Caffeine and exercise will protect against skin cancer

A new study shows that drinking coffee in combination with regular exercise to prevent the development of skin cancer.

Scanning breast cancer leads to unnecessary treatment.

One in four breast cancer detected during scanning has never had a fatal outcome, say U.S.

Cancer-causing agents found in smokeless tobacco

Chemical in smokeless tobacco products cause cancer, according to a new study conducted on animals.

The World Wide Web has a positive effect on the brain of older people

Recently, researchers have found that regular stay on the internet and the implementation of actions to find the right information in the network improves brain function in older adults.

High fat diet leads to an increase in excess of cells in the brain

Frequent consumption of foods that are high in fat is a great harm to the body.

Exhaustion leads to a partial shutdown of the brain

The brain is one of the most unknown and complex parts of the human body.

To prepare for the exam before going to sleep better

Many students with difficulty was serving until the end of a lecture or lesson, as their starting terribly sleepy.

Smoking leads to the development of schizophrenia

Habit may contribute to one of the genes associated with human brain architecture, some variants of this gene increases the likelihood of development of mental disorders such as schizophrenia, so that smoke becomes available when one of the multiple risk factors of the disease..

Biologists have found the cause of invulnerability cancer

U.S.and European biologists in a joint study found a protein that makes cancer cells immune response to the body’s immunity, and found a way to block it, which contributed to the destruction of human cancer in mice, according to a paper published by researchers in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science..

WHO has made a raw food diet and vegetarianism to the list of diseases

The news that the World Health Organization (WHO) has published a list of neurological disorders and mental illness, adding to his diet such as vegetarianism and raw food diet, shocked the public.

Two tablespoons of honey a day will give youth and beauty

Medical experts claim that daily consumption of honey instead of sugar, will help women much longer maintain their beauty, youth and health of the whole organism.

Scientists have identified the cause of male pattern baldness

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania managed to finally solve the mystery of male pattern baldness.

Fatty foods cause inflammation in the body

UK scientists, conducting a series of studies have found that patients with type 2 diabetes who consume fatty foods, there is inflammation in the body.

A weak sense of smell can cause depression

Researchers from the University of Dresden found that people with a weak sense of smell, or deprived of that feeling at all feel more socially vulnerable and are at a higher risk of developing depression.

Beetroot lowers blood pressure

A new analysis conducted by experts from the University of Reading has shown that even a small amount of beet juice can significantly lower blood pressure. In addition, bread, which includes a white or red beets, has a similar effect on the body.

The smell of food affects the amount of consumption

The size of a piece, takes a bite us on the particular food product depends mainly on its texture and how it is familiar to us.

Shock Therapy - the best cure for severe depression

Despite the fact that the "shock therapy" is used in psychiatry for over 70 years, researchers have not fully understood the mechanism of action of this method in the treatment of depression.

Heredity or lifestyle, what is the cause of excess weight?

Some of the signs noted in the genetic code at birth the child is not full-bodied, very different from those inherent in children with a high probability of any problems with being overweight in the future.

Frequent consumption of trans fats causes aggression in humans

Experts from the Medical School of the University of California in San Diego have discovered a link between the consumption of dietary trans fatty acids (dTFA) and the emergence of irritability and aggression in human behavior, conducting a series of studies involving nearly 1,000 men and women of different ages, and dark Caucasoid race..

Protivodepressivnoe tool can help cure cancer

Retinoid called trnas-retinoic acid (ATRA), which is a derivative of vitamin A, has been successfully used in the treatment of rare subtype of acute myeloid leukemia (AML), however the more common to other types of AML the drug does not have a similar effect..

Berries permanently preserve brain health

The researchers presented their recent exact scientific evidence that eating blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and other berries has a beneficial effect on the brain and helps prevent memory loss and other changes associated with aging.

Exercise and caffeine alter human DNA

If until now you thought that the DNA that you inherited from your parents, is the only part of the body, which remains unchanged, you are sadly mistaken.

Stem cells restore the damaged cornea

Sometimes patients are rapidly losing sight, the only chance to not only go blind becomes the new cornea transplant, but the donor cornea sometimes have to wait very long.

Vitamin E reduces bone

Vitamin E may stimulate the formation of cells that contribute to the softening of the bone, as shown by the results of a new study conducted on mice.

Cells in the human brain is much smaller than previously thought

Experts in the field of neurology long established that the human brain contains 100 billion neurons, but the new analysis showed that they actually lower at 14 billion.

Vitamin A reduces the risk of melanoma in women

Supplementing with vitamin A reduces the preconditions for the development of fatal disease, such as melanoma or skin cancer, according to a new analysis of the information.

Scientists have found another reason to aging

Scientists at Newcastle University have made another interesting discovery in the human body, which now improve their understanding of the aging process.

Fad or harmful effects of high heels

Women’s shoes with high heels look elegant, but it brings great harm to health.

Daily brushing of the teeth prevents the development of meningitis

Scientists from Switzerland recently reported that they have found a dangerous new type of microorganism Streptococcus tigurinus, which can live in the human oral cavity and can cause a number of diseases, much more serious tooth decay and other oral problems.

New diagnostic agent to detect cancer based polymer

Development of polymer films with embedded into it with antibodies that detect tumor cells is an initial step of creating a promising diagnostic tool.

Constant migraines increase the likelihood of depression

Women who suffered from severe headaches, are at greater risk of developing depression than other women, according to a new analysis based on data collected over 14 years of medical observation.

Citrus reduce the risk of stroke in women

A diet rich in citrus fruits, such as oranges, grapefruits, may reduce the risk of stroke or stroke in women, as shown by a new analysis.

Old antibiotic may be a new tool in the fight against tuberculosis.

According to new research, a cheap and safe antibiotic that is widely available in developing countries, could have a new use for the treatment of tuberculosis.

WHO has imposed secrecy on research on avian influenza

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that the study of mutation of avian flu H5N1ne be published until it has assessed the level of risk of such public action.

Diet for acne or 5 products for perfect skin

The most common causes of acne and other skin imperfections are unhealthy diet and lack of care for the person.

Scientists said about the futility of the use of antibiotics for sinusitis

U.S.scientists recently announced that the antibiotics prescribed by doctors for acute sinusitis does not lead to the recovery of the patient.

The Chinese plant will save us from aging and multiple sclerosis

The extract derived from the roots of an evergreen plant with beautifully decaying branches called dihroyya antifebrific (Dichroa febrifuga), which is native to Tibet, causes the cells of the body "think" that they are starving.

The link between air pollution and mental decline

A major study conducted by one of the researchers Rush University Medical Center, found that chronic exposure to particulate air pollution may accelerate cognitive decline in middle-aged people, particularly women.

Chocolate dessert for breakfast helps weight loss

Scientists from the University of Tel Aviv reported recently about the incredible fact: it turns out, a sweet dessert for breakfast helps get rid of excess weight.

Gene therapy is returned sight to blind patients

An international team of scientists announced the successful results of gene therapy, a rare hereditary nature of the disease, which leads to blindness, according to the news agency BBC.

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