Toxins can cause weight loss

Could persistent pollutants like DDT and PCBs or chemicals found in plastics cause a person to obesity or diabetes? It all depends on what kind of bacteria inhabit the human intestinal microflora, according to information scientists at Cornell University..

Do not rush to bring down the temperature: it will help fight the infection

In the season of colds and flu, which is almost on the nose every time during the illness think twice before you take a drug to lower the heat.

Scientists are developing a human blood protein from rice

Scientists from the University of China, said on Monday that they can use rice to produce albumin, a protein found in human blood that is often used for treating burns, traumatic shock (severe, pathological condition marked by severe trauma), and liver disease..

Are probiotics good for your health?

Yoghurt popular among consumers, mainly due to the fact that it comprises a special live bacteria that are assumed to be useful for the digestive system. But how do these bacteria have beneficial effects on the digestive system and overall health?

Regular aspirin use reduces the risk of cancer

Scientists from Queen’s University have found that regular use of aspirin reduces by half the risk of developing cancer hereditary type.

The herpes virus is struggling with an aggressive form of breast cancer

Genetically modified version of the herpes simplex virus, may soon become a new treatment for breast cancer, especially aggressive forms of it, according to a new study conducted on animals.

Strawberries protect the stomach from the effects of alcohol

In an experiment conducted on rats, European researchers have proved that strawberries reduces the harm that alcohol can cause gastric mucosa.

Coffee consumption reduces the risk of carcinoma

Caffeine can be directly related to the inverse association of risk of basal cell carcinoma with the consumption of coffee, as scientists have found out recently.

Insomnia can lead to a gradual increase in the risk of myocardial

In a recent analysis, the researchers found that the risk of heart attack in people with insomnia was 27-45 percent higher than that of people who rarely have problems sleeping or falling asleep.

A new method of dealing with benign tumors in the body

Tuberous sclerosis - a disease which is associated with the development of a mutation in one of the two tumor suppressor genes, TSC1 or TSC2, causes growth of malignant tumors throughout the body and skin.

Scientists have denied connection with the development of mobile phone brain cancer

The risk of brain cancer associated with heavy use of mobile phones has been a hotly debated topic for the past 20 years, although it is worth noting that the use of phones during this time increased significantly.

Discovered the bacteria that cause bowel cancer

The type of bacteria that contribute to the further development of caries and tooth decay, as well as the development of ulcers on the skin can cause bowel cancer, as suggested by the scientists.

Omega-3 prevents the development of osteoarthritis

A new study has shown for the first time that fish oil omega-3 can "significantly" reduce the signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Drankoreksiya - The new enemy of mankind

Well-known fact that eating disorders are mainly distributed among teenagers and university students.

Scientists have sequenced the DNA of a woman who lived to 115 years

The entire DNA sequence of a woman who lived to be 115 years old, was composed of the parts of scientists.

Scientists were able to restore the genetic code of the agent "Black Death"

The genetic code of a microbe that caused the worst epidemic in human history, has been restored for the first time by scientists.

The rate of growth of the brain in infants depends on the level of intelligence

The development and growth of the brain of infants born prematurely, determine their level of intelligence in the future.

What harms the health of your teeth?

Frequent consumption of fruits such as apples can be four times as much to harm the health of teeth than carbonated drinks, as shown by the results of the new analysis of Professor David Bartlett (David Bartlett) of the Institute of Dentistry King’s College.

In fungi there is a component that increases the effectiveness of cancer drugs

Component extracted from the wild, poisonous mushroom growing in the forest on the south-western China, it turns out, helps cancer drugs to perform its function fully as researchers recently reported.

Daily use of aspirin can lead to blindness

The new analysis, the results of which were published in the journal "Ophthalmology", showed that daily aspirin can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, but increase the risk of developing macular degeneration or macular degeneration, one of the most common causes of blindness in the elderly ..

