What happens to the brain during times of stress?

Scientists have described in detail how the molecular mechanism allows the brain to "digest" the negative emotions.

Can recover the egg?

In the scientific community is still ongoing debate about whether the egg can be generated throughout life.

In South Africa, the child was operated on in the womb

Surgeons Clinic Durban’s Umhlanga Hospital in South Africa conducted a unique operation, saving the life of a toddler who was still in the womb.

Alcohol in moderation will save from arthritis

Drinking alcohol in reasonable quantities reduces the likelihood of developing rheumatoid arthritis. New findings were published recently in the journal British Medical Journal.

Scientists have found a way to recover the lost memory

Many people, especially the elderly, do not know firsthand what is memory loss. Experts from the University of Heidelberg have found a way to pay the deterioration of memory with age, at least in rodents.

Scientists have created a vaccine against obesity

U.S. scientists are one step closer to the creation of the first in the history of the modern vaccine for obesity. Its principle of operation is in the stimulation of the immune system that affects the body, causing it to maintain harmony.

In space, slowing down the aging process

Caenorhabditis elegans worms have puzzled scientists: while on the orbiting space station in nematodes slowed down the aging process.

Cancer cells can win

As you know, onkokletki all the normal mechanisms that control cell life cycle, lose their effectiveness.

Flying in the clouds is good for health

For an adequate perception of the world and effective assimilation of information, the brain must sometimes break from the ongoing communication and information flows.

Coffee and cola prevent the development of cancer

The research, conducted by experts from Harvard Medical School, shocked all supporters of good nutrition. It turns out that foods rich in caffeine, reduce the risk of developing a type of malignant disease - a basal cell skin cancer (carcinoma).

Toxoplasma encourages women to suicide

According to statistics, women, patients with toxoplasmosis, one and a half times more likely to attempt to take their lives, choosing this more brutal ways.

What foods help save a heart?

People who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, are obliged to adhere to the diet.

Sex - the best way to healing of soul and body

Summer - it’s not only a long time to vacation and holidays, but also a time of romantic, adventure and hot nights of love.

Algae will protect teeth from decay

Algae are better able to protect teeth from decay person than toothpaste throughout life. This discovery was made for myself recently, British researchers at the University of Newcastle.

Camoudovletvorenie brain causes back pain

Chronic back pain that lasts for years, has less to do with diseases of local nerves or muscles, but with the increase in the activity of two brain areas, one of which controls the sense of satisfaction and the emergence of a man of pleasant relationships..

In the United States allowed the HIV test at home

It became known that the United States Federal Office for Quality Control of Food and Drug Administration has authorized the implementation of the world’s first rapid test to at home to determine whether a person is infected with HIV, as reported by the BBC BBC..

Callanetics - the secret to a flawless figure

The statement "The great and mighty Russian language" is an undeniable truth.

Scientists have created a genetic vaccine against smoking

Scientists were able to create a genetic vaccine against smoking, which provides a constant presence in the body of anti-smoking antibodies, which are other ways to ensure that vaccination could not.

The cause of hiccups

What is a hiccup, he knows, of course, everyone, why and where it occurs exactly known to few. To answer this question, we have to look inside our bodies, and to understand some of the device, and its systems.

The development of the baby slows down when the woman is long in one spot during pregnancy

Woman during pregnancy should not stand for a long time in one place, because it can slow a child’s development in the early years of his life after birth with some fairly adverse effects.

The muscles appeared long before vertebrates

Scientists have long been studied in detail the structure of muscle cells and the contractile machinery, especially in vertebrates, but the history of the development of muscle tissue remains largely mysterious.

Radioactive patch to protect against skin cancer

At the annual meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine was presented to the original treatment for the most common cancer - skin cancer. We are talking about radioactive patch.

Extra weight lowers testosterone levels in men

In men with testosterone overweight activity decreases, which leads to more accumulation of fatty deposits. It turns out that to solve this problem is very simple: help in this testosterone injections to get rid of obesity without exercise.

Migraine is due to mutations in the X-chromosome

Scientists have found a region of the genome, in which the mutation is one of the causes of migraines.

Short-term stress enhances immunity

Scientists from Stanford followed up by immune cells during short-term stress, on the basis of which concluded that, contrary to popular belief, the short stress has a positive effect on the immune system and increases its willingness to defend the body..

Spinach helps build muscles

Nitrate, which is found in spinach and other vegetables in its natural form, increases muscle strength. Scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden have identified two proteins whose production is stimulated by the preparation of the nitrate.

What foods are harmful to the health of your teeth?

It is unlikely that many often think about the question of how the food we eat, harming our teeth.

New particles can not live without respiratory

Scientists have invented a way to manage without external breathing.

Being overweight puts people at risk throughout the life of the planet

The total weight of the entire adult population of the planet is almost 290 million tonnes, of which 3.5 million are due to being overweight, and 15 million - obesity and all of those extra pounds need to be fed.

Scientists have created a cure for anger

Scientists have found receptors in the brains of mice that cause excessive aggression, and managed to block them, thus completely disable the "extra" emotion.

The experiments confirmed the possibility of securing knowledge in a dream

The average American spends 7.6 hours of sleep per day, which is about 8333 days for the lifetime. What if we learned how to use it all the time to good use, such as learning to play a musical instrument or a foreign language?

Even minor physical activity reduces the risk of breast cancer

Researchers at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, found that even a simple physical exercises performed regularly in women before, during and after menopause may prevent the development of breast cancer, if the monitor at the same time and your weight..

Consumption of spinach helps to prevent cancer

Regular consumption of green product helps to ensure that the cells of the human body there is a special barrier to carcinogens that are formed in some foods in potsesse cooking.

Cosmetics can cause the development of obesity and diabetes

Scientists say that the chemicals phthalates, which are widely used in the manufacture of cosmetics, cause obesity.

Frozen eggs are good for health

Researchers at Purdue University have made an interesting discovery: they found that the rapid cooling of eggs doubles their shelf life and reduces the risk of human disease.

The information is stored in parts of the brain

When a person learns a map, the brain retains its not a big piece, and distributes into several fragments, each of which is activated as required. Scientists believe that the same fragmentation of the subject, any information entered into our memory.

Hormone of love will heal from addictions

Australian scientists at Sydney University offer a completely new way to treat drug and alcohol addiction, arguing that already have achieved encouraging results.

Scientists could stop aging, if not ...

Scientists from Osaka University found a protein which has a direct effect on human aging and even found a way to influence it, allowing virtually stop the aging of cells, and hence the human body.

Cancer will be diagnosed by the tears

Australian scientists said that human tears can be diagnosed in his breast and prostate cancer, as well as to identify predisposition to the emergence of these diseases.

Biologists a vaccine against cocaine addiction based on virus

American microbiologists a vaccine against cocaine addiction, based on harmless to the human body adeno-associated virus - transporter genes that help produce the protein, which causes resistance to the drug.

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