Oncologists in an old remedy for arthritis have seen cancer drug

Singapore scientists report that they have managed to find a basis for a new therapy is quite an aggressive form of lymphoma. We are talking about the connection, which is already approved for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Contraceptives for women increase the risk of heart attack and stroke

Danish researchers analyzed data on hormonal contraception for the last 15 years, and they have concluded that it can lead to myocardial infarction or stroke due to increased risk of thrombotic events.

Human hair is kept clear map of his travels

Scientists have learned how to create a clear map of the movements of a person by analyzing his hair, the method is based on the fact that the isotopic composition of water for each area is unique and this is reflected in contact with moisture in the human body at the atomic structure of hair, according to the website of the University of Alaska (UAF, USA)..

A new discovery in the diagnosis of dementia

A team of specialists from the Hospital of Austin has developed a technology that allows you to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease in a couple of years before the first symptoms.

AIDS is able to protect the antiviral effect of breast milk

Scientists believe that breast milk can protect children against AIDS.

Quality of sleep affects healthy food choices

Lack of sleep can lead to obesity, in fact because of the brain is deprived of the ability to exercise choice in favor of healthy eating. To this conclusion, researchers at Columbia University.

Low-carb diet is extremely detrimental for the heart

Limiting the amount of carbohydrates in the diet, which is offered by some diets harmful to health of blood vessels and the heart. This happens because people are on a low-carb diet start to consume much more saturated fat.

Stem cells are the body live longer

Scientists have discovered that stem cells do not die immediately after the death of a living organism, and live in a dead body at least seventeen days.

The eyes are warning of a stroke

Swiss scientists have proposed to use a simple investigation immediately to assess the risk of stroke. Only need to periodically measure the intraocular pressure.

Bad habits do not affect the reproductive ability of men

Alcohol, smoking and excess weight does not have a strong impact on the mobility and quality of sperm in men, as well as their ability to conceive offspring.

Spray tanning effect is hazardous to health

Until now, it was widely held view that the spray-tanning can be used as a safe alternative to tanning beds.

Scientists have conducted a detailed study of protein structures in 1000 fatal diseases

Working together, the two scientific organizations achieved a key milestone in medicine earlier than planned.

Milk keep arteries elastic

People whose diet is rich in dairy products, reduced arterial stiffness and decreases the risk of heart and vascular diseases, according to U.S. and Australian scientists.

Japanese scientists have discovered a human gene of aging and learn to influence it

Joint team of scientists from Osaka University found that the aging person directly affected by one of the complex of proteins residing in the blood, and found a way to influence it, almost completely halting the aging process in the body.

Tomato diet rejuvenates the face

Tomatoes are able to not just maintain youthful skin, but also protect it from UV. To this conclusion, scientists of the British University of Newcastle.

Scientists discovered in the milk ingredient that can protect against obesity

Having conducted experiments on mice, scientists at the Swiss Polytechnic University of Lausanne found that a natural ingredient that is found in milk, is able to prevent obesity even when consuming high-calorie foods.

American high school student created a test for the diagnosis of cancer

Fifteen year-old American student has developed an accurate and inexpensive test for pancreatic cancer in the early stages of the disease.

Premature babies can acquire mental disorders

In principle, the probability of extensive mental health problems is still low at them.

Depression and its rapid rejuvenation

Doctors began to notice that nowadays suffer from depression as adults, so it appears, and adolescents, and in addition, young children.

Help cure cancer cure for schizophrenia

Scientists from Canada found that thioridazine, which is used to treat mental disorders, can kill cancer stem cells in the human body, while not harming healthy.

Aspirin protects against skin cancer

Aspirin and other commonly used painkillers may help counter the development of skin cancer, according to a new study led by researchers from Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark.

Researchers have developed an effective means of pandemic influenza

An international research team has produced a new protein that can combat deadly flu epidemics.

Wine affects the intestines worse prebiotics

Red wine for daily consumption has a positive effect on the microflora of the large intestine, as recently discovered Spanish scientists.

Ticks are attacking Russian residents

That’s the long-awaited summer. No one is now no question about where to spend the weekend. Most of the people rushed into the forest, closer to nature. But along with the tourists basking in the long grass, and their enemies jaws.

8 foods that help reduce appetite

Scientists have finally presented the entire west half of humanity losing weight a list of products, energizing the body and at the same time good for a long time and satisfy hunger.

Scientists are on the way to the creation of new contraceptives for men

Effect on gene called Katnal1, in which the male body is responsible for sperm quality, may cause a man becomes sterile. This mechanism can be used as the basis for creating the long-awaited birth control pills for men for oral administration.

The benefits and risks of the use of calcium supplements

Many older people are starting to take calcium supplements to prevent direct loss of bone mass, but a new study now pay attention to the simultaneous risk of heart attacks.

Skinny jeans are injurious to health

Recently, skinny jeans have become an integral part of the wardrobe of every other teenager and a man who wants to be "in".

Scientists have discovered a natural cure for alcoholism

Kudzu extract of Chinese herb affects the perception of hard liquor and can be a great tool in the fight against alcoholism.

Physical activity reduces the risk of developing psoriasis

Regular physical activity by 25-30% may reduce the risk of psoriasis, have come to this conclusion by American researchers, following the analysis of the collection of information on women’s health of the United States, as reported in the current issue of the magazine published Online First by Archives of Dermatology..

Doctors doubt the beneficial properties of good cholesterol

It appears that in some cases, high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol - the so-called "good" cholesterol - not only protects against heart disease, but can even be harmful.

Second-hand smoke threatens the health of almost until his death

For over three decades, medical researchers have warned about the potential health risk that is associated with passive inhalation of tobacco smoke, especially among children whose parents smoke.

Taking medication for erectile unnecessarily impairs sexual life of men

Men who are taking medicines for erectile dysfunction for fun, risk complicate their sex life, as shown by the new analysis.

In British girl internal organs turn into crystals

UK doctors are fighting for the life of a little girl who, according to them, is transformed before our eyes into the crystal.

The virus will give a person longevity

Researchers at the National Cancer Research Centre in Spain (Spanish National Cancer Research Centre) recently reported that they were able to extend the life of mice by 24%.

Sweets harm cognitive development

Before the start of final exams for the schools and universities, students need to be wary of sugary drinks and pockets full of chocolate bars.

Frequent cooking can extend the life of

In developed countries, people are less likely to cook at home.

Scientists have determined the cause of tinnitus

Approximately 10% of the population suffer from hearing loss or ringing in the ears - the perception of sounds, such as ringing or buzzing in the absence of corresponding external sound, which usually develop after frequent stays in places with loud acoustic noise.

Musical games and activities have a positive effect on the brain of infants

Scientific study, published recently in the scientific journal Developmental Science and Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, shows that researchers from McMaster University, in the first study of its kind found that early musical training benefits the children before they are able to walk or talk..

Managed immunity prolong youth for 100 years

The immune system has a dual impact on life expectancy.It identifies and eliminates many antigens, protecting the body from disease.

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