From deafness deliver gene therapy

Scientists at the Emory University School of Medicine have shown in a new study that the formation of additional hair cells may occur due to the activation of the gene Atoh1 in the cochlea of young mice, according to Science Daily.

What is the ideal duration of breastfeeding?

Be honest.Cover of Time Magazine this week (pictured) makes you feel uncomfortable? If yes, then you are not alone.

What distinguishes the human brain from the brain of primates?

An error occurred while copying and a cell divides, it seems, is responsible for critical features of the human brain that distinguish us from our closest relatives - the primates, according to a new study.

Scientists have discovered a new protein functions Cohesin

Cohesin - ring complex protein involved in the spatial organization of the genome structure and mitotic chromosomes.

Cold food can cause headache

For many people, after eating the low-cooled products, such as ice cream, a momentary piercing pain in his temples. Until now, scientists could not explain the reasons for this phenomenon.

The mechanism of the barrier function of the skin revealed

Scientists have studied and described the abnormal structure of the lipid cells of the outer layer of the skin.

Scientists have created a new antibacterial material for stopping teeth,

American scientists have developed several new types of filling materials with antibacterial and remineralizing properties, according to Medical Xpress.

Negative emotions increase physical pain

The perception of pain is caused by the psychological state of the person. These findings came a group of Japanese scientists proved in a recent comprehensive study that emotional mood can greatly affect the degree of pain of various origins.

Women refuse to use sunscreen

The opening of the summer season prompted the staff charity Macmillan Cancer Support publicly make a statement about the fact that very few women use the cream with a sun protection factor, as reported by BBC.

Like love Affect Your Health?

Love - is a mysterious light and a feeling that a beneficial effect on the human body.

Use of sweeteners leads to the development of cancerous tumors

Scientists recently announced that all artificial sweeteners contribute to the development of cancer.

A resident of America has given birth to twins a month after his death

Doctors from the United States about a month supported by artificial means life in the body of a dead pregnant woman, the cause of which was the death of brain aneurysm.

British doctors have successfully operated on a boy with a "shell" on the back

The child, whom the doctors called "boy cherepashonok" because of the giant mole that covered his entire back like carapace, can now live a normal life thanks to a full-fledged British surgeons.

Scientists have determined how the AIDS virus spreads through the body

Researchers from Germany and Spain managed to figure out how immunodeficiency virus attacks the human body by solving one of the main mechanisms of its distribution, which in the future will develop new methods for the treatment of AIDS.

Women with heart disease are born more often girls

In pregnant women with heart disease is more likely to give birth to a girl than a boy, according to a new analysis conducted by Iranian researchers.

Scientists have created a microscope for pregnant women

In the medical clinic on the development of reproductive technologies Manchester has been created, the device allows for a more thorough monitoring of the development of the embryo.

The vaccine of cancer will extend the life

U.S.scientists recently reported the establishment of a vaccine against brain cancer developed on the basis of tumors excised from patients, as reported by Medical News Today.

Japanese scientists have created glasses for weight loss

Japanese researchers at the Tokyo University have invented an unusual remedy for weight loss, they have developed glasses that help to lose weight to their owners.

Researchers in motion the paralyzed limb by using electrical signals of the brain

U.S. scientists have taken another step on the way to the discovery of the method of "revival" of paralyzed limbs by developing technology that allows direct transmission of electrical signals from the brain to the body immobilized.

View eroticism disables the visual cortex in women

Researchers at the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands found that women in movies erotic content decreases the activity of the brain that is involved in the process of visual perception and processing of the seen, indicating that the brain at this time prefers excitement, muting the processing function visual information.

The kid from Pakistan doctors successfully removed the extra four feet

Doctors carried out a successful operation to remove the extra four limbs boy born with six legs a few days ago in Pakistan, as reported by the publication Daily Mail.

Scientists have found a product that causes nightmares

A few years ago, scientists were struck by the public information about the different types of British cheese can influence the content of dreams, in particular, to cause nightmares.

A positive outlook on life will keep a healthy heart

Scientists from Harvard Medical School found that people with optimistic outlook on life probability of clogged arteries or stroke is reduced by almost 50 percent.

Biologists have hair transplanted mice created from stem cells

Japanese biologists were able to grow from stem cells of the mouse full hair follicles and successfully transplant them to the back of the rodent is completely devoid of hair from birth, according to a paper published in the scientific journal Nature Communications..

Scientists have discovered a gene that makes some people smarter than others

California scientists reported that were finally able to answer the question, why did some people smarter than others.

Forbes published a list of the 12 most healthful foods

The world-famous magazine Forbes recently published a list consisting of 12 products that have been recognized by scientists the most useful and beneficial effects on human health.

Chinese medicine can cause irreparable harm to the health

The scientists decided to investigate and find out whether in fact the composition of drugs used in Chinese traditional medicine that is indicated on the packaging.

The use of antibiotics leads to obesity

The optimal weight is one of the main conditions for the health of the human body.

Plastic surgery lead to a crisis of identity

Plastic surgeons can dramatically change the outward appearance of man.

A new method of HIV with stem cells

Blood stem cells created in the laboratory, have the ability to complete destruction of the human immunodeficiency virus. New discovery may one day allow defeat deadly infections such as HIV and AIDS.

A quick way to lose weight by summer

According to experts from the Beth Israel Medical Center in the United States, the majority of obese people are able to lose weight and do not do so without success.

Alcohol sharpens thinking

A new study conducted by specialists of the University of Illinois, found that men who love to sip a relaxing drink while solving complex problems, it is actually better cope with them than their comrades who consistently adhere to the principle of "sobriety - the norm!" Furthermore, it was found that certain amounts of alcohol helps them to accept not only a correct, but more active solutions as compared to their counterparts sober.

How are emotions and attention in the brain?

Scientists have identified a specific mechanism in neurons, which is responsible for switching the person’s attention to the fact that it evokes the strongest emotions and vivid.

Soda causes heart disease

Experts from the Medical Institute of Australia Westmead Millennium, following a large-scale study found that teens who drink every day more than one can of soda a day, there is a narrowing of the arteries in the eyeball.

How the immune system recognizes the scratches and wounds?

Australian scientists have discovered a protein in the human body Clec9A, transmitting information on the immune cells of damaged tissue long before the spread of infection.

One shot will stop the development of blindness in the elderly

A chemical that prevents the most common form of macular degeneration associated with age-related changes were found by scientists.

"Cuddling hormone" increases virility

Scientists from the University of California found that oxytocin, which is also called "hormone embrace" can greatly improve the sexual function of men, and the effect of the hormone is the same as that of the known drug to enhance male potency Viagra.

Treatment of cancer with gold nanoparticles

One of the newest and most promising treatments for cancer using nanotechnology - nanotermalnaya therapy.

Israeli scientists have developed a vaccine against cancer

Researchers from Tel Aviv University have developed a vaccine "Immutsin

Red wine and fruits prevent obesity

A component found in red wine, grapes and other fruits, similar in structure to resveratrol (resveratrol), is able to block cellular processes that contribute to the development of cells, controlling the process of obesity in the body.

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