juice.

Vitamin D can be hazardous to health

The specialists at Johns Hopkins University found that vitamin D in large quantities, not only useful, but also can harm your health.

Polluted air can cause the development of atherosclerosis

The impact of air pollution on the human body for a long time, accelerates the development of atherosclerosis, "polluting the arteries", as shown by a new U.S.

Down with gray hair: Scientists have found a way to reverse the process of graying back

The familiar attribute of old age - gray hair, may soon be only a memory. European scientists have found a way to regain the natural color of the hair, without the need for application of paint or a trip to the hairdresser.

Top 5 myths about fitness

There are widespread beliefs about sports, which are in fact nothing more than a myth.

Fruit will help to keep the stomach healthy

Health stomach due not only diet, it is also dependent on the neuronal stress and experiences.

American scientists have found in lipstick toxic doses of metals

U.S. scientists believe that more than 30 different kinds of lipstick manufacturers of heavy metals is much higher than normal. To such conclusion experts have come after found in samples of cosmetics aluminum, cadmium, chromium and lead.

Scientists have discovered a region of the brain responsible for the aging process

Throughout its existence, mankind has sought to find the secret of eternal youth. The new discovery scientists can bring us a step closer to unraveling the secret of it.

WHO is concerned about the new avian flu virus H7N9

The World Health Organization has expressed its concern over the fact that H7N9 - a new type of bird flu, which is rampant in China, may threaten the health of people around the world.

Scientists have uncovered the foundations neyromolekulyarnye "illusion of superiority"

A group of Japanese and American researchers, following a large-scale interdisciplinary research aimed at studying the cognitive distortions, still known as the "illusion of superiority," revealed the neural and molecular mechanisms that are the basis of its formation, and the possibility of treatment of depressive realism.

Early pregnancy reduces the risk of breast cancer

Swiss researchers found that the risk of breast cancer in women is twice reduces the birth of a child under the age of 20 years.

Modern antibiotics increase the resistance of microbes

German and British researchers after conducting several studies have established that the stronger the properties of modern antibiotics, the better is the adaptation of microbes in the human body.

Scientists have found a hormone that is to defeat diabetes

The hormone, which may in the future will treat 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, was discovered by experts from the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI).

6 foods that can impair the quality of sex

U.S. researchers have compiled a list of foods that significantly reduce the quality of sex, and from which it is better to abstain before going in amorous pleasures, according to foreign media.

Risk of moderate alcohol consumption

The researchers found that even moderate amounts of alcohol (66 grams of vodka a day) results in 6000 of cancer deaths in the U.S. alone.

Chile pepper is struggling with migraine

Chinese scientists have recently shown that chili peppers provide protection against cardiovascular disease.

Israeli doctors do not recommend frequent bathing

Israeli experts in the field of medicine, issued a statement that can harm human health too often taking baths and showers. This, according to physicians, significantly reduces the body’s natural immunity.

Depression can be contagious

U.S. researchers have found that the way people think, which gradually leads to the development of depression, can be transmitted to those who are in their environment, according to Journal of Clinical Psychology.

Top of the most dangerous spirits

Experts from the Medical School at Indiana University conducted a small study examining the phenomenon of addiction to alcohol person.

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