White mushrooms help to lose weight

White mushrooms are a great alternative to red meat and contribute to weight loss.

Dark chocolate slows the aging process

British scientists carrying out numerous experiments and studies have led them to discover the components contained in dark chocolate, which slow to a large extent some aging processes of the human body.

Hair talk about the level of stress

Dutch researchers found that levels of the stress hormone - cortisol, can be determined by analysis of hair. This way you can find out how much a person is under stress.

Immunity of the person depends on his nationality

Nationally race affects largely on the immune response to the vaccine or medicine - are the conclusions of scientists from several universities who have studied the conditions for the formation of antibodies to a particular disease.

British surgeon uses as anesthesia favorite films of patients

Many patients expect with horror the day of surgery or some other procedure.

Nanosponges able to absorb toxins in the blood

The research team at the California Institute of San Diego has created a ’nanosponges’ which are capable of removing a wide class of toxins from the blood, including the bee and snake venoms, and even Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRS)..

Scientists circumcision protects men from HIV infection

The procedure for removal of the foreskin provides protection against sexually transmitted infections, reducing the risk of infection by about half. However, the cause of this phenomenon, scientists were able to explain only now.

Meditation allows the brain to control body temperature

Researchers have reported that the brain is capable meditating control body temperature. This discovery will introduce methods of enhancing the immunity to fight against infectious diseases.

Scientists: alcohol in moderation is not contraindicated in pregnancy

Drinking alcohol in small amounts during pregnancy has a negative impact on the physical and mental development of the child, reports the journal BJOG.

Normal skin cells converted into functional brain cells

As reported by researchers in an article published in Nature Biotechnology, normal skin cells have been transformed into the cells of the myelin, which leads to lack of disease multiple sclerosis.

Stress renews the brain cells

The specialists of the University of California at Berkeley found that short-term stress has a beneficial effect on the brain.

Scientists: carrots is beneficial for prostate cancer

British researchers say that regular carrots could become a new weapon in the fight against prostate cancer, according to the publication Daily Mail.

The teenager grew by 12.7 cm in one night

After surgery to straighten the spine 14-year-old Englishman has grown in just one night at 12.7 centimeters. Now, having died of severe scoliosis, a boy can feel like a complete human being.

Beet juice helps beat high blood pressure

British researchers found that one glass of beetroot juice a day can help to cope with hypertension. The work of scientists was published in the journal Hypertension.

Scientists have compiled a list of the nine most useful drinks

The human body is known to consist of 60% of liquid.Water, enriching it with oxygen cells, daily updates them, thereby preventing obesity.

Alcohol in the end of the day cause obesity

Many people have become accustomed to relax at the end of the day, using such low-alcohol beverages, such as wine or beer.

Chips are addictive, like drug

German experts have found that potato chips are addictive, which is similar to the drug.

IQ women affects the health of men

Swedish researchers found that men who are married to smart women are healthier.

The human body itself regulates the intake of salt

The scientists from the United States in the new study has found that the human body is capable of detecting an excessive amount of salt in food alone. Too salty food for a person simply becomes extremely unpleasant to the taste.

Kiwi normalizes blood pressure and prolongs life

Many people know that the kiwi fruit contains large amounts of vitamin C. However, in this its beneficial effects do not end there. Tropical fruit, as we are assured doctors, is a unique natural source of positive mood.

Gold ornaments cause a person to depression

It has long been known that gold is not an ordinary metal, so the scientists do not cease to study and analyze its properties.

Modern people age 15 years faster than their ancestors

Scientists have expressed their concern about the fact that modern humans marked by lower levels of health than their ancestors.

Coffee reduces breast size

Women - kofemankam that without coffee can not live a day, you should prepare for the fact that over time their breasts will be less.

French scientists have urged women to give up Bra

Many women are concerned about the issue: what you need to do to his chest for a long time remained firm and did not sag? Scientists from France are advised not to wear a bra.

Brain scans can measure the level of pain

Scientists are reporting a new study in which pain was "seen" on the scans of the brain, and for the first time measured the intensity of pain and the effectiveness of analgesic effects.

Green coffee beans protect against diabetes

U.S.chemists green coffee beans have discovered some compounds from the class of chlorogenic acids are able to reduce to a certain degree of glucose and other sugars in the blood of people with diabetes.

The heart, lungs and blood person able to sense odors

Nose as recently scientists have found, is not the only body feeling enticing aromas of coffee, chocolate and freshly baked bread. This "ability" to have more and internal organs such as the heart, lungs, blood.

Rosemary has a positive effect on memory

The strong scent of rosemary essential oil helps to improve memory.

Egg protein is struggling with hypertension

Chinese researchers have found that egg protein lowers blood pressure, prepyatsvuya development of hypertension, no worse than some drugs.

The German beer detected excess arsenic

Specialists at the Technical University of Munich recently reported that they found elevated levels of arsenic in several varieties of beer, which is made in Germany.

Migraine reduces the risk of breast cancer

Migraine is a genetic disease, which currently suffers from one in four women.

The cause of the negative impact of red meat on the heart

The discovery by scientists in red meat chemical helped them explain the fact why people who eat a lot of steaks, minced meat and bacon, more frequently than others to suffer from heart irregularities.

The lack of "sleep hormone" is the development of diabetes

The hormone melatonin is produced in the brain, the pineal gland or epiphysis.

British schoolgirl who ceases not to hiccup, puzzled doctors

Young resident of the United Kingdom Emily Marsh became famous for its mysterious illness - a girl all the time hiccups.

Low testosterone results in the development of arthritis in men

The development of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in men can be caused by low testosterone levels. This was reported by Swedish researchers, the publication reports The Times of India.

Affects the quality of sex life

It has long been known fact that the pleasure that a person receives during sex to have a positive effect on his mental and physical health.

Cocaine addiction will be treated with laser

Scientists from the National Institute of Health and Research Center in San Francisco managed by stimulating certain areas of the brain with a laser beam to rid rats from cocaine addiction, and vice versa - to cause drug dependence in healthy rats.

Unusual cataracts appeared in the eye after hitting the Austrian

The punch was the cause of cataract from a resident of Austria in the form of stars.

Brisk walking usefully run

As running and walking have their strengths, but the latter reduces the risk of heart disease is greater for the same energy consumption.

Balding men are more prone to heart disease

In men with severe symptoms of alopecia, increased by one-third the risk of coronary heart disease. On women, it does not apply. This statement was made by Japanese scientists, said the publication The Telegraph.

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