The Mediterranean diet prolongs life

A lot of studies conducted since the 1950s have shown that a Mediterranean diet consisting mainly of vegetables, fish and olive oil, can improve human health.

In Brazil, a baby born with two heads

The Brazilian, who gave birth to an unusual baby, the whole pregnancy was sure that the heart is a twin.

The opening of a new vaccine for cancer

Scientists from Trinity College Dublin have developed a new vaccine that can cure cancer on the preclinical level.

Penicillin doses for children should be reviewed

A group of scientists and clinicians, led by researchers from King’s College London, calls for a review of penicillin dosing guidelines used in the treatment of children who have remained unchanged for almost 50 years.

Testosterone therapy or how to get young man

Testosterone therapy, implying the administration of testosterone to men with low levels of this hormone is still the main topic of hot debate researchers.

Hand hygiene - clean hands, healthy body

Our hands are one of the main ways to interact with the environment.

Scientists have created a hydrogel to repair the skin after burns

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have developed a jelly-like material for the treatment of third-degree burns, demonstrated during his early experiments incredible properties of complete healing and regeneration of damaged skin.

A new mechanism regulating stress discovered by scientists

Researchers in the field of neurology Tufts University first demonstrated that the physiological response to stress depends on the action of neurosteroids or neuroactive steroids (endogenous steroid class synthesized in the brain, adrenal gland and gonads) to specific receptors in the brain.

In Europe, a measles epidemic broke out

Experts centers for Disease Control and Prevention sounded the alarm once again gaining momentum because of Europe’s measles epidemic.

Bad-smelling skin of frogs - a treasure trove of new antibiotics

As scientists believe, one of the most malodorous amphibious creatures on Earth have skin that produces a variety of antibacterial substances, which in the future may well be the best weapon to fight infections resistant to antibiotics.

Catholic nuns prescribed birth control pills

Australian scientists have suggested that all Catholic nuns necessarily prescribe birth control pills. As a result, their study found that the absence of children and abstinence can trigger cancer of the ovary, uterus and breast.

6 rules for the prevention of breast cancer

For some women, the risk of breast cancer is very high due to a genetic predisposition to a deadly disease. But there are a few rules to help women reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, or to get into a risk factor at all, as a new study.

7 interesting facts about dreams

When evening comes and the man preparing for bed, he thinks and lives inside the body also stop until the morning.

Genetic alterations in the brain of orphans

Children who experience the stress of separation at birth from biological parents and are brought up in orphanages are prone to the effects of a biological nature, such as changes in the functioning of the genome, reported by researchers at Yale School of Medicine, based on the results of a new analysis..

Plastic buttocks with cement and superglue

Miami police had arrested a man who had plastic surgery to increase the buttocks, the patient puncture toxic solution, nearly killed the girl.

Medicinal properties of Asian mushrooms

As natural medicines lately often have to take the mushrooms.

Vegetables, fruits, and grains reduce the risk of heart attack in women

Swedish women who ate a diet rich in antioxidants, are a smaller risk factor for heart attack, regardless of whether they had observed earlier problems with the cardiovascular system, as shown by the results of the new analysis, published in the journal "Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association "..

Established genetic vaccine against AIDS

Scientists were able to create a vaccine against the HIV virus. To the body started to synthesize antibodies against a dangerous virus DNA in muscle cells implanted gene antibodies effective against many forms of HIV virus.

Violent video games alter brain functionality

Lasting changes in brain regions associated with cognitive function and emotional control were found in young men after they spent a week for video games with elements of violence, according to the analysis presented by the School of Medicine researchers at Indiana University (IU) at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society North America..

Stop AIDS can not be

World AIDS Day celebrates the planet on December 1. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN have published data on the fight against a terrible disease. The annual incidence of HIV infection has decreased in only 33 countries.

Cancer can be beaten metamorfinom

Researchers at Michigan State University found that metamorfin reduces the activity of certain chemical compounds which stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells.

The Dark Side of Coffee

Scientists warn that the coffee in combination with medications can cause serious side effects to the human body.

Medicine for seizures may slow the progression of eye cancer

The drug, which is still used for the treatment of apoplectic attacks, it turns out, inhibits the development of intraocular tumors and prevent its spread to other parts of the body, according to the information of researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St.

Natural killer to help the body overcome human disease

Researchers from the Australian National University have discovered a new type of cells, which increase the ability of the human body to fight infections and diseases that threaten life.

Researchers continue to uncover the secrets of neurodegenerative diseases

Neurodegenerative diseases represent one of the greatest challenges for an aging population.

Sleep reduces the effect of painful memories

Recently, scientists using the scanning method, tried to shed light on how the brain struggles with memories of unpleasant or traumatic events during sleep.

Dendritic cells protect against acute pancreatitis

Researchers Langone Medical Center at New York University have discovered a new function of dendritic cells: it is to ensure the protection of the pancreas.

Revealed the secret of paracetamol

A team of international scientists was able to open the mechanism of analgesia of paracetamol. This finding should contribute to the creation of new, more effective and much safer drug analgesic effect.

A new way to increase the force of a natural painkiller in the body

Italian researchers in collaboration with scientists at the University of California in Irvine have found new means of enhancing the effectiveness of anandamide (anandamide) - narkotikopodobnogo biologically active chemical substance produced in the body in the body of animals and humans, which relieves pain.

Scientists have discovered a new gene that restores the muscle tissue

An international team of researchers from Leeds, London and Berlin has found additional information about the function of muscle stem cells, thanks to the methods of ordering DNA the next generation.

Discovered a new class of antimalarial compounds

An international team of researchers led by scientists from the Institute for Genomic Research Foundation, Novartis (GNF) and the Research Institute of Scripps found a family of chemicals that could lead to a new generation of antimalarial drugs capable of not only relieve the symptoms, but also to prevent development of the deadly disease..

The whole truth about herbal remedy for stress

Today pharmacies offer a wide variety of herbs and natural substances as a means of stress, but such products, experts say, is unlikely to provide a reliable solution in stressful situations.

Scientists: self-healing diseased heart may

Scientists have long established that for heart disease such as myocardial infarction and cardiomyopathy is characterized by the processes of cell reversion, which limit the fatal consequences for the organ.

Can a fetus feel the psychological state of the mother?

Scientists argue that it can.As they grow and develop the embryo is constantly receiving reports of psychological and general physical condition of his mother.

Biological clocks regulate the activation of skin stem cells

A new analysis conducted recently by scientists, shows the role of the daily biological clock (circadian rhythms) in the regenerative capacity of skin stem cells.

Vitamin B reduces the risk of stress from work

Increase the intake of vitamin B can dramatically reduce the risk of work-related stress, as shown in clinical trials conducted at the Technical University of Swinburne.

The new role of the "love hormone" oxytocin in the brain

Most of the chemical processes in the body - from blood pressure to appetite and digestion - are controlled by the brain.

Why measles spreads so quickly?

Mayo Clinic researchers have discovered why measles, which is perhaps the most contagious viral disease in the world, is spreading rapidly among people.

The cells of our skin can "see" UV rays

How and why our skin begins to darken when exposed to sunlight? The mechanism of this process for some time remained a mystery to scientists.

Daily aspirin stops bowel cancer

Daily dose of aspirin should be given to people at high risk of bowel cancer, scientists say.

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