Curry will stop prostate cancer

Curcumin, the active component of turmeric, the foundations of the Indian curry spice, may help slow the growth of tumors in patients with castration-resistant prostate cancer with androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), as the analysis conducted by researchers Jefferson Kimmel Cancer Center..

Scientists have developed a new tool for the rapid accretion of bone

Breaking the human bones and their subsequent treatment is quite painful process associated with the long period of rehabilitation, especially for the elderly.

Scientists are on the verge of creating a vaccine against heroin addiction

Heroin addiction can now be overcome with the help of the vaccine, which will be used in clinics in the next 5 years.

Male smokers often suffer from insanity in adulthood

For those who are still looking for more good reason to quit smoking got a great incentive.

Late parents - the risk of autism in children

Children born to parents over the age of 35 years are at risk of developing autism, according to new data from an international analysis.

The only person in the world who live without a heart and without a pulse

In March last year, Craig Lewis (Craig Lewis) 55 years old, was close to death due to amyloidosis, heart disease caused by a violation of protein metabolism, which is accompanied by an accumulation in the tissues of a specific protein-polysaccharide complex.

Silver wins some types of cancer

Silver can also be effective in fighting certain types of cancer, such as chemotherapy, but with fewer side effects, as shown by a new study.

9-year-old girl in the U.S. immediately transplanted organs 6

Little Hollis resident surgeons at Boston hospital immediately replaced 6 of the internal organs - the spleen, stomach, liver, intestines, a small portion of the esophagus, and pancreas.

Obesity reduces the size of the brain

A new study by Swiss researchers from Uppsala University shows that a specific region of the brain associated with the regulation of appetite is reduced in elderly people who are suffering from obesity.

Sugar is also dangerous to human health, such as tobacco and alcohol

Scientists have recently stated that sugar is dangerous for the health of the body so that its consumption should also be strictly controlled as alcohol and tobacco.

Scientists have developed an ultrasonic method of contraception for men

Ultrasonic wave, aimed directly at the man’s testicles, can slow down the production of sperm, the researchers reported that develop a new method of contraception.

Music prevents aging of the human brain

The neurons involved in the transmission and processing of sound, working with older musicians as quickly and clearly as the nerve cells of ordinary young people who are not involved in music.

Grape seed extract is battling cancer of the head and neck

From head and neck cancer worldwide each year kills more than half a million people.

Pupils talk about the human brain work

The eyes are the mirror of the soul or the measure of the functioning of the human brain, as shown by a new study published in Perspectives on Psychological Science, the journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

Scientists have discovered the cause of phantom pain

Scientists recently announced the discovery of a substance that causes phantom pain and various other types of pain that occur for no apparent reason.

Scientists have discovered the mechanism of the brain to adapt to stress

Israeli scientists have recently reported the discovery of the mechanism of the influence of stress on the human brain.

Scientists: the use of deep-fried food is not linked to heart disease

Scientists emphasize that this statement applies only to products which are used for roasting sunflower or olive oil.

Plastic surgeons call for ban advertising of implants

The scandal that erupted in connection with the use of plastic surgery defective silicone implants PIP, contain industrial silicone, not haunted by British experts.

Failure of circadian rhythms can lead to schizophrenia

Scientists at Oxford University have suggested that the development of schizophrenia in humans is caused by a failure of the biological clock, or circadian rhythm of the body, in which the normal functioning "central clock" that are found in the brain, and the "peripheral clock ’located in other organs, as reported edition of New Scientist..

Revealed the secret disease that has infected a group of teenagers from New York

Conversion disorder is so rarely used term that hardly anyone knows or has heard anything about it.

Internet addiction equated to alcoholism and drug addiction

Researchers from the Academy of Sciences in China, under the leadership of Professor Hao Leyem, conducted a study in which it was found that Internet addiction triggers in the human brain changes similar to addictions to alcohol or drugs.

A blood test can predict the sex of a child at an early period

Pregnant women are now able to know the sex of the child they are at heart, another period of five weeks, thanks to the development of the first non-invasive test Korean scientists.

A new method of treatment of skin lymphoma

Promising data on a new combination method, developed for the treatment of chronic type of skin lymphoma were published recently in the Archives of Dermatology Medical Center researchers Seidman Cancer Center and Case Medical Center.

Scientists were able to grow high-grade vein transplant

Scientists from Cambridge University have recently published in the journal Nature Biotechnology successful results of its four-year effort aimed at developing methods of growing blood vessels using reprogrammed human skin cells, as reported by The Daily Telegraph..

Grapes prevents the development of blindness in the elderly

Researchers at New York University found that grapes may slow or stop the development of macular degeneration associated with age-related changes, the state, which are subject to millions of older people in all countries of the world.

Bath salts can be a source of dangerous infections

Scientists from Louisiana State University have identified a new source of infection such as dry muscle necrosis (necrotizing fasciitis).

Intimate tattoo can cause permanent erectile dysfunction in men

Tattoos have long been in vogue and have become a symbol of the XXI century.

Nicotine prevents memory loss in the elderly

The new study, conducted by a team of American researchers led by Paul Newhouse (Paul Newhouse) School of Medicine at Vanderbilt University in the U.S.

In Indonesia, registered another fatal case of bird flu

According to the Ministry of Health of Indonesia on Tuesday in the capital died another person infected with bird flu.

In the eye of human stem cells discovered

U.S. scientists from the Institute of Neuroscience of stem cells in Albany found in the human eye stem cells.

The new herbal remedy reduces the effect of alcohol

Use of a certain amount of alcohol can lead to severe hangover and even alcohol dependence.

In the Philippines, an outbreak of rat fever

Rat fever struck Filipino barely recovered after the terrible floods.

From Disability Rights save coral implants

Surgeons conducted a unique operation in Barnaul, to implant in a man’s leg coral implant.

Radiation does not cause cancer

Scientists have found that a direct relationship between the dose of radiation exposure and the risk of cancer is not present.

The aging brain is not inferior to the young under certain mental tasks

With age, when the physical abilities of the person weakens, many people think that there is a significant decline and mental performance in the elderly and it is beyond the power of the various riddles and puzzles.

Women with celiac disease suffer from depression and eating disorders

Women with celiac disease - autoimmune disorder associated with a negative reaction to foods containing gluten - more likely to experience symptoms of depression and eating disorders compared to the rest of the population, even when they adhere to a special diet, according to the information of researchers from the Universities of Syracuse and Drexel State Pennsylvania..

Scientists have identified the main function of vitamin E

Vitamin E is used for cosmetic purposes to reduce the signs of aging skin, this vitamin is consumed in large quantities athletes to improve endurance but scientists now have found the basic property of vitamin E, which ensures the normal functioning of the body..

In Africa, an outbreak of a mysterious disease sternocleidomastoid

Unknown modern medicine "sternocleidomastoid syndrome" is distributed to the people of Africa.

New synthetic molecules treat autoimmune disease in mice

A team of scientists from the Weizmann Institute, being for many years in search of treatments for autoimmune diseases decided to overcome the enemy with his own weapon.

A new sensor that detects lung cancer by breathing

Some serious diseases, such as lung cancer and gastric cancer, or liver disease in view of difficulties of diagnosing are symptoms that are commonly confused with common disorders of internal organs.

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