Arthritis sufferers are at a higher risk of heart disease

Patients suffering from arthritis revmotoidnym are at a higher risk of death as a result of cardiovascular disease.

A new experimental vaccine against chikungunya virus

Researchers have recently developed a new possible vaccine against chikungunya virus, a pathogen is spread by mosquitoes that causes severe joint pain and fever and affects millions of people in India, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Flax seed can be saved from death by radiation

Flax seed is capable of protecting the body from the adverse effects of radiation, regardless of its source, be it a terrorist bomb blast or conventional cancer treatment, as shown by the results of a new study conducted on mice.

Antioxidant spices reduce negative effects of fatty foods

The diet enriched with spices such as cinnamon, turmeric and reduces adverse reactions to food with a high fat content according to the information researchers Pennsylvania.

Smoking early in the morning can wake cancer

For some smokers, cigarette in the morning on an empty stomach has already become a kind of ritual, but this habit can be even more harmful than smoking during the day.

Scientists are developing a virus to fight HIV

Recently, scientists from the University of Southern California reported significant progress in the treatment of this terrible disease, such as HIV, creating a virus that preys on cells infected with a dangerous infection.

Half of European men discovered genes of Tutankhamun

According to a study of the genetics of Swiss genealogical center iGENEA, half of European and 70 percent of British men have the DNA of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun.

The pioneers of regenerative medicine

One of the ideas of the founders of regenerative medicine is the ancient Greeks.

Smartphone causes eye fatigue?

The results of the new analysis showed that the images set in front of a smartphone, increase visual discomfort.

Too positive emotions - a consequence of bipolar disorder

Positive feelings like joy and compassion are good for your mental and physical health and contribute to the manifestation of creative power and friendliness.

Having lost half of the brain in a car accident, she has found a talent for painting

Having lost half of the brain as a result of a terrible car accident, the girl woke up from a coma with new abilities for painting.

Scientists in Germany have created a cure for HIV infection

Cocaine, aspirin, caffeine, heroin, ginseng, nicotine ...List of powerful drugs produced naturally by plants is endless.

Brain injuries can increase the risk of madness

The large-scale study of older veterans have raised concerns about the effects of brain injury of moderate severity among hundreds of thousands of soldiers, victims of the explosions in recent wars.

Scientists are developing an alternative to antibiotics

On the development of a unique method for dealing with burn infections in children using viruses which destroy bacteria that have been isolated new subsidies.

Scientists have discovered a new role for vitamin C in the eye and brain activity

Nerve cells in the eye require vitamin C in order to function correctly.

Depression during pregnancy increases the risk of asthma in children

Stay in a peaceful environment during pregnancy not only makes life more happy expectant mother, but can protect her baby from developing asthma in childhood, according to a new analysis.

Doctors consider the use of at least 8 glasses of water a day, nonsense

Recommendations for the use of the required six to eight glasses of water every day to prevent dehydration "not just be nonsense, and Isis nonsense", as the practitioner Margaret McCartney (Margaret McCartney) in an article published this week in the online version of the journal " British Medical Journal "(BMJ).

Deformed limbs - still one of the consequences of smoking during pregnancy

Missing or deformed limbs, mutilated foot, facial defects and problems with the gastrointestinal tract - some of the most common congenital abnormalities identified that are associated with smoking during pregnancy, according to new information from researchers at University College London..

Giant ragweed can cause burns and blindness

Recently, the U.S.Department of Agriculture issued a warning to residents of the various states that they were extremely attentive to nature and feared plant species Heracleum Mantegazzianum or giant ragweed.

People have a sixth sense

This feeling is known as extra-sensory perception or anticipation of future events.

Cases of tick-borne infections are rising steadily

Cases of babesiosis, diseases like malaria transmitted deer ticks, which can be deadly, noticeably increasing in some parts of the state of New York, as reported in the statement of the new analysis.

25% of calories entering the body, comes from snacks

Snacks like never began to make most of the calories in our diet, as shown by a new study.

Pistachios may replace coffee

If caffeine helps to ensure that your blood pressure is above normal for you to have a good news: roasted pistachios can be a tasty and healthy alternative to coffee, a real taste and flavor without unwanted side effektov.Svezhie coffee beans when they are assembled with shrubs tropical regions at high altitude, have nothing to do with the finished product that burns millions of lives around the world.

Collagen is synthesized from maize, has human characteristics

As is known, the synthetic collagen is important in that it has a large variety of applications in various fields: from reconstructive and cosmetic surgery and ending with the food industry.

Strawberry helps to increase red blood cells

A group of volunteers ate half a kilo of strawberries on every day for two weeks, demonstrating that the use of these berries leads to improved antioxidant capacity of the blood.

Scientists have finally identified last meal Otzi

During a presentation at the Seventh World Congress of Mummy Studies, researchers from the Institute for Mummies and the Sasquatch reported that they have finally found the location of the stomach Bigfoot known as Otzi and identified its contents, determining that it was the last thing that ate the ECR.

Human prostate cancer vaccine was tested in mice

Mayo Clinic researchers and their collaborators from the United Kingdom cured well-established prostate tumors in mice using a human vaccine without the side effects.

Why do you need to avoid summer colds

Beach bag collected, swimsuit beckons, and the calendar is full of plans for fun and exciting pastime for barbecues and parties.

Junk food attracts a man when he is sleepy

To refuse a tempting piece of chocolate cake can be much more difficult if you are half asleep, as the results of a new study.

6 infertile women get pregnant after weight loss surgery

Surgery to remove excess fat from the body can cure infertility in some obese women, as shown by the new analysis.

A new way to get rid of insomnia

Cap that cools the brain, as shown by a new study may help people suffering from insomnia at night.

Natural honey destroys "superbagi"

Researchers at Cardiff University and the National Botanic Garden of Wales appealed to the process of building a DNA profile of honey all over the country.

Why do we fall into a stupor at the excitement and how to avoid it

The famous golfer misses the crucial well, smart student fails a test, an experienced salesman miss a great opportunity. Each of these people suffer from the same psychological problem: they fell into a stupor under pressure.

Apple component keeps muscles strong

Finding ways to preserve a strong muscle mass, which is weakening due to disease and aging, the researchers discovered a natural compound that is able to solve this problem.

Revealed the secret of the gene "werewolf" in humans

Scientists have discovered a genetic mutation responsible for the violation, which is the reason why the rough hair coat begins to appear on the faces and bodies of men.

Mystery of E. coli poisoning in Europe revealed

Outbreaks of E.coli coli, which has spread to 12 countries and caused the death of 19 people, may be linked to Hamburg festival, held in May, it was announced by the official authorities in subbotu.Nemetsky weekly edition of the newspaper "Focus" reported that the authoritative experts examined in detail Festival Port of Hamburg, which was held May 6-8, which was attended by 1.5 million visitors from Germany and other countries..

Red increases the speed and force of the reaction

What is the connection between the words speed, strength, and red? Hint: it is - not a sports car.

A woman can literally feel the noise

The case of 36-year-old woman who began to literally feel the noise after a year and a half after it suffered a stroke, has created a new research project neuroscientist Tony Ro (Tony Ro) from the City University in New York.

70% of the winners of science competitions in the United States - are children of immigrants

New research has shown that immigrants are the driving force of American science. More than 70 percent of the finalists of the prestigious science competition - are children of immigrants.

Unbelievable! The microbe eats caffeine

Imagine a tiny "bug" gulp espresso throughout the day. A newly discovered bacterium lives in this material using specialized digestive enzymes to break down caffeine nutrients to ensure her continued growth and development.

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