The hormone orexin helps control weight

Many people often wonder why, with the constant use of the same products, some people gain weight rapidly, while others manage to keep it normal. Researchers have found an explanation for this fact - the whole point of this hormone, called orexin.

Scientists: red meat may increase the risk of developing polyps in the intestines

Researchers from the Cancer Centers Vanderbilt-Ingram and Veterans Affairs Medical (Tennessee Valley Health System in Nashville) have found that the constant use of red or processed meat, especially that which is cooked at high temperatures, may increase the risk of developing polyps in the bowel..

Researchers use maggots to treat diabetic wounds

At the last Interscience Conference on "Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy," Dr.

A mysterious disease walks in the factories of Asia

Researchers from the United Nations recently met in Cambodia to unravel the cause of some strange disease who defeated women in this country.

Electrical stimulation of the brain facilitates the process of learning

The new analysis, presented at the British Science Festival by Professor Heidi Johansen-Berg (Heidi Johansen-Berg) from the University of Oxford suggests that the effect of small electrical currents directed to specific parts of the brain can improve their operations and make the process of learning easier..

Molecules of sharks are killed human viruses

A molecule found in sharks, it turns out, is capable of destroying such viral liver diseases in humans, such as hepatitis, as new research shows.

Listeriosis outbreak: what you need to know

Outbreaks of listeriosis in the United States related to contaminated cantaloupe (musk melons), while undermined the health of 22 people in seven states and killed at least two people, according to information the Centers Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)..

Laughter - the best cure for pain

Laugh with your friends helps produce chemicals in the brain that cause the well-being, as well as relieve pain in humans, as shown by the results of a new study.

Glowing cats to help in the fight against AIDS and other diseases

Researchers at Mayo Clinic have developed a strategy of immunization based on a modification of the genome to fight feline AIDS, so as to discover new methods to combat infections such as HIV, AIDS and other diseases that attack people.

Autumn crocus - a source of new cancer drugs

The search for more effective drugs against cancer, this time led to the discovery of strong medicinal properties of the Autumn crocus (bulbotuberiferous ornamental plants).

Sustainable development in the social plane. The basic elements of human health

In today’s world, due to the rapid development of innovations in medicine, food industry and other socially-oriented sectors, including through biotechnology revolution, mankind has learned to significantly prolong life and maintain its high quality, even in deep old age.

Birth control pills affect memory

In women who use contraceptives such as birth control pills, notes some of the changes in memory, according to a new study by the University of California at Irvine.

Sick body - the mind alert

We know that maintaining the physical health of the body as a conscious mind and the unconscious is the main active force.

Removal of the adenoids in children does not solve the problem of upper respiratory tract infection

In a recent study, organized for the purpose of determining the effectiveness of adenoidectomy with frequent infections of the upper respiratory organs revealed that the removal of the adenoids surgically does not reduce the likelihood of infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Psoriasis may increase the risk of paralysis

Such a non-contagious skin disease like psoriasis may increase the risk of paralysis and atrial fibrillation, or so-called atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat), as recently reported by researchers from Denmark.

Ecstasy can cure cancer

Researchers in the UK recently found that ecstasy, the drug is often distributed in nightclubs, can be effective in the treatment of blood cancer.

Scientists: milk better than water for hydration in children

Movable children leading an active lifestyle should drink more milk than water. This, according to researchers at McMaster University, is a more effective way to prevent dehydration than drinking plain water or beverages intended for athletes.

Zinc tablets may shorten the duration of the common cold

Depending on the total dosage of zinc and the composition of tablets, zinc lozenges may shorten the duration of the common cold by up to 40%, as reported by Dr. Harry Hemila (Harri Hemila) from the University of Helsinki.

In the dark beer contains more iron than the light

A group of researchers from the University of Valladolid (Spain), studied samples of 40 brands of beer, discovering that dark beer is more iron than in the bright and non-alcoholic beer.

Garlic not only repels vampires

An ancient proverb says that regular consumption of garlic prevents many diseases.

